MikG ROM v.2.59 for HTC Evo 4G!

So, I was running CM7.1 + Trinity kernel but since MikG ROM was updated to v.2.59, I switched back to MikG ROM. ┬áThis one has always been one of my favorite Sense ROMs, it’s now even better with more goodies.

The only thing still missing is overclocking, I couldn’t really get any Sense kernels working on it yet but if anyone has been successful running an OC kernel, please don’t forget to leave in the comments box so I can try it out.

Download ROM here:

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Download MikG ROM v.2.59

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Also, I’ve been running Go Launcher EX over Sense launcher and Go Keyboard, which works really well.

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38 Responses to MikG ROM v.2.59 for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Paul says:

    Pretty nice rom! Fast, smooth, and more than 135M memory left!!!!

  2. Chuck says:

    I’ve had good success with Freedom Kernel (aggressive), gets me overclocked under MikG with no problems

    • John says:

      What steps did you take to flash the Freedom Kernel?? Apparently I did it wrong and somewhat bricked my phone…

    • Bill says:

      Thanks for the kernal, it is amazingly fast and you get the ability to oc to 1.228.
      1) Download the file and put it onto the root directory of your sd card link—-http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1192529
      2) From Rom Manager-press reboot into recovery
      3) Install zip from sd card
      4) Enjoy just remeber to be careful as you are the only person responsible for your actions and installing roms,kernals, etc

    • alejo says:

      there is 3 to choose from which one is the one that is working with this MikG ROM v2.59 the aggressive universal ? thanks.

    • alejo says:

      there is 3 to choose from which one is the one that is working with this MikG ROM v2.59 the aggressive universal ? thanks

  3. mvilla8 says:

    where did you get the trinity kernel for the htc evo

  4. Ernesto says:

    Just what I have been looking for. Nice job! Love the notifications bar. That is something I was hoping would get an update but never did. Everything seems to bee working and like Paul says ‘smooth’. Not sure Ill try to update to an OC kernal but I might get experimental. If I get one working Ill post it here.

  5. MIKE L says:


  6. George says:

    How did you get a trinity kernel for the htc evo?

  7. Kardier says:

    Can someone please tell me how to get passed the google account login screen with this ROM? It continues to tell me that my username and password don’t match when they do. When I put just the user name without the @gmail.com it tells me that my username is less than 6 characters or greater than 30 when its not. When I put the entire email address as my user name it says that the username and password don’t match. Has anyone had this problem? Please help

  8. Kardier says:

    how do you get the stationary widgets at the bottom of the screen like the old palm pre (see home screen pic above)

  9. ASK4LIFE says:

    There is actually an app that you can install. It is Go Launcher EX. You will also want to install Desk Migrate to transfer your home screen that you already have to the new one. Then once you push the home button it will come up with option of HTC Sense and Go Launcher. Select use this by default first then select Go Launcher.

  10. Kardier says:

    Thanks Ask4Life!

  11. Manuel says:

    I loved v2.55 mainly because the hotspot and the tethering,had the hdmi mirror but never used it…Please tell me this version is better with the same things,want to upgrade!

  12. Manuel says:

    And please tell me the battery situation got fixed and also have read that some ppl have been having problems with their 4g connection…want to upgrade but need these answers

  13. Monty281 says:

    i have a question what would be the best kernel with this stock chopsuey agressive freedom or golden monkey???

  14. tankdog03 says:

    This ROM is awsome so far no problems, comming from synergy +god mode… It was getting way to laggy.. so how can we overclock this? Does it make it much faster? What’s another good ROM that give u a lot of free space after flashing? I notice synergy did a lot beter on benchmark but this is way faster and smoother, how’s that?

    Thanks agian!
    U the man z

  15. ASK4LIFE says:

    Does anyone have an idea how to fix root. I was able to use my Titanium Backup for a while and now it no longer will work and says does not have root access. I have tried wipe and reload and reinstalling su through the cmd but still unable to get wireless tether to work also.

  16. Damon M. says:

    I love this ROM. I kept having problems with trying to move my apps to my SDcard I did it twice with no luckso I went back to my nan backup and didn’t wipe. It’s been 10 days and the only problem I had was all my GoSMS text disapeared after a restart. I wouldn’t suggest doing this I think I got luck this time around.

  17. Matthew Abbott says:

    I tried installing this rom but it kept saying “signature verification failed”. If I toggle the signature verification off it still fails. ????

  18. justin g. says:

    Great rom! Having battery issues though, anyway i can fix that? And if not does anyone know of a good stable rom with decent battery life?!

  19. TheManWithNoPlan says:

    i flashe dthe rom sucessfully and its telling me im running mik 2.59 but my baseband is different from th eone shwon on the video and my icons at the bottom on the home screen arent the same, i wish to make them like the one in the video…. how would i do that?

  20. Randy says:

    recently tried this rom and i cant get it to properly flash without getting an error…..and im doing something wrong

  21. TheManWithNoPlan says:

    how can i change my bottom short cut to look like the one on the video…. mine still looks stock…

  22. tim says:

    love the mikG roms. that is all that i have used on my EVO… very stable and reliable. and this has many great features. Don’t use the sprint WiFi hotspot it only works with 3g Very nice, Download and Enjoy!!

  23. Michael says:

    mikG 2.59 – I can’t send or receive images by texting. When someone sends me a group text message that fails also.

    I get a detailed message with the option to download the text or image but that always fails.

  24. DaRkCaLiBeR says:

    Hey battery life sucks…

  25. vee says:

    Does this have battery scripts?

  26. chris says:

    If you go under the wireless setting you’ll sprint hotspot go to setting and it should say htcevo shift and you will get 3g WiFi instead of using WiFi teather.

  27. denny4200 says:

    this rom sucks sorry put it on and got a bunch of force close almost couldnt shut it off i give it a -5 on a 1-5 scale

  28. czarin14 says:

    So far this is great ROM, been using it past 4 days and I must say, 4G works great, and 3g as well. Ive only seen about 2 FC, but even on stock evo we get those…battery life is great I have regular battery and I use the hell out of it last a good 5-6 hrs. Im curious to try a good overclocking App…anybody recommend one?

  29. rptls08 says:

    has anyone gotten swype to work on this rom?

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