TeamDirt CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

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You might have noticed that Jelly Bean ROM has been coming to many of the newer Android smartphones. Well, here’s some great news for your rooted HTC Evo 4G users, you are not left behind.

Thanks to Team Dirt, Jelly Bean CM10 (CyanogenMod 10) ROM has been ported to HTC Evo 4G.

Of course, it’s still very “experimental” and you will lose 4G Wimax/Camera/Netflix/Hulu, but you still get a full Jelly Bean ROM with most things working on Android 4.1.1.

In time this will definitely get optimized and become more usable. I wouldn’t really recommend using it as daily driver just yet but heck, it’s a good thing we’ve already got hands on Jelly Bean ROM while some of the newer Android devices (like Evo 4G LTE or Evo 3D) don’t have it.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and backup your current ROM, try the Jelly Bean ROM and check out all the features. You can always restore back to your previous ROM so you’ve got nothing to lose. And let me know how it works for you.

Download ROM:

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Download TeamDirt CM10 Jelly Bean ROM

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Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a new ROM? You need a rooted Evo 4G, if you are new to this, please read our Evo 4G FAQ FIRST!!!

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11 Responses to TeamDirt CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. J says:

    I loved Jelly Bean on my HTC EVO 4G. Unfortunately, I was unable to save it via ROM Manager. It took approximately 8 attempts to flash another ROM saved via ROM Manager. Loss of 4G was not pleasant. Thanks a lot.

  2. Rob says:

    SERIOUSLY!!! Why do you even make a ROM if the damn Camera doesn’t work and the 4G doesn’t work umm….hello EVO 4G!!!!! I hate how all the damn ROMS for EVO 4g that are actually cool can’t do crap! Worst ROMs are the one’s that start out with “Everything works…..but the camera, and no 4G” Arrrggghhhhh! Why do I use this site if the cool site doesn’t work with the cool shit on the phone. So done here.

    • hackersarchangel says:

      Honestly, I don’t live in a 4G area. I also use it as my primary Camera.

      But I do like that people are willing to put time and effort into these being usable with current Android OS, instead of leaving my phone horribly outdated and me wishing I could buy a newer phone to get all the goodies like Google Now. Besides, a lot of the time these things are fixed in later builds as they get more of the kinks worked out.

      Also, if you don’t like it, then why do you even think about doing these kind of things when you know it’s not a fully fleshed out project??

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      thats why i told u to make a backup rom so u can go back to ur older rom instantly after trying. 🙂

    • truth says:

      wow qq much dude there experimental for a reasnon and there has been and always will be 4g and ffc issues and thats that 4g isnt that great anyways used it in Nashville meh i personally dont have it were i live i dont use the camera so i dont care imho BUT! honestly dont come on here griping about how this or that dont work man its not ganna solve anything :/

  3. Martin says:

    I agree a little bit with dude that is pissed off up there. I go on this site everyday to see what new rom is out there for my EVO 4G. I do get dissapointed when i hear NO CAM / NO 4G. Right now I am using Nitrous 1.6.1. Great fast stable rom. I used to use MikG, but Nitrous (in my opinion) is simply the best right now for Evo 4G. Another great rom is Energy Rom, but again No Cam / No 4G. I am dying to upgrade my phone, but currently I am not eligible.

    Anyway, this dude does his best to put out videos and the dev team take their time doing this. If you’re not a dev, then STFU and be happy that there is something to be downloaded. If it wasn’t for these devs, we would all be on stock rom and contacting the manufacturer.

  4. greg says:

    hi i thave a htc evo 4g flashed to boost and has 2.3.5 webkit and not sure the kernal but i was wondering if u knew a good upgrade or could reffer me to some one thanks greg

  5. Scott says:

    @Rob U mad bro?

  6. Dulceee says:

    any person explain me What is the reason with the 4g is not working in htc evo 4g
    and what rom working the 4g I live in 4g area and I paid money for this service and any new rom not working the 4g and camera my hubby have epic 4g I all is working with the cm10 jelly bean i don’t understand why is the reason… any person explain me

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Most of the newer jelly bean ROMs will not have 4g working that’s because sprint and HTC didn’t release the drivers for them try gingerbread for stable 4g.

  7. Bo-evo says:

    This could be cool since my son’s (12 yr.) nexus is already running JB and it’s 4g capable – but 4g is crushed by LTE signal and my evo’s 3g is just as fast now (LOL). I’m gonna try it and let you know.

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