MikG ROM 3.0 for Rooted HTC Evo 4G!

Still looking for a good ROM on HTC Evo 4G? ย Well, here we go back at it with MikG ROM, this time with the updated version 3.0.

The MikG ROM has always been very good for us HTC Evo 4G users (my all-time favorite) and with version 3.0 you get lots of goodies including MikTweaks app, which I find it handy in turning my battery bar to show percentage and also my signal bar to show dB levels.

As far as everything else, MikG is smoother/faster than ever, highly recommended ROM for those of you who need everything working.

Download ROM:

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Download MikG 3.0 ROM

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Don’t forget to say HUGE thanks to XDA user aamikam for the ROM!

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48 Responses to MikG ROM 3.0 for Rooted HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Wayne says:

    This is great and all, but where is ICS? Cyanogenmod is great and all, but too plain for me. Not to be critical of Cyanogenmod. They do a great job, although it’s not for me. Where are the ICS Roms? Thanks

  2. RunningDudeRyan says:


    Can I overclock with this one? I know i couldn’t with MikG 2.0.

    Does it have Tethering? HDMI Mirroring?

    Any force closes? Sense roms have a tendancy to force close and do random reboots.

    BTW….. Great sites (HTCEVOHacks.com and Zedomax.com)!! All the info and videos you put out are very helpful.

  3. datmiachico says:

    RunningDudeRyan why don’t you try it yourself? why ppl ask so much, go ahead and howto.com/…

    to overclock, hdmi mirroring, etc… kernel has to suppor it… xda is still down today, however chopsuey and others are already tweaking all this together… no fc whatsoever so far, and smooth as butter… there is update already on tweaks…

  4. Israel says:

    So I installed this from through recovery, cleared the caches, and rebooted. Soon as it
    started up it just kept turning on and off. Am I missing something? Or why its not working?

  5. wkdclwn says:

    the new shooter rom is the best sense 3.0 rom period, there’s not a single rom in all of existence that even comes close. not to knock any other dev but this one is perfect. go try it and you’ll see. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1203761

  6. Dave says:

    Just a thought…with HTC’s CarrierIQ issue that has been in the news lately (yeah yeah I know we knew about it a year ago), it would be nice to make sure and list whether it’s included with the ROM or been removed.

  7. tristan says:

    i am running this rom with the anthrax kernel and the hdmi mirroring did work on my evo

  8. Danniel says:

    I like this Rom !! But hdmi mirror is not working with this Rom what can I do?

  9. Sally says:

    Heys, just changed to this rom. After doing the steps all i get is a status bar with a mikg wallpaper, nothing else is on it, no menu, etc. Did anyone else have this issue?

  10. Brian says:


    I download Mikg rom 3.0 with link provided…

    Tried installing with rom manager

    When i rebooted it was jus the background with Mikg…

    Is there anything I can do to restore my phone!?

    • ianegx says:


      Before flashing this ROM from sd card, you have to Wipe All, Wipe CACHE, Wipe DALVIK-CACHE.

      good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • KK says:

      I have the same problem, wiped dalvik cache, cache, data, and battery stat. Rebooted and stuck on the Mik wallpaper, bad part…I can’t even power off my phone to get back to recovery to load another rom. Have you figuered out how to get your phone back?

      • CBW says:

        Hey man, a late comment here, but I would take out the battery, load into bootloader and go to recovery from there. You probably already have fixed the problem but this is for others as well with this problem.

  11. Hillbilly says:

    Im a noob. Downloaded from link and tried flashin it and said abort bad file. I messed up and wiped EVERYTHING! Now all i have is the fastboot screen. What do i do? Is this bricked? A video showin the WHOLE process to flashin roms and kernals would help! Thanx for gettin me interested in all this!

    • mek says:

      try reflashing a diff rom then, and make sure your’re flashing the right rom for the right phone. read up on how to do a full wipe, youre not bricked most likely. always do nandroid backups

  12. mek says:

    man…i was a long time cm7 user. finally switched back from a aosp rom to a sense rom. This is my new daily with the antthrax kernel. cm7 always seemed to reboot even with a clean wipe and reflash, etc. gps was never 100% reliable. cm7 was just to unreliable for me although i LOOOVEED their features like built in wifi tether, menu unluck, etc. mikg is nice, i tend to not care too much about the built in sense and themes because i use go launcher for home replacement. go launcher in my opinion is the best launcher replacement, so many features, widgets, and its free!

    but yeah, mikg 3.0 is amazing, i love the volume rocker wake, i love how you can long press volume to skip track, i love the mik-tweaks app, i love the power button + home screen shot. annoying that tango vid comes in sideways though. with the antthrax kernel it can over clock to 1190, but over that it messes up. plus that kernel allows hdmi mirror. i heard that kernel isnt public anymore? its still available here and there though.

    • manny rivera says:

      any chance I can get a link to that anthrax kernal? I’ve been unsuccessful and looking for it everywhere.appreciate it thanks!

  13. garry says:

    i think u should do a review of swag out rom, its fast and stable bro.

  14. garry says:

    if u need the link to find it i will post it to u, and thanks for the internet speed thing i am getting 1500 kbps download and 600 kbps upload now, where before i was getting 400 kbps download and 200 kbps upload.

  15. Dan M says:

    Just flashed this Rom and it’s the first one I’ve seen that lets you connect to your wifi before going through all the Google Market and Gmail setup. Everything looks so good. I will give this one a try.

  16. Dan M says:

    Good grief, I can’t believe how sweet this HTC Sense is. I forgot. I switched almost a year ago to the Nexus S 4G and gave the Evo to my son. Then he went to an Iphone with his work and gave the phone back to me. I switched back to the Evo 4G with this Rom and it’s doing everything I want. I love how smooth it runs. Thanks for the work on this.

  17. james.evo says:

    Can someone please tell me were to download kernels and how to flash them. Thanks

  18. JBD says:

    any one know how make the voice mail work

  19. LG Barnes says:

    This was my first ROM that I flashed. I like it. Reading through this thread, I saw a comment on data speed. Is this the #—# trick where you change the values to “0” ? If not, which trick might this be. Thanks.

  20. trejo says:

    Don’t know but my cell went install this rom said no data an cancel download any coment about wht happen to the link.

  21. jameslyip says:

    is this a sense based ROM?

  22. Jay says:

    When downloaded and installed I noticed that my phone heated up alot faster (shorter batt. life too) as well as not as strong signals in places I usually had a strong signal. Additionally, this rom was rebooting alot and getting stuck in a boot loop. I stayed with MikG 2.59. It is working for me great and overclocked at 1.19 stable.

  23. TP says:

    Just flashed this rom and the anthraX kernel. They both work wonderfully, however, I have noticed a correlation between the wifi hotspot app included with mikg and 4g connectivity. When I am trying to broadcast the wifi hotspot, I lose 4g connectivity, when I turn the hotspot off, I regain it. Is there any fix for this?

  24. Smith says:

    works Flawlessly for me.. Thank much for sharing dude.. Cheers…!!!

  25. Mitch says:

    I found the anthrax kernel by going to the mikmik forum page

  26. trejo says:

    Hey max I have mik 3.0 but MIK has a [Rom] (Sense 4 ICS 4.0.3) would you help me how to install this rom.

  27. mcgee says:

    There’s a new version its 3.11 my wife like so far

  28. krloz says:

    it is possible to use hdmi mirroring while I’m using WiFi cause when I’m connected and I plug the hdmi cable my evo lose the connection

  29. Jayzie says:

    Great rom! I like this rom. The only issue is that you cannot transfer all your apps/games to your sd card. Unlike cm7.. is there any way for me to transfer all my through sd card? Thanks..

  30. Valpo says:

    The download link is not working.. I really need it, CM 7.2 is giving me too many network connection isues.

  31. Arnoldo Saenz says:

    Im having a strange problem with my evo 4g, it has happened twice with this rom since i installed it in about 3 or 4 months it starts to get slow, then at some moment u turn it off and when u want to turn it on it boots and reboots on the mikg screen, does anyone know why is this?

  32. sdavidl says:

    So the Mikg rom is nice. Looks and feels kind of like a stock rom but with a few nice tweaks. Sprint proxy has already been changed, and every feature of the phone works great. Im running it with the aggressive freedom kernel. I can overclock, but cant do anything with voltage. I have to say that, and it may be just the kernel, but battery life sucks. Im even at a max clock in the low 800’s and dont have many apps on my phone. Im going to try out the supersonic sense kernel to see if that helps, but even if Im clocked to 1.2, this rom doesnt seem that fast to me. Nor, again, is battery life that great. Charged to 100% then, literally, two minutes later with the screen off and not doing anything with the phone, its at 92%. With background data disabled and no apps running. Kind of strange. It will hover in the 80’s for a while though. Im very tempted just to return to stock rom, still rooted, and just have wifi tether. Not sure. I would still like to say to the devs, great job, keep up the good work and to folks like you, thanks for making stuff like this fun for others. ๐Ÿ™‚

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