Stable Rooted ROM Based on Latest OTA Gingerbread – Ti-X ROM!

For those of you looking to upgrade your ROM to the latest OTA Gingerbread without unrooting (like I did) and enjoy all the goodness of rootness, you might want to check out the Ti-X ROM.

This one does everything, all Sprint apps (for Sprint lovers), Google Talk Video, and everything (Camera, 4G) working out of the box.

Download the Ti-X ROM here:

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This is the Ti-XI ROM for HTC Evo 4G
Download Ti-X ROM

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13 Responses to Stable Rooted ROM Based on Latest OTA Gingerbread – Ti-X ROM!

  1. PJ says:

    just flashed this ROM, and after rebooting right after i flashed it it just reboots right into recovery mode… help please

  2. osure says:

    Did you get it working ? Was thinking of flashing to it but not a lot of reviews any one else using it?

  3. Gabriel says:

    Installed the new ROM, works great… you can really tell the difference in speed, a few bugs that need to be taken care of, Qik video forces close, Swype wont work either… and I cant get Netflix installed either. Should I just wait for an updated rom?

  4. crossphada says:

    swype not working but all n all good rom

  5. osure says:

    is there any way to get swype back?

    has anyone else used this one?

  6. Dave says:

    If I load this Ti-X on my rooted Evo on MikoFroyo 4.2, would it wipe out all my apps and contacts? Even with the backup do I just do a restore to get everything back? I have my phone setup with pretty much all I need, just need a little bit more speed and efficiency.

  7. pino says:

    file is corrupt

  8. crossphada says:

    camcorder shows no pic but it records another wards you can’t see what your recording

  9. Blood Inside says:

    Works great for me. put on sd card and wiped cache.. etc and worked 😀 had to delete apps that I didn’t use, Can’t tell if swype works… don’t use.

  10. Saltypa says:

    Swipe works fine.. Just hold down/ long press on any dialog box and you will see the select imput button and press that, then pick swipe…

  11. Gorski says:

    Hey HTC Evo 4G Hacks !
    Fucking great job ! Love posts like this ! To the point, acurate, good link. Took my rooted Evo running Froyo 2.2 and got 2.3 up i no time. Found very little quarks, like the wer one is when you I chose power off it reboots like in 5 seconds and I have to adjust the bright ness. When I chose reboot it takes a litle more time to boot but all is well. How do you actually turn this off ? lol

    One question, my friend (poor guy has cancer, 4 months to go so I bought him an EVO) but it has 2.2 and not rooted. I recall a year ago I wnt through hell to root mine. Would the same instructions work for an unrooted EVO. You may have answered that, sorry if I repeated something you mentioned. He only has contacts backed up by lookout and sms by handcent and pics by wire or lookout. I used Titanium backup to get all my paid apps and other shit, but killed the space on sys drive. Not sure how to clean. So thanks again for this stellar post. Fucker runs aweome !!!!!!!! TX

  12. pantherrilla says:

    man i love what your doing, just one thing if you can include in your videos, due to my fingers are big, when reviewing your rom’s, could you click on the text app and the phone to show how the keyboard is displayed, i’ve found that i don’t like the gingerbread roms due to the keyboard layout is to small, i love the fresh rom and sinister rom’s due to there keyboard layouts. keep up the good work.

  13. Chris says:

    what happened to the download links.

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