Synergy ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

There’s one ROM I forgot to review and it’s Synergy ROM for the Evo 4G. One of its coolest features is the panorama and HDR camera feature, allowing you to take panorama photos or HDR pics although I haven’t still figured out how to use the HDR.

The Synergy ROM also comes with a Netflix 1080P and wireless N module, both which I still also haven’t figured out how to use.

Overall, this is a really nice ROM you should try out, especially if you are photo-sensitive and want panorama camera.

Download ROM here:

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Download Synergy ROM

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23 Responses to Synergy ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Do any of the hacks have a functioning HDMI output?

  2. Ken says:

    damn the website doesnt even let me download the new rom . fuckn takes 4hrs, and no im not on dial up

  3. Will says:

    Is anyone having an issue with texting? It seems that no matter what letter i type it ends up being a Q or a P. I am reinstalling and seeing what happens.

  4. Benny says:

    Love it I was a big MikG fan,but now I think I found a rom that I will be sticking with I really like the update feature that they added so I don’t have to do a full wipe everytime. Wish MikG would do that I would probally go back. I love the 3.0 my battery last all day with heavy use evo4g

  5. FRENCHE says:

    Looks great just dont know how to install it can anyone help ????

  6. Frenche says:

    Ok I installed it had it working just great Foxed !!! up and tried to install another ROM but it wont let me and now Im just stuck on the White htc EVO boot screen any ideas on how I can renstall or just get synergy to start back up I pull the battery a few times reinstalled it a few times but its been on the white sreen for hours now someone PLease advice…..

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Try clearing dalvik cache and cache in recovery and reboot, usually that fixes boot loops, if all else fails, you can install another ROM or try re-installing the ROM.

      • Frenche says:

        But I cant get into the system so I can put my phone into debugged mode to be able to install a new ROM is there a way of doing t with the phone plugged to my PC. And just how many ROMS can u install and run at a time

        • Frenche says:

          I reinstalled this one about 4 to 5 tiimes and it just remains on the htc EVO sdcreen

          • Robert says:

            With this rom, if you don’t have your sd card partitioned then it will be slower than all getout, but before you partition your sd card, make sure you back it up on your comp because partitioning it will wipe it clean. it’s a nice rom, but i prefer AOSP

          • Robert says:

            and the first boot after installing will take 20-30 minutes

  7. FRENCHE says:

    Hellooo hey is there any other way I can get into the system on my EVO 4G so I can run RUU supersonic so I can restore my phone its just stuck on the white htc EVO boot page

  8. raff says:

    on my current ROM my camera doesnt work, could this ROM make it work again

  9. Joshua says:

    HDR is just that you adjust Increase\Decraese ISO ( in a camera Diafragma:lens opening) and you take the one picture that is darker with and one that is lighter and you conbine them in photoshop by laying them over eachother,

    Just thought you’d like to know.

    a wierd guy that likes to help people out out of the blue stranger or not with me you’d take a shot ( in the form of a favor ;))

    Joshua S G.

  10. ELguapo48 says:

    this is a great rom, everything worked flawlessly. the thing with sense based roms is wiping dalvic cache, then cache, but to make sure, do it 5 times, then theres no problems. thats not my opinion, thats what every developer on the xda site says to do. or, use amon RA recovery, and flash vr-superwipe.

  11. ELguapo48 says:

    sense based roms are good sized files, they need all the room they can get

  12. Orlando says:

    does this one do HDMI mirroring?

  13. Mike says:

    Having issues with the android system interferring with the ROM. It keeps saying application Google Services Framework has stopped. also has stopped unexpectedly. Need a quick fix if anyone knows.

  14. Phelan says:

    My 4g,WiFi and a few other things won’t work since I flashed this ROM how can it b fixed

  15. Milo says:

    On the “Synergy ROM for HTC Evo 4G” video, What recovery do I have to use? Clockword?

  16. Milo says:

    I mean clockwork

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