Synergy ROM with God Mode on HTC Evo 4G!

Looking for a faster ROM on your Evo 4G with Gingerbread?  Well the latest Synergy ROM with God Mode allows you to get much faster filesystem IO read/writes.

What the heck does that mean?

Basically any app you use that uses the filesystem often will run much, much faster such as browsing your photos/videos, or anything that makes extensive use of your filesystem.

Linpack numbers pretty much remained the same around 35-36 as that only tests your CPU’s raw power but I got pretty good numbers around 1800 on Quadrant, which does include IO read/writes as part of the test.

Download ROM here:

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Download Synergy ROM with GOD Mode

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40 Responses to Synergy ROM with God Mode on HTC Evo 4G!

  1. tdfell says:

    Any help on rooting 4.24.651.1?

  2. bond says:

    I was wondering if you have tested any of the bluetooth devices with these ROMS. With Stock ROM apparently it uses 32 bit pool hence the sound quality is horrible (I use it with my Car A2DP). Only CM seem to have figured it out. I like CM but I do enjoy the dialers and widgets from Sense. So, i go back to Sense Based ROM but none of them seem have the bitpool fixed.
    Any suggestion would be helpful.


  3. Brandon says:

    Hi Max.
    This Rom is taking so long to boot. Is this happening to you too ?

  4. Brandon says:

    Hi Max.
    I having problem installing this Rom. Everything install fine until reboot “HTC Evo 4G” screen stay there and it won’t boot. You have any idea ?

    • Modman says:

      I had the same problem. Flashed it 3 times and it kept getting stuck on boot screen. I did a clean wipe and data wipe as well. Still it didn’t work.
      You need to partition your sd card. I made mine a 64 swap, 2048 ext 2. Then upgraded to ext 3. Also immediately after flashing room I also flashed Dta2sd, then flashed 3d plus widgets God mode. It worked and add promise it is highest on running quadrant between 1500-1800, on linpack between 33-38 mflops. However, movements are sketchy at most times. Any fixes on this Max.
      Tried a toast kernel which brought my mlops to the high 50’s but was giving me reboot problems. Max, do you know what kernel i could use that its stable with this ROM.

  5. Warren says:

    Hey Max,

    I have having the same problem as others with the Rom not booting up. Installs fine but stays on the “HTC Evo 4G” screen.

  6. Matt says:

    This is a decent overall rom.
    2 things you have to know you need the RA recovery or it will not install if you get that white EVO screen you are using the wrong recovery if you google install RA recovery you should find it. Second it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to finish the first boot so plug it into a power source and walk away.
    I still think the MikG roms are better, but it took so much playing around to get this one installed it has stayed for a week now. I think overall it is sluggish at times, lags changing apps, not my favorite so far. I like the MikG roms and VR_KingdomREVOlution_B1.3 is good also.

    • Dj_iET says:

      i loaded this rom successfully this rom is definitely slower than stock rooted htc 4g….. i have been using it for 2 days now.. very glitchy….. seems like it needs a lot tweeks

  7. corey says:

    I tried to install senergy with god mode but keeps getting stuck on boot screen any suggestions Would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Dan says:

    me too this has grown tiresome

  9. Nick says:

    Any luck with HDMI on this Rom?

  10. Dan says:

    Make sure when you flash this rom you click wipe all user data, then wipe dalvak and the cache again.. Also wipe battery and tilt/rotate settings.. this is the only way i got past boot logo.

  11. Dustin says:


    This rom is overall decent but not nearly as fast as they say it is. The stock rooted evo rom runs faster than this.
    These are the problems that I got and I have been running the newest version for about 3-4 days.

    When on any other screen besides the home screen and I press the home button it takes 5 seconds for the home screen to appear. I get just the wallpaper for that 5 seconds. It freezes alot to when navigating through the phone. Also when Im sending text messages in an area where I know I get full signal, it drops to the 1x most of the time.

    Other than those issues everything else is up to par. Bluetooth works, I set up my Motorola S9 HD headphones with the Evo4g with no issues. Wifi router works and GPS does also. Camera is awesome with the new features such as HDR and Panorama.

    But those small issues mentioned above are easily going to get me to switch to a different rom.

    I would have stayed with Cyanogen but the camera screen size is an issue for me. I like being able to have the full screen pictures. That was a major downfall for me.

    Freshevo was good up until the updates and the voicemail stopped working.

    The stock rooted app is the only one that hasnt given me any problems at all at this point.

    So when installing this rom. Remember RA Recovery.. FULL WIPE! DALVIK CACHE….DATA & CACHE

    IT WORKS PEOPLE.. JUST LEARN HOW TO DO IT RIGHT…..Remember what they say… If you dont know how to load roms, then you shouldnt be rooted!

  12. Ken says:

    this shit bites took me so long to download and now it sits and wont load up! wtf check this shit out before you uploaded it to the web.

    • Dustin says:

      Like the orignal persont that created that rom states…. It takes about 30 minutes for the first boot and then everything loads up.

  13. Dan says:

    You guys need to wipe everything. Every single thing in the menu. Then it will boot. After boot skip setup. Let the phone get going and reboot. If it boots up ur good to go. I had to do this for over three hrs. But I got a good install and quadrant is reading 1650 and higher. This is very fast. Even the authors say it will take about a week for everything to organize. Mikg rom I just had on was actually slower then the stock phone. Boo

  14. ken says:

    Man I know how to install the ROM. What the fuck. This ROM doesn’t load. Don’t down load this. Just root the damn phone with unrevoked. Keep it near stock and it seems to run fast and good

    • Dustin says:

      I do agree with you. I have been rooted since the day I got my phone and I have tried several different roms and one of my favorites was the Fresh Roms because they are so close to stock. But once he started messing with it and updating it, they werent as good so I switched to a stock rom running 2.3.3 and rooted. Its fast! No other rom Ive tried has been faster or smoother.

  15. R Stefano says:

    To all that say: “You have to use Ra, CMR wont work” or ‘You have to wipe everything and it will work” WRONG WRONG WRONG. Like the guy Ken says, WE KNOW HOW TO INSTALL ROMS! Its just not working for some of us. Cant stand ppl that have to act like they know it all.

    • Dustin says:

      No one is acting like they know everything but obviously I knew alot more than you did because I was able to install this rom without any issues at all! You have to read the directions on the original page that the rom download zip is posted and WIPE WIPE WIPE…. And it literally takes almost 30 minutes for the phone to boot up after install.

      So to all the people that cant get this to work then your obviously doing something wrong because they are several here that can get it to work with no issues on the first try.

  16. Warren says:

    My issue was that I couldn’t get Ra up and running. User error. One I did and wiped everything it took about 5 minutes at most to boot up. Thanks for all the info.

  17. Mario says:

    ok, after instaling ra recovery i could install synergy, slow, i have a lot of apps but still MikG runs more stable, thanks for the help, even i didnt ask, every thing is here. thanks so much.

  18. FRENCHE says:

    OK guys well I installed synergy in I took the CLOCKWORKMOD now Im just stuck at the EVO boot screen with no way to delet or anything I wiped everything I cant get to my settings so I can switch to debugging or disk drive now what am I to do any one have any suggestions

    • David L. says:

      I had to use Amon RA recovery to make it work. But now that I have it loaded, I notice it runs a little slow so I might go back to MikG rom. This is a nice looking rom with a lot of nice features, but I’d like to know how to speed it up. Switching from screen to screen is slow.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Did you try clearing dalvik cache and cache in recovery?

      • Andy says:

        How do I restore all the apps and data that I backed up from stock rom to mikG rom? Thanks…

      • Andy says:

        I have all the backed up everything before wiping out phone. It is saved in my sd card. The files are all there but I just cant restore using titanium backup…help!

  19. FRENCHE says:

    on how I can remove the rom and start over

  20. Sean P says:

    how can i get better battery life out of this rom

  21. plato says:

    I had to use RA Recovery to get it to work
    according to their website (
    Currently GodMode is only compliant with Amon_RA’s recovery.
    Expect 10 – 30 mins To Flash This Rom In Recovery.

  22. Dj_iET says:

    this rom sucks.. stock rom is way faster… i deleted this piece of sh!t rom and went with the allEVO rom waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smoother all the glories of sense..

  23. Marcus says:

    I got this rom to work on the 1st try by wiping everything. The only problem I have is random reboots. Once a day my phone will get stuck in a boot loop & I have to take the battery out to make it stop. I close to switching back to the stock rom. I didn’t see anybody make a complaint about this so asking for help would be useless.

  24. Ben Powell says:

    alot of ur links for file download do not seem to b working? i get corupted files on netflixs, that rev rom?(second on first page of evo 4g roms i believe and ti-x roms to name a few i just cant get downloaded> any idea as to y? really want to try that ti-x rom

  25. DJ Supes says:

    Installed this ROM and now my phone is bricked and wont turn on at all.

  26. Orlando says:

    does this one do HDMI mirroring?

  27. mistahlos says:

    I’ve tried flashing Synergy-RLS1-GodMode-supersonic 20 times, WIPED EVERYTHING!!! 3 times, even used vr_superwipe, partitioned trying various sizes on swap and sd-ext, each time it got to the white screen and froze. The only way I could get this rom to load was to partition the sd card with 0 mb swap, 0 mb sd-ext. using amon_ra recovery. After loading, “my” Initial boot took less than 7 min. I have flashed Synergy-RLS1-supersonic using amon_ra and cwm they both worked for that rom. But I must add, each phone may experience different results.

  28. Vega says:

    All i know is ” i will stay away from this Rom” Period. Marks Zero for me.

  29. Jeff says:

    This is the only Rom that I have been able to load trouble free.

  30. Ruben says:

    hey zedo your reviews on the roms are great but some of us dont know how to install them, i like the synergy rom and the ice cream sandwich (ics) but you dont show how to install them and what you did, so plz make some videos on how to install those two thanks…

  31. James says:

    i Tried to partition my sd card, from a ext 2 to a ext 3.
    the phone just keep saying Error…
    Any Answers?

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