Runnymede ROM for HTC Evo 4G! [Sense 3.5][Android 2.3.5]

I was going to hold out trying out new Evo 4G ROMs without 4G but since some of you may live in non-4G areas, here’s a quick overview of the Runnymede ROM running on my Evo 4G.  The ROM gives you a full Sense 3.5 experience on Android 2.3.5 while you do lose 4G and visual voicemail capability.

If that doesn’t bother you, this could a good ROM for you to experiment, let me know what you think.

Download ROM here:

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Download Runnymede ROM

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14 Responses to Runnymede ROM for HTC Evo 4G! [Sense 3.5][Android 2.3.5]

  1. alex says:

    love this rom it just doesnt allow you to use the widgets for people .. or atleast i cant put any of those widgets on any of the screens.

  2. Miguel says:

    awesome , simply awesome … thanks for all your great work on all your roms review, i love this rom. there are patches of 4g coverage but not enough , all though when i am in the areas i do use 4 g , so please keep us posted when 4g becomes available for this rom. Also fyi, in my case this rom did come with sprints visual voicemail. and everything else so far works great. This rom works better than other 3.5 roms that i have used.

  3. Vega says:

    i dont know about this one. I’m getting a ton of FC is there something i did wrong

  4. Vega says:

    So i wen’t into recovery and wiped everything in cache/dalvik exc. And works great, smooth Rom i like it…

  5. kyle says:

    How much internal space does this take? I like synergy + god mode, leaves lot of space and installs stuff to SD card and keeps phones internal space clean… So how’s this Rom?

  6. Vega says:

    @ Kyle. This Rom is great. Very stable , in all terms.I’m still looking at the other Rom’s and i don’t really see one that is as stable as this one. P.s only thing not working is 4g. But the Rom it’s self makes up for it.

  7. tdfell says:

    Does the HDMwin Kernel work with this Rom?

  8. Paul says:

    Nice, let me try it some days, and get back to you!

  9. Alex says:

    The internal memory of the phone is very limited. I was able to install some apps but I quickly reached the limit. Is there any way to avoid this? (It doesn’t allow me to move apps to the SD card either)
    I loved this ROM and this is the only showstopper I could find (aside from the 4G problem).

  10. Rob McLain says:

    Think I have a work around for the visual VM not working. I was reading on a different ROM that was having this problem too and they stated if you load a previous working version of the VM it works fine. So, since I used Titanium Backup before I pushed this ROM, I removed the one they had on here and reinstalled the one that was backed up on Titanium Backup and now my visual VM is working again fine! Just thought I would let you guys know this too!


  11. ichisan says:

    I am curious of battery life. one of the main reasons I rooted my phone was to have more control of my phone and increase battery life. Since my phone has been rooted my cell standby is ridiculous even though there is no time without signal.

  12. Paul says:

    not smooth for starting programs, as well as issues on Fly mode — doesn’t work well.
    Sense3.5 is much better then 3.0, in support Chinese.

  13. luis armando martinez says:

    This ROM comes bundled with the Spanish language??
    brings Spanish???

  14. yamir says:

    hello, thanks for this rom, it looks very cool, i have a problem i hope someone can help me, i cant put my evo on diagnostic mode, when i dial the ##3424# nothing happens, who can help me with this problem, this happen since i root my phone please help me thank u

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