MikG 2.0 Gingerbread ROM for HTC Evo 4G is Here!

For those of you MikFroyo and MikG lovers, here’s MikG 2.0 Gingerbread ROM, it’s a pretty darn nice ROM I’d say.

UPDATE: Download MikG 2.2 is here! (comes with Netflix)

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Download MikG 2.2 here

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Don’t forget to donate to the creator of MikG if you like this ROM!

My Top 3 favorite Gingerbread ROMs for Evo 4G now are:

The MikG 2.0 (this one)

The CyanogenMod 7 ROM

The Evo Deck ROM

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11 Responses to MikG 2.0 Gingerbread ROM for HTC Evo 4G is Here!

  1. jonny doe says:

    you’re late in reporting since it was out on the 20th and v 2.1 is out as of the 22nd. you’re welcome

  2. rosay says:

    the link doesnt work can yall fix it 🙁 or can u throw another link?

  3. rosay says:

    thnx for the new link im downloading it right now and i have the mikg rom isntalled now but this is 2.0 version wich should be alot better and all the features should work 🙂

  4. Damon says:

    do you see a full sense 3.0 rom coming any time soon?… just wandering.

  5. Damon says:

    i really like the evo zone rom better than most all im about to try the mikG 2.1 with netflix.. but so far i like evozone better than 2.0… anyone have any comments on what they like the best and why…. i tried cm7 not a big fan… kept freezing and contacts wouldn’t sync…

  6. Justin says:

    ive flashed it, once I get past the lockscreen i keep getting force closes to my operating system repeatedly within seconds anything I might be doing wrong??

  7. Ark.Bishop says:

    I have not been able to connect to 4G with this ROM? Is it possible to do so? Very impressed with everything else. Keep up thebgood work!

  8. Rich571 says:

    I really like this ROM, the problem is Netflix reboots when you press play.

  9. jay916 says:

    The Rom is sweet but i cant download pix messages is there a fix for that yet?

  10. jay916 says:

    Nevermind I found the fix it was pretty easy.

  11. yo, its my birthday says:

    Don’t you think you should run it for a day or two before you do your video and then present your findings instead of just questions that don’t get answered. Also that way you could show whats actually good or cool and whats not instead of just numbers form benchmark. I did notice you stopped wasting half the video on install, so maybe there’s a learning curve and the last reviews will actually give some pertinent info. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciate what you are doing making these reviews. Keep it up man, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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