The Express ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

For this week, check out The Express ROM for HTC Evo 4G, which comes with “landscape” Sense 3.0 launcher (yes it rotates, I forgot to show you that in the video). It’s a very smooth/fast ROM with full Sense 3.0 and 4G working. (I think this is one of the only Sense 3.0 ROMs with 4G working.)

If you have been looking for a fully-working Sense 3.0 ROM, give this ROM a try and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

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Download The Express ROM

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Credts – XDA

Note: Don’t use TWRP Recovery for installing this ROM, you NEED to use AMON RA Recovery, which can be found on Evo 4G Root post here. (Do “fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img” to flash AMON RA Recovery back if you are on TWRP.)

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45 Responses to The Express ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Max,
    I played with this Rom for a few days. It’s a awesome Rom.
    What didn’t work for me was voice texting. It would work one time after a boot and no-more.
    If you need to send a text while you’re driving its safer to talk then type.
    If anybody has a fix, that would be great. I have been messing with the shooter rom. I have not had any problems so for with that.

    • trejo says:

      how long takes to boot went is supercharging the express to you cell

      • slimm says:

        thats what happens when you use twrp to install…i deleted twrp and reinstalled old school recovery, go back to root 4g page….he has the link above…….basically put phone in bootloader and hook up to computer, go to fastboot usb and in command prompt bah blah blah i’m not good at explaining but you have to flash the recovery mod like you did when you rooted your phone and the instal this rom…….awesome rom once you get it working

  2. Harry says:

    Can I use this ROM with ClockWork Recovery? I know you stated Amon but just wanted to know if it would work with CW. If I have to, how do I install Amon and remove CW?



  3. John says:

    When I install this Rom, I continually get this message “android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly”. I have to reboot and use a different rom and everything is fine. Any help will be appreciater

    • LX says:

      Did you remember to clear the cache & davilk? Then flash it again. The same thing happend to me with another rom. It should work

  4. james says:

    i did it then flashed the rom and it went right back to twrp screen during the middle of the instalation

    • slimm says:

      get rid of twrp and re install CW. if you have to, go back to the page for rooting the 4g and go through the steps starting from flashing the clockwork. in fact if you delete the old root file an re downoad it, the CW recovery is new and improved…..pretty cool recovery…..i didn’t like twrp anyway

  5. Tony says:

    Just to let everyone know. A RC version has been released(RC1.0.1).
    This Rom Rocks.

  6. cliff says:

    i just flash my 4g htc evo now i can not charge till i turn off and cant get in to my sd card need help

  7. james says:

    how come htc sense if force closing when i try to add a widget is this happeneing to anyone else on this rom???? other than that its good

  8. Jim says:

    I downloaded the rom and like it although it never seemed to complete the install. I could leave it for an hour and it would sit there at 70-80% at supercharging or something. I never am able to access WIFI. The first attempt I would get an error. So I rewiped the cache and load again. This time the WIFI would turn on but I couldn’t log into my wireless router. I even did the install of the Amon-RA. I would love to use it but need the wifi. Any ideas?

  9. Sadut says:

    I got stuck in word “Supercharging the Express!!” I and till now it still like that, the green progress bar didn’t flow normally. Im using Team Win Recovery v2.0.0….
    I;ve no idea now going back to worked rom.

    • BHayde says:

      Have to use Amon-Ra recovery, same happened to me with Clockwork, switched to Amon-Ra and it was up in no time, very nice rom but battery life sucks, so I am back with Swagged Out Stock.

      • Sadut says:

        ..yeah I switched it to amonRa recovery that time after I was strugling..
        it was not too good using this rom, as long as it’s in beta that would be fine, I still expect this rom will turn good among the others…

  10. Tony says:

    For those of you that are having trouble installing the rom please read the install instructions on the thread on XDA.
    Hope that helps.
    Max your videos rule.

  11. FLO says:

    I’m new to ROM’s could you please upload full instructions video or text on how to install this Express ROM, also could anyone please tell me why does voice text does not work on my phone? When I’m trying to voice text I get a message that it’s not available. I want to have phone working with all the nice tools that came with in order to get the most out of it.

    Thank you.

  12. trejo says:

    How long it takes to download supercharging the express

  13. Ryan says:

    I got the same problem with the ROM as most people did. When I try to flash the ROM the progress bar gets to about 80% and it gets stuck on “Supercharging the Express.” I’ve left it for over an hour and nothing else happens. Any tips?

    • BHayden says:

      Make sure you are using Amon-Ra Recovery it apparently won’t load with any other one, same thing happened with me while using Clockwork Recovery had to switch and it was fine. only thing is the battery life of this Rom pretty much sucks.

      • Ryan says:

        Thanks a lot, I’ll try that out.

        • FLO says:

          OK got it installed, but agree that tends to suck a lot of juice, now, how do I go back to the previous ROM? (Excuse my ignorance)

          • FLO says:

            I also get many errors telling me that many apps have stopped unexpectedly, now I want to go back to the original ROM, How do I accomplish this? It doesn’t want to open the developer screen (the one you get to by pressing VOL DN+PWR) I guess something went wrong.

          • Tony says:

            To go back to your old rom you need to boot into recovery. Power off the phone. Then pull the battey out and put back in. Hold vol-dn+pwr. After it boots into hboot. Go to recovery. Then go to nandroid backup/restore and restore your backup.

          • Jim says:

            Install Rom manager, that will get you back

  14. bill says:

    whats the best rom do get my camera running and have the hacked hot spot im running elite series IV reserected from xda developers which is freaking awsome but it the online videos and all the cameras are in black and white

  15. Alfonso says:

    Mine is stuck on “Supercharging the Express” it has been about an hour now. Any tips?

    • Jeff says:

      Make sure you are using Amon-Ra Recovery it apparently won’t load with any other one, same thing happened with me while using Clockwork Recovery had to switch and it was fine.

  16. Daniel says:

    when trying to flash the express it gets stuck on supercharging the express! any tips?

    • Jeff says:

      You must use Amon-Ra Recovery to load it! It apparently won’t load with any other one, same thing happened with me while using Clockwork Recovery had to switch and it was fine.

  17. H says:

    Everything works fine for me, accept when using the shortcut bar at bottom, i can’t switch the shortcut next to the “personalize” tab. I hold down to switch out and the other one comes out, any suggestions???

    Thanks for all your help with roms,videos,& rooting!

  18. ZoeBoy says:

    Why do i get the message error that states “Found your device:PC36100 (supersonic-unknown, Android 2.3.3 ROM version: Fresh, Your device: devices supersonic, whith HBOOT unknown is not supported at this time press (almost) any key to exit”. Thats up after i had typed revolutionary.exe in command prompt. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks

  19. Kevin says:

    Hey guys 1st boot is taking forever here

  20. king says:

    I downloaded it and it won’t I can’t find it in my recovery, someone help please?

  21. Alex says:

    PLEASE HELP! I cleared both the cache and the davilk before flashing ExpressROM. Once it booted I repeatedly got Hundreds of Force Close boxes and I managed to get to ROM manager and fix the permissions but once i rebooted it did nothing. WHY!?!? It’s so annoying PLEASE help me.

    • Alex says:

      FIGURED IT OUT! All you need to do if you keep getting FORCE CLOSINGS is to go into recovery and wipe everything. All of it. And then flash the rom again. Works like a charm. You rock Max

  22. Mike says:

    Installed express a couple days ago and everything works pretty well. The hacked hotspot application works well with 3g for me; however, I would like to have 4g working. I tried various apk versions of Wi-Fi tether and couldn’t get any of my devices to obtain IP addresses. I have pdanet with foxfi using Bluetooth and that works for one device. Any suggestions on how to get Wi-Fi tether to work?

  23. trey says:

    so wireless tether doesn’t work?

  24. hugo says:

    how do i uninstall this rom?

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