Jaredthegreat ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G!

This is the Android ROM marathon week, another great ICS ROM to try for the HTC Evo 4G is the ICS ROM by user Jaredthegreat at XDA.  This ROM is a very good ROM that can give you full ICS experience along with slight overclocking (if you use SetCPU).

This ICS ROM is one of the smoother ICS ROMs I’ve tried and although 4G/camera isn’t working yet, it’s otherwise a great ICS ROM.  If you must have ICS now, definitely give this Jaredthegreat ICS ROM a go and let me know how this ROM goes for you.

Download ROM:

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Download Jaredthegreat ICS ROM

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Don’t forget to say thanks to user Jaredthegreat at XDA for the ROM!

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18 Responses to Jaredthegreat ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Wayne says:

    Is this based on Cyanogenmod?

  2. Chaco says:

    not too bad, i gave it a go… its working ok… some known bugs, but good way to test waters until CM9 is out

  3. John says:

    gapps won’t work … keeps FCing, so you can’t sync it with your account.

  4. mike says:

    Nice ROM, given camera and 4g not yet working. Only problem i keep having is my wifi sucks on this rom, i can be standing right next to my access point and not hardly have any signal. It wont even load my android market or FB sometime any suggestions???

  5. jd.evo says:

    Keeps saying trebuchet has stop unexpectedly any way to fix this

  6. jd.evo says:

    It also says unfortunately dsp manager has stop unexpectedly

  7. rex da_man says:

    All the basic functions work perfectly but was quite concerned about the android market though, it was missing tried installing the app through my file explorer well lets just say that didn’t work either. Hope you continue to produce other roms in the future but takes a lot of patience, if you’re up to it.

  8. junipertwenty3 says:

    Seems kind of slow but is it worth the try? I’m currently on VaelPak 3.2 old , but not bad. Although i’m definitely on the hunt for a new awesome rom.

  9. Jollybear1 says:

    So I like this ROM but here’s my thing when I try to do a facebook profile pic in the app it FCs. When I try to open up cyanogenmod settings it FCs. When i try to open up my 4g settings it FCs but when I turn on my 4g it actually gets a 4g connection that my stock ROM could never pick up. Worst part of all this is my MMS messaging would not send a pic to save it’s life. I had to install Handscent mms to send the picture. I got every text but not one picture email sent out. I did receive a picture text so I dunno. I was hoping for more but this looks great to the common cell phone user. Thanks for all your hard work. I love HTCEVOHACKS.com

  10. jack evo says:

    if only the camera work then my dad would not mine getting this he doesn’t really care about 4G because it kills the battary

  11. Big_mike86 says:

    Nothing works. everything keeps FC…

  12. Bumsrush says:

    Hey, this is the best ICS for Evo 4g yet!!! Keep it going.

  13. thekid says:

    this ROM is pretty stable. Im on it right now. The only real problem is not being able to access the Android Market. It didn’t come pre installed. I tried manually installing it with the Gapps pack….first attempt wouldnt even launch Market without an automatic FC. I uninstalled Market and reinstalled it, got a little further that time and it opened Market and had the prompt for accepting the terms….I thought it had worked, then, BOOM….FC.

    • thekid says:

      Wow, I’m retarded…I never had to deal with adding GApps to a ROM before. I quickly realized that when you flash the ROM you also have to flash the GApps package/zip file. I did a fresh install of the ROM, this time flashing the GApps pack along with the ROM, now everything works like it’s supposed to work!

      Upon installing the ROM by itself, there wasn’t any prompt for the first time use to set up your account…the setup wizard never came up. I was unpacking the zip and manually installing each .apk file in the GApps zip, so things weren’t working like they were supposed to….this time, after flashing the ROM and GApps, when the phone booted up for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted with the Account Setup Wizard….I input my info, and as soon as it was done loading I went straight for the Market icon in the App drawer….BOOM!!! I can now access the Market and everything works like it should. The camera works, but the videocamera does not work. No biggie, I can live with that for now. This is now my daily ROM and I’ll be using it until newer updates are released.

      Go with this ROM [JTG 4.0.3 ICS ROM-Beta1] + anthrax v004 kernel…can’t beat it!

  14. Mikey says:

    I like the ice mods so fare I’m running ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G! [ICS Deck Evo ROM] it’s smooth and fast

  15. thekid says:

    AnthraX v004 kernel:

    Anthrax ICS RLS001 kernel:

    Also, this is supposed to be a great kernel, its pretty popular:

    Hopefully if you Google these file names you’ll be able to find the relevant information that’ll direct you to a download link.

    I tried posting the links for viewers, but the system wouldn’t let me post links since it assumed it was SPAM–nonsense! Should be able to help people out, and if you’re going to run a site like this you should provide as much information as possible, there are plenty of people not ‘in the know’ who could benefit greatly from knowing how to install custom kernels or at least providing them with the links to get them.

    ENJOY ^_^

  16. ropodope says:

    this is a phony developer. this rom is a pure kang without giving credit..it contains decks test keys. he never gave credit to preludedrew or deck. all he did was change out build.props and switch a few apks. he built nothing whatsoever on this rom. he was just outed big time on XDA where he has just received a permanent ban. he also is a thief and sucks donations from people who don’t know any better thus the true developers get robbed at his expense. there is now a ton of info on this phony 23 year old punk who is currently out on bail for what else? theft. info is all over twitter and you guys have been hoodwinked. he has even stolen money from other peoples pay pal accounts. he is a loser pure and simple. stay far away from this loser. his rom blows monkey chunks. remember #jaredthetheif #jaredtheepicfail http://i41.tinypic.com/a5ggeu.jpg tell him ropodope sent you.

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