SalvageMod ROM for HTC Evo 4G! [Android 2.3.5]

For those of you looking for true AOSP experience on Android 2.3.5 with minimalistic UI, you might want to give SalvageMod ROM, which is one of the cleaner ROMs for the Evo 4G with zero bloatware and on Android 2.3.5.

Download ROM here:

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Download SalvageMod ROM

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12 Responses to SalvageMod ROM for HTC Evo 4G! [Android 2.3.5]

  1. alex says:

    How long is the load suppose to take? It looks like it is loading bit it just keeps looping over and over.

  2. Jason says:

    So over the last week or two I have given a hand full of these roms a shot : Kinged SHOOTER E3D RLS2.2, gingerbread-evo-deck 1.3d and 1.2, and EVOlvedROM r3chargeD. I have to say this one has to be near the top for smooth feel, fast boot, and clean look. Thanks for the heads up on a great rom. Also @Alex As for the install I have been wiping dalvik cache and cache and a few other items multiple times before installing a new rom, seems to help with random reboots and load times. This rom booted very quickly for me. You may want to re-flash after wiping all user data/factory reset, cache, dalvik cache and DATA:battery stats (not sure what that one does for you but i read it in some thread and it can’t hurt I guess) a few times (2 or 3)

  3. Orlando says:

    Are there any ROMs that do hdmi mirroring for the evo 4G?

  4. alex05 says:

    i installed the rom and it seems to be working fine… cool rom

  5. Don't Panic says:

    I’m digging this ROM. Of course I forgot to keep my apps, so now I need to get the Google apps again. Anybody have a dl?

  6. Sally says:

    after changing to this rom, everything is gone including the android market app.. is there anyway to get android market app off the internet without it asking me to choose an acct after installing it?

    the rom is def. very clean and quick but it only gives me the basic of the basics which is not much.

  7. ivan tapia says:

    i just rooted my phone and am new to these roms. I would like to install this one. How can i keep all of my apps after switching to this rom?

  8. Ark.Bishop says:

    How can I have access to the Android Market with this ROM? I tried it but couldn’t get Titanium backup to download my apps. I appreciate any assistance.

  9. AM says:

    I need serious help!!!
    SO how long does flashing this ROM take? I used ROM manager to flash this ROM. It seems to have worked but it get’s stuck in the “SalvageMod” screen for hours!! I did battery pull and re-installed from the SD card which seems to go fine! Then when I reboot, it goes back to never ending “SalvageMod” screen. If it’s a matter for time, I can wait but otherwise, I don’t know what to do!

  10. jim says:

    same here. my phone gets stuck in “salvagemod” boot screen too.! please help

  11. john says:

    if you atr going to do a video on a particular rom that requires getting google apps seperatly etc. please give us the link and web site address to those too not just the rom itself. thanks

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