Rainy Day ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G! [Sense 3.0][1.2Ghz OC]

Want a full Sense 3.0 experience with smooth transitions and a little speed bump at 1.2Ghz overclocking?

Try the Rainy Day ROM for the HTC Evo 4G, which is just that, runs smooth and everything working.

Let me know what you think of this compared to other Sense 3.0 ROMs out there.

Download ROM here:

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Download Rainy Day ROM

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Don’t forget to read the Evo 4G Cheat Sheet if you have no idea on how to install new ROMs.

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46 Responses to Rainy Day ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G! [Sense 3.0][1.2Ghz OC]

  1. Baraka says:

    I want to say this rom looks great and I would say perfect but my phone is not on the desktop of home screen. (phone, apps draw and settings). If I can fix that it would be the only rom I need. Can you give me advice. Thank you for the videos and links. You rock!!

  2. Dante says:

    I having trouble with this rom , everything keeps force closing facebook , phone, and mail. Can anyone help, this is like the 3rd rom i tried and keep having this problem is it something im doing wrong please help!!!!!

    • Dustin says:

      Did you do a full wipe in recovery? When you flash a rom over a rom without wiping then you will get nothing but force closes on everything.

    • tommy says:

      whenever you do a fresh install, you need to do a full wipe. try grusome wipe all from king. also make sure you wipe your dalvik cache. reflasg and have fun. i suggest kinged shooter with the fire and ice theme if you like sense roms. read the forums at xda. they are full of info for noobs and pros galore.

      • Jess Gross says:

        This has got to be my favorite rom. However I continue to get force closes on the personal dictionary. Do you know if there will be an update?

  3. David says:

    Likes: fast, smooth, interface, stable
    Dislikes: battery time

  4. Tim says:

    I installed this rom yesterday, everything works the only problem im having is when I download apps on the market it says insufficent memory on device, when I have over 325mbs of free space on it. Also I don’t know if it’s just me but titanium back up only reaches to 14% and freezes…..and one more thing I’m trying to get use to is the invisible phone, app and internet on the home screen buttons. Overall I give this rom a B- gonna keep using this for a week or 2. One thing that I do like is that I don’t get force closes like I did on the Revolved Charged R3 Rom.

    Hey MAX keep the new roms coming, Definetly like testing out roms, OH YEAH anyword on the EVO 4G 2 coming this December, heard its suppose to have a dual core processor!

    • Adam says:

      Where did you hear about this EVO 4G 2? I can’t seem to find anything about it.

    • EVOlutionIsnow says:

      Check phonearena.com, they have an article announcing the evo 2..sucks the only has a 5 mp cam and 720p video rec…..the device launches in oct or nov. (i forget) but the price will be 99.99, which should tell u it sucks..lol..ill stick with what I have. This new evo 2 will be what the iphone 4s is to the 4..a waste of money, but with a lack of camera (since the 4s has 8 mp) sorry guys

  5. Baraka says:

    Has anyone had any issues with this rom when on the phone and charging? I get a reboot for some reason? I am not sure why. This is the first time I ever seen that happen. It only does that when on a call and then putting the phone on the charger. Any advice?

  6. Mark says:

    This particular ROM is good, nice, fast. However, once you overclock with setCPU, it starts to lag when opening apps. For example, opening email takes a while to render your mail. At first, I thought it was syncing, but really, it should show what it already has in history and update as it syncs.

    Second, as Baraka stated earlier, the bottom section of on screen buttons are missing “Apps, Phone, and Internet” They are technically there and functional, but the graphic is missing. Another area that is a challenge is the context menu options screens within some apps.

    • Mark says:

      Started getting process crashes last night with this rom. I’m suspecting it has to do with the overclocking. Ended up wiping and flashing with a different rom.

  7. cookie says:

    great rom. get used to doing a battery pull once or twice a day until it stabilizes but great rom

  8. Rad says:

    Hi, my evo is runnning on android 2.2 i, rooted and with mikfoyo rom..
    is it ok to jump from android 2.2 roms to 2.3 + roms? when i check the phone settings – software the android is still 2.2.

  9. ASK4LIFE says:

    I have the ROM loaded and love it. I am having problems getting to the market because there is no app for it and when I use the market search nothing comes up. I am trying to get Titanium backup loaded back on so I can load all my apps back. I had a problem getting my keyboard to load initially so was not able to get everything set up on initial start up. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. Reese says:

    Rom worked great the all of a sudden. LAG city. I overclocked it and reduced it but still LAG!!

  11. Chi says:

    the friend stream widget doesnt work and my phone has rebooted for no reason twice also i spb mobile shell keeps acting crazy overall good rom

    • Elton says:

      I am also having issues with The Friend Stream Widget. No issues with Rebooting, but the friend stream issue is kinda bothering me. Any thoughts? I have already removed Facebook and reinstalled twice with no change.

  12. EVOlutionIsnow says:

    This is an awesome rom!! I have been using it about 2 weeks now and havent had a single issue. The rosie is invisible which is why ur phone, int and desktop items do not show. There is a zip file on xda u can download to change it..there is also a zip to change ur device from the inverted backrounds (the reason why ur phone has a black clock and keyboard backround..there are a few things to be desired but the developer team did an awesome job and the rom is smooth and I can keep a full battery 80% of my day with no charge. Very stable (excuse any typos, just finished my manicure and my nails are wet still) 🙂

  13. Derrick says:

    I like it, its clear cut and has everything you need. There are a few downsides to it though, one being the battery drain. Without excessive use during my day the battery lasts 6-8 hours. While using it all the time that drops to about 2 hours. It also has a habbit of rebooting without cause. I dont know if those are things im doing wrong or not but all in all its a good rom.

  14. Sergio says:

    this rom looks great…and thats about it!!! Overclocking it just makes it lag like hell. Battery life is wack! Can’t seem to “really” restore all my apps with titanium, have to dl the apps from market then restore data only(but thats just if it lets you dl them)…over all i think i give this a 6 out of 10…Hope theres a revised version coming soon!!! BTW im restoring DeckROM at this exact moment, but im always willing to try the new ROMs out til a find the PERFECT one.

    • Orlando - MWaV says:

      download juice defender from the market, awesome app and does the job on saving your battery ans also try my back up root instead from the market also

  15. Orlando - MWaV says:

    ok lost root when flashed this ROM, any ideas??

  16. Bo says:

    love “Rainy” …love the transparent drop down screens except in the sub menues which are black and unreadable.(hit and miss till you get it right). What though can be done for my unusable wifi tether. I’ve been trying rom after rom to find a working one, but no go. This worked for a day back when we rooted 2.3.3 with “Revolutionary” but never again. Just frozen. But keeping “Rainy”.

  17. Orlando - MWaV says:

    going back to other ROM until we find a way to fix the lag

  18. jon says:

    Anyone have an issue when sending pics taken from camera via gmail? When i do so all it says is: your mail will arrive shortly” and i didnt even type an email addy in…. thena few minutes later it says: “your update will be appluied shortly”. Im like WTF, A: who just got my pics and B: what update?

  19. JBD says:

    HELLO! i like to knoow if you can help me to recover mi apps the i just to haved in mi droid market account after install Rainy Day ROM i not be able to conect mi google account whit mi droid please help me i all ready create a new account whit google and ei the only way to download apps but no mi paid ones. for you help tks.

  20. jeff says:

    if you install v6 supercharger use option 1 then option 8,its pretty much fixes everything plus it makes it faster. (Make sure you know what your doing first)

  21. Bill E says:

    To fix the invisible icons at the bottom of the screen, go to xdadevelopers.com and download “Back to Visible Rosie”. Flash it and you’re done, the icons will then be at the bottom of the screen.

  22. Willis says:

    The GPS signal is not accurate at all. im not sure if its just my evo, or its actually like that. i noticed it because the weather widget is always confused on where i was.

  23. chrisk says:

    any one know if hdmi mirroring is working with this rom? all the other sense roms i tried i had to flash a new kernel to and lost the overclock’d kernel that came with the rom.

  24. lucky vilaysing says:

    just recently learned how to flash a rom n this was the first rom i flashed it took me a min to get useto everything only bad thing is like custom notifactions on ur email im not able to put my music thats the only draw back but other then that its pretty good…..

  25. Cliff says:

    Overall this rom is awesome. Smooth and superfast without overclocking. I just dont get why they released it without the dock being visible. I know there’s a fix for it but hopefully he will fix it offering some dock options and release a perfect version of Rainy Day rom. I uninstalled it for now. Still looking for the best sense rom.

  26. Brian says:

    so I installed this rom (first one ever) 🙂 but for some reason it will not let me turn off data roaming? when I go into my settings to disable it and un check the box it comes right back on. Everyday when I am on campus I roam when I go into buildings. Is there a app or program i can install to block data roaming, is it a problem with my install? or is the only fix to find a diffrent rom?

    any help would be great thanks

  27. NICK says:


  28. Shawn says:

    Broken voice recognition.
    I like the ROM and all the features, but the voice recognition still does not work in noisy environments. Has there been an update or patch for this yet?

  29. ASAPSEVEN says:

    sweet looking ROM but facebook wont sync, and friend streem nada!
    so i went back to EVOlvedROMr3chargeD
    let me know if the friend stream, and facebooK sync are fixed please.

  30. Jeremy says:

    GREAT ROM, second rom that i have flashed since i rooted and i love it. so many options. RCmix is awesome. however the flash and flashlight only works once then stops. thats one of my most frequently needed app. any help?

  31. Luke says:

    it makes sense that the battery life isn’t the best, since it’s overclocked/overclockable.

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