Virus ROM v.B1.3 for HTC Evo 4G! [Sense 3.0] [Gingerbread]

I’ve reviewed the beta version of Virus ROM couple weeks back and it wasn’t fully functional as the camera/camcorder was broken.

Well, Virus ROM v.B1.3 has been out for awhile now and I’ve just tried it, it’s flawless ROM with Sense 3.0. The only thing that doesn’t work now is HDMI mirroring, not sure why but if that doesn’t bug you and you want the same Sense UI on your Evo 4G as the Evo 3D, this is the ROM to get.

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Download Virus ROM file here

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51 Responses to Virus ROM v.B1.3 for HTC Evo 4G! [Sense 3.0] [Gingerbread]

  1. Mikey Major says:

    What ROMs can I install without Rooting my Evo 4G?

  2. alex says:

    none, you need to root your phone in order to flash any kind of rom.

  3. Chris says:

    I installed the ROM using ROM Manager. Everything was running smoothly until the phone rebooted and got stuck on a “GET INFECTED” flashing screen. Now, it’s just stuck on there. Did I do something wrong?

  4. Siraj says:

    i installed it using the boot loader and then i tried installing it using the rom manager, but i get the same results either way, it wont go past the HTC EVO 4G white backround screen. and its been on there for like 20+ mins. can anyone help me out

  5. Terrence says:

    Love the ROM, only issue i have is that i can’t save pictures from my email when i download them. Is there a way to correct this?

    Chris i had the same issue, it just took awhile for it to finally kick it

  6. Siraj says:

    hey can you help me out i cant seem to get it to come back on after the ROM is installed

  7. Siraj says:

    Does this ROM have any additional themes available that previous Sense ROMS didn’t ?

  8. Ark.Bishop says:

    Same issue, after turning changing the battery and rebooting the screen gets stuck at the HTC EVO 4G white screen. I love the ROM but its annoying having to reinstall it every time you turn the phone off. Please help!!!

  9. Mikey Major says:

    where is the link to download this ROM?

  10. Mikey Major says:

    never mind, i found it

  11. Ark.Bishop says:

    Were you able to figure out what was wrong with it? I had to install another ROM but would like to go back to this one once the issue is resolved. I look forward to your response.

  12. HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

    That’s weird, try wiping TWICE and wipe dalvik cache and load the ROM again, it should work.

  13. Damon says:

    sounds like your not wiping both cache’s that would be the only reason outside of you reinstalling previous rom info through tit. backup. i have no problems with this rom… it is a little busty and i wish i had more internal phone memory to make it faster… but overall great rom

  14. max2 says:

    This is a great rom works fine for me…. those who are having problems try wipe data and factory reset( perform nandroid backup first), wipe cache, then proceed to wipe dalvik cache and flash your new rom.. takes longer at strartup so be patient… The only beef i have with the ROM is the the sprint hotspot isnt hacked but who cares…. The ROM is snappy and has good additions to play with…. bravo guys!!!

  15. Zac says:

    Having problems with the navigation. Everytime I use it and put in the address that I want to go to, it force closes.

  16. Zac says:

    I found out the problem. Need TTS in order for it to work. My bad.

  17. Zac says:

    One more thing and I should be good. Before I start though, I wanted to say the ROM is great. I like the way it is and plan on using it for a while or until a newer version is out. The issue I have is when I restart my phone, the shortcuts I created on the screens become the android default icon. The icons still work. Even my Gmail on the lock screen disappears. I have to remove them and then create the shortcut again. Every app that does it is stored on my SD card. I’m willing to live with the problem if needs be. Once again, the ROM kicks butt.

    • JC says:

      Exactly Im having the same exact issue with this ROM. Also it seems that the ROM takes up a bigger amount of the Internal Phone Memory. It does have “Low Storage Wizard” app in which it will move programs from your Phone to SD and it moves just about anything even programs that APP2SD can not move. Overall its a great ROM but there are a few bugs and its annoying that the shortcuts that you take your time to setup on your wallpaper return to default android icon after rebooting.

      Is there an update to this ROM? It definitely has the potential but the bugs are starting to annoy me.

  18. Chris says:

    Max; If I was on rooted stock 2.2; then upgraded to Kings Alliance 7.4 which is GB; can I just switch back to a FroYo ROM without re-rooting? Or do I need to restore to 2.2 before I flash a FroYo ROM?

  19. Max2 says:

    Chris, you dont have to reroot to go back to froyo, just wipe and reset to factory from recovery, wipe cache and dalvik, then restore your previous froyo backup, if you didnt have a backup then just flash the original froyo zip and bam start afresh. Thanks for asking hope i wasnt late replying.

  20. Max2 says:

    Zac i finally figured out the default android icons issue…. Wierd as it may seem, to get your icons back perform a Restart….NOT A NORMAL RESTART but HOT RESTART…bam all your sd card app icons come back with original thumbnails… Hope it works for you let us know…

  21. HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

    Yes, you can flash back and forth from gingerbread on any rooted ROMs no problem!

  22. Eric Martin says:

    I love the new ROM. I had a lot of trouble getting it off of the white screen though. I had to wipe several times before it would boot up correctly. Everything works great except for Netflix.

  23. Jaeski says:

    This ROM will not download properly. It should be 300 MB but only shows 109 MB. Says installation aborted every time.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Sorry about that, will have more mirrors soon, server was overloaded yesterday with too many people trying to download at once, please try now, it should be fine.

  24. max2 says:

    Terence can you check the download folder in your sd card i found my saved pics fro mms and email in there.

  25. mike ross says:

    if this rom had sense 3.0 it would be perfect

  26. Jaeski says:

    This ROM will not let me flash a different kernel, such as, Tiamat or Savage Zen. It Just hangs on the splash screen when you try to do so.

  27. Chilli Can says:

    max2-dl “Wireless Tether” on the market & your on

  28. Zac says:

    I started with all new icons. I did the HOT RESTART like you said and some icons would appear. Then I would HOT RESTART again and then some other ones would appear but not the same as the first HOT RESTART. Then the last one I just did, none of them showed up.

    • Tonygotskilz says:

      I found a fix for the Default Icon’s showing up for apps moved to the SD card. It is actually the same fix to the problem whether you are rooted or not. (I am now and it still works as well as it did before I was rooted). I had the exact same problem since I got the OTA update to Gingerbread. Ok now for the easy fix:

      Go to applications -> Running applications
      Scroll down to HTC Sense and click it then hit force restart. (I see two versions of HTC sense running and I did this with both, you may only need to do it to one but it doesn’t hurt anything to do it to both.)

      Now hit the home button and you should get an HTC loading screen or a loading Modal while your icons repopulate correctly. This should restore all your icons once its done.

      This works great only lame thing is that you need to do it every time you restart. I think this is because the sense UI stuff starts up before your SD card boots to usable. Then sense loads your Icons before it can read your SD card so it substitutes default icons for the ones it can’t read yet. Forcing a restart of sense gets it to reload your icons after your SD card is ready for use.

  29. Jeff says:

    I installed this ROM on my HW0002 Evo, and it flies!

    @mike ross – this ROM is sense 3.0, gingerbread 2.3.3 – if that’s not what your running after applying this, then you probably didn’t apply it correctly…

    @jaeski – those kernels won’t work because they are AOSP or CM based kernels. To get a functioning kernel on this ROM, you would have to apply a sense based kernel that’s compatible with 2.3. Unfortunately, the only sense based kernels I’ve found are all for froyo 2.2. Someone can step in and correct me here if they can. We’ll probably have to wait a bit before any custom kernels get released for sense based gingerbread.

    Everything that I use seems to work awesome here –
    3g/4g tethering thru wireless tether app (found on the market)
    bluetooth, gps, wifi… the weather app even works on this one, in comparison to the earlier releases.

    things that don’t work –
    sprint hotspot (but you can use wireless tether, so no big hit here, in my book)

    I’ve also noticed that after installing this ROM, I only had enough app storage to install about 10 apps, even after doing app2sd (which seems buggy in this ROM). To fix this, I used Amon Ra custom recovery to partition my sd card for app storage (different that app2sd), so now I have plenty of space to install all of my everyday apps.

    Thanks for posting about this ROM… I’ve been waiting for it! I hope they continue to create updates for it, such as custom kernels and themes (like warm twopointtwo)

  30. Jeff says:

    As far as the icon issue, I had that problem before I partitioned my sd card for app storage. I partitioned, did a full wipe, re-installed the ROM, and all the icons have been fine since then.

  31. rob says:

    ive been using this rom for 2 weeks and ive noticed that everyday it seems my battery life seems to shorten.

  32. Cat Clifton says:

    do I need to root my Evo before I do this

  33. Max2 says:

    The BEST 3.0 sense ROM out there…. I love it.The best gingerbread experience….Are there any updates? The only con is the lack of a hacked sprint hotspot but not a priority.

  34. Silverfox81 says:

    Unable to access sd card while installing rom, any rom, installation aborts, I tried toggling signature still doesn’t work, what could be the problem. I have a feeling the root didn’t take well enough, should I unroot and do it again? When I did root unable to add optional file busy……would give my # symbol, continued to give me > symbol so I omitted thaat command and root completed, wondering if that is the problem, Please help….

  35. Nick says:

    Hey Max, Are there any updates to this Rom? A new version with fixes?
    My next Rom.

  36. tmdr16 says:

    hey I’m suck at white screen with eve written on it pull battery out twice and wipe the cache please help thanks in advance!

  37. Do0ks says:

    Whyyyyy does it take 11 hours to download on a 1.3mbs connection?

  38. Ben says:

    where can I download this rom I tryed on the link you posted but it takes like 24hrs to download and my laptop freezes up after like 2hrs?!?! is there another place?

    ps. thanks for all the great vids bro!

  39. dognme03 says:

    Can anyone help??? Everytime I try to install this rom… it says that it “cant open” then it has “bad.” then it aborts the installation. Help me PLZ!

  40. dognme03 says:

    This ROM will not download!!!!! Dnt waste your time! Ive tried to download it 4 times on my cpu and 2 times on my phone. everytime it says the samething “file corrupted” BuLLSHIT

  41. JC says:

    People this ROM is dated. Go directly to the VIRUS website and get the latest update.

  42. patrick says:

    How do I get my unlock screen like yours

  43. jesse says:

    hows the app storage space

  44. Simon says:

    Updated link? 😀

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