Kings Alliance ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

Here’s a quick overview of the Kings Alliance ROM for HTC Evo 4G, very similar to MikG with a slightly different flavor.

It comes with a Netflix, full 3D-carousel (it’s selling point) and more themes.

Sorry for the quick review, these bug bites are getting to my head lately.

You can download ROM here:

Download Kings Alliance ROM

You can donate to the creator and more goodies/themes here.

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12 Responses to Kings Alliance ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. David Longstreth says:

    Get those “spider bites” checked. Seriously. That is nothing to mess with. It looks… bad! Hope they heal up quickly.

    • Sterling King says:

      Like David said Max. Get those checked out. The venom is obviously in your system already. Get to the doctor Bro!!!

      • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

        Oh I found out they were “chiggers”, I am healing now, I’ve got some antibiotics I got from the black market. Thanks guys for the comments!

  2. gary says:

    i like the roms you have been posting on your websites,but theres only one issue im having problems with.(im sure its an easy fix) that my icons that i have downloaded from the market changes its own icon to the same picture as the market app icon…not sure if im making sense here,my english is not that happens when ever i turn off or restart my phone…htc evo 4g…your help would be great.

    • Zero_4life says:

      I absolutely love this rom. The Carousel lags a tiny bit from time to time but its pretty smooth most of the time. I use nexus kang for my live wallpaper and minimalistic text for a custom homescreen. Netflix works great too. If you restart your phone and get your icons replaced by a gray version of the app market its because you moved the app into the sd card. Just remove it and replace it. No overclocking kernel out yet that i know of.

  3. CGI911 says:

    i love these roms, the only problem I have is lack of internal storage space for apps. Everything else works great, but I am a power app user and need space for roms. The roms only have about 130mb of space as opposed to over 400 with mikg rom. any ideas? partition the sd card??

  4. The W says:

    As said above. The only real problem I see with this ROM is the lack of space left over after the initial flash.
    Love the way this UI works. I’m personally having WIFI connectivity problems but my 4G works great and the battery life with it on is great.
    I think I’ll try the mikg rom and miss out on this one for a while.

  5. Mart says:

    My experience with this rom has not been without hiccups, there are far too many incidents of forceclosing and is sluggish… The Virus ROM is by far the most outstanding although bulky it runs smooth.For those having issues with icons please use the ROM manager from Market to partition sd card( for supported ROMs (clockworkmod)… Remember to move the contents of your sd card to computer as partitioning totally formats the card. Afterwards you can transfer back the files you need…. the rest is history

  6. Rob says:

    Hi there,

    I just flashed over to this ROM, and everything looked fine, until I suddenly started getting process force close messages every few seconds, making it pretty much unusable. I had to flash back to my backup. Any ideas as to why this was happening? I would really love to be able to use this ROM. Thanks!

  7. mike says:

    i flashed over to this rom but when i went to reboot it never booted just stayed at the htc evo screen, so i had to restore back to a previous backup???? any ideas out there?

    • Michael says:

      well i wiped the cache and got the rom to boot up, but it force closes so much it is not able to be used at all, my cousin put it on his htc evo 4g and it works perfect but not on mine……. what is the issue? need help

  8. Mike Milo says:

    I can not get android.process.acore as well as as well as to stop crashing repeatedly essentially making my phone useless. Any ideas? How do I get it to stop or at least get back to a place where I can reboot to something else?

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