InfectedROM Eternity ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G![Sense 3.5]

I did a review of InfectedROM Eternity ROM for HTC Evo 3D about a month ago, well here’s the InfectedROM Eternity for rooted HTC Evo 4G users.

This ROM has a ton of features including improved RAM, auto-calibration battery scripts, 5×5 app drawer, full Sense 3.5 experience, and Ziggy kernel. I was able to get my Evo 4G overclocked to 1.19Ghz stable, some of you may do more. You can check out full features list in the donate and features link below.

Try it out and let me know what you THINK!

Download ROM here:

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Download Infected Eternity ROM

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Donate to developer and full features here.

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51 Responses to InfectedROM Eternity ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G![Sense 3.5]

  1. JacobAC says:

    How does this ROM compare to MikG 2.58? Ive really enjoyed the MikG roms cuz they are pretty stable without many glitches and feel more complete. I’m really waiting for a solid ics rom but might upgrade to something else in the mean time.

  2. Silentcontender says:

    I have MikG 2.59 which is quite nice. Im gonna give this a go and see if I like it any better. Im looking forward to the OC kernal. There are some I could have had with MikG’s but I don’t much like taking the time to get one to work.

  3. Kingomusic507 says:

    d/l now. i also am on the mikg 2.59. love it to death!!!!! although i know ill be right back to it in like 20 mins imma give this a shot and see if 2.59 comes up short.( i doubt it but hey can you blame a guy for wondering).

  4. Kingomusic507 says:

    p.s. @zedomax “your the f***ing man!!!!! love your videos, your like the rooted android prophet, when you speak they listen!!!”

  5. Milky says:

    I can’t play videos directly from youtube with this rom…. so.. still love Mikg 2.59

  6. Jason says:

    I have downloaded it twice, and flash failed both times with (bad) instillation aborted

  7. JayJaydaking says:

    Bro I Flash alotta roms and this is preety cool just one problem for me is that i can mount to my pc… HELP!!??

    • Silentcontender says:

      Although I loved the rom I had the same issue connecting to my pc. Also all of my HTC Scenes and Skins previews were blank. Not sure if this was intentional or not. For now I think Ill stick with Mik.

    • Stretch says:

      I had the same problem. You have to go into recovery and mount usb to see your SD card and phone contents. It works just tested. Hope this helps.

  8. David says:

    +1 for being unable to mount to PC. Also, size is pretty big. Could only restore less than half the apps I had with the stock Sprint ROM. Kept telling me I was out of internal storage space but when I tried to move some apps that Titanium had moved to internal storage, kept telling me my SD card was also full, though it had 5 GB left. That and no 4G…this one’s a pass for now.

  9. Darius says:

    I dl this rom. It’s amazing. Truly. But the bug I got is that i cant update from the android market nor dl. I think it may be a glitch I did so I’ll try again but it’s pretty much a perfect rom

    • Darius says:

      I found that the major problem is there seems to be a glitch or no code to update with the market. is there a better rom running sense 3.5?

  10. Darius says:

    i just fixed the market problem so id say this rom is pretty perfect. sorry for all the post. but 5this will show you sometimes you just need to double check than check again before complaining thanks for the rom

  11. Phil7784 says:

    HDMI mirroring/output does not seem to work with this ROM. Any way to get it up and running?

  12. kenzy says:

    Does anyone know how to overclock with this rom??

  13. Randy says:

    for some reason i cant get this ROM work no matter how many times i flash it..any suggestions

  14. jd.evo says:

    Can seem to use the internet. When downloading a site goes back to home screen

  15. MajaPain says:

    my phone hasnt loaded past the “HTC EVO 4G” white loading screen… has this happened to anyone else.

    • e7v5o7 says:

      yes! kinda scarey. I went back to Recovery and made sure I wiped Cache, Dalvik Cache, and wiped all user data. Took two tries and once it loaded…Prettty slick!

      • chris says:

        my phone is stuck on the HTC Evo screen and will not boot past that… I cant get my phone to detect on the computer to reflash.. What can i do to fix it can anyone help?

  16. jd.evo says:

    Sorry for this question i’am new at this how do I save my Rom before installing a new one

    • e7v5o7 says:

      Your ‘recovery’ tool should have an option to create a backup. If you haven’t used that feature and have an app like can use that to back up.

  17. J Walk says:

    Every time i finish with an app and try to go back to my home screen it goes to the all white screen with the green htc letters and loads up all over again. How do I fix this???? I really would like to keep this rom because I like it.

  18. peznovuela says:

    android.process.acore has been stoped…

    Why i can solve this problem?

  19. viiccc says:

    my phone’s does’n starting. it’s display a android bootscreen and doesn’t more. imposible solve with wipe chace/data.

    • e7v5o7 says:

      Try wiping all user data, dalvik cache, and cache. That worked for me. I wipe between all ROM loads. It may take a couple attemps (that has happened to me also.) If it continues to loop, might be a bad version. The ICS ROM did that to me also.

  20. monster700 says:

    I downloaded this and tried to restore apps using titanium backup but it keeps restarting. Removing this rom as i am typing.

  21. Cliff says:

    This rom was not good on my evo. Still has a lot of bugs. The wallpaper previews are blank unless you look at thme in list view. Even then, some of them are missing. I could not even download and app. Every time I tried it would reboot. I have been trying to find a stable Sense rom where most everything works but will have to keep trying. Uninstalled and went back to Cyanogen 7 mod which works flawlessly.

    • e7v5o7 says:

      Yeah…not being able to manage/explore with USB cable is a drawback for me. The lack of hotspot is definitely a deal killer for me. Also, it froze on me when using multiple windows in browser.

      Other that, graphically nice, seemed fluid. Ability to change font styles was kewl! extra functions in Messaging definatel a plus!! when bugs get worked out…that will be trouble!!!!

  22. Arturo says:

    uhh looks good i like it so far jus when i google search items they take me to the site and then right back to the home screen and everytime i go to an app i get the htc sign and then its takes for ever to load everything back up so idk my wifi tether works fine since i was using cyanogen miui it didnt work at all so idk good thing jus some glitches for me

  23. Tommy P. says:

    I have a HTC Evo 4G and because of the genius behind this site, Ive learned alot about how to hack phones especially mines. I just have 1 issue. I have Metro PCS and I love the latest ROMS like Ice Cream Sandwich and Infected. But when I use them my sms and internet works but not my mms. Can anyone please help ASAP?

    Thanks in advance….. Your fellow hacker,

  24. Randy says:

    cant connect to computer with this rom

  25. james.evo says:

    Can someone tell me how to overclock this ROM please

    • dru says:

      Open up market, search on cpu. You should find plenty of apps that are free and will allow you to set your clock speed. AnTuTu is just one of many.

  26. cesar says:

    Does anybody know the password for SMS password protection. I don’t remember ever setting it. What if one does set one and forgets the password. How do u reset it? Any help anyone!

  27. cesar says:

    Better clarification, its under “secure box” for SMS.

  28. rook13x says:

    keeps getting stuck on android screen… uninstalling and going back to MikG…

  29. MoorReese says:

    I love everything about this rom EXCEPT that it reboots by itself a few times a day. I did a full wipe and flashed it again and it does the same thing. I did not overclock it. Any suggestions?

  30. czarin14 says:

    I tried this ROM for the first time today, I must easy install with your instructions. My question is once connected to PC where is the menu to mount as hard drive,or charge? I cant seem to find it.

  31. JayJaydaking says:

    I Think Virus released another 3.5 update rom maybe last month or so.. but the BEST sense 3.5 has to be Prime version2 its complete EXCEPT 4g but EVERYTHING else works..
    Eventually Im starting my own sense 3.5 rom but idk yet.. ill keep it in mind..

  32. Orb says:

    I like the Rom but every time i would come out of something like Facebook it would restart my phone. Is it supposed to do that

  33. Penn1337 says:

    So I reinstalled the rom and the pc connect works when u first install it. I think that some of the apps are glitching it out thou. Ive OC it to 1.19 and it runs stable anything past that it crashes. The wallpaper is another problem, but I’d have to say aside from the small problems this is my favorite rom. Just fix a few things and this rom will be golden

  34. Robert says:

    I can’t find 4G widget, or option for 4g.. does anyone else have this problem?

  35. Rafael M says:

    I loved this ROM as well but as with any ROMs I’ve tried with that are above Android versions 2.3.3 I end up not getting all my texts.

    Yes I do full wipes (data, cache, dalvik and even battery stats) x3.

    Does anyone have any clue what it could be? I really want a ROM that has Sense 3.5 mainly. Thanks.

  36. krishna says:

    Great rom except it has one MAJOR bug… almost every time I go to the homescreen it restarts the screen and goes to the white htc screen. It takes a few seconds and loads everything up again for no reason. Is there a way to fix this?

  37. Cesar says:

    I’ve installed this ROM on my phone but for some reason it is not reading the memory card, it also does not show that it’s charging when I connect it to charge. I’ve wanted to go back to the other ROM I had and go into recovery but it just reboots the phone. any ideas of what I missed? Please help

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