ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G! [ICS Deck Evo ROM]

Many of you probably ponder to yourselves these days, “will my OG Evo 4G get an ICS upgrade?”

Well, I am not sure on that exactly myself but it looks like Evo 4G ROM developers are on the case and one of the first ICS ROM for Evo 4G is here by none other than the creator of Evo Deck ROM (which was really good ROM btw).

This ICS Deck Evo ROM gives you a full ICS experience and is pretty smooth overall.  You will lose 4G and camera features though but for those of you who MUST have ICS now, give it a go, definitely will give you some good Ice Cream Sandwich experience without upgrading your phone to a Galaxy Nexus.

Download ROM here:

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Download ICS Deck Evo ROM

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Also you need to flash Google Apps, which you can download here:

Download Google Apps for ICS

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18 Responses to ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G! [ICS Deck Evo ROM]

  1. james fatula says:

    all right i tried the new ics rom for htc evo 4g using boot manager unfourtualey at boot up it complains of no nfc service and tapping on ok button keeps coming back to same dialog screen i even did davlick and cache wipe still samething i belive htc evo 4g doesnt use or has nfc?

  2. r3nd says:

    Does nobody think this guy’s fingers are just the most disgusting things ever?

  3. mike says:

    any way to sync my google account, i loaded it just fine but it doesnt let me sync my accts so i dont have any of my contacts or nothing please help

    • Fat Abbot says:

      Menu –> System Settings -> Accounts and Sync–> (Click on your Google Account) and select “Sync Contacts”

      • mike says:

        i did that but it only had the options for an email account that wasnt google and a corporate account like exchange, but thanks i will try it again and see if its there

        • mike says:

          yea i just loaded it up again and went to my accounts and sync and there isnt any options to choose an account the screen is blank except for the add account option at the bottom of the screen so i choose that and you have the option for a corporate acct or an email acct. I then chose email and put my name and password in and it says checking for the servers or something along those lines and then it just kicks me back to the account and sync menu and there is nothing there.

  4. mike says:

    where do i go to flash the google apps, or should i say how do i flash the google apps

    • Rich says:

      There should be a gapps link in this post somewre (or Google it). Once you have that, then just place it on your SD card in the highest folder. Reboot your phone into bootloader and select install update from zip and find that zip that you placed on your card and select that. Then reboot amd youre good.

  5. Jaroos says:

    Does GPS work on this one? The last one it didn’t….well it did but not very reliable…kept losing it.

  6. Wayne says:

    Is this based on CyanogemMod?

  7. BRENDA says:


  8. BRENDA says:

    ok scratch that previous comment… now nothing seems to stay open…. i try to open market and it’ll just close on on its own… or the internet….anything… it wont stay open or there’s a lot of lag… any help?

  9. Jason says:

    Love this ROM. Found out yesterday that the GPS works but the live tracking seems to be having trouble. Once the app starts it keeps loosing GPS. Not sure if there is a work around. Everything else in the GPS works fine.

  10. Mel says:

    Wiped then Flashed the ROM & gapps at the same time. It came to a screen with a “Start” button but the touchscreen was not working. Try again.
    Wiped – Flash ROM – Boot 1st time (Success) – Reboot into recovery – Flash gapps (SUCCESS)
    Works great now.
    1) No Camera (Obviously)
    2) I can’t set a wallpaper. Not Live wallpaper nor from the gallery (although it gives me the option to crop). The screen flashes and then the wallpaper stays black. Live wallpapers also do not preview.
    3) The data connection is spotty. I will be in the market just fine and then it says there is no newtork available. I think the switch between WiFi and 3G is fuzzy. Reboot seems to help. GPS/Navigation works good otherwise.
    What works great:
    1) Task switcher is beautiful.
    2) Touch is super smooth (even with my Invisible shield Screen protector. Like it not even there)
    3) Boot time is very fast.
    4) Titanium backup of all 180+ of my apps works smooth as pie. 99% of them work. Some need reinstall. Swype Beta is 100%
    5) Overclicking at 1.728GHz Are you serious? Dual cores at 1.728GHz! That’s just insane. Not one force close. Don’t clock it any higher! 1.836GHz+ freezes after 20 seconds then reboots. But damn if it isn’t the fastest 20 seconds you’ve ever seen a phone clock.
    Galaxy and iPhones shake in their softcases. Who needs that camera anyway?

  11. Travis says:

    Love the Rom, but no voicemail app??? Anyone know how or where to get the sprint voicemail app?

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