CM7 + Snap Turbo Kernel = Fastest Gingerbread ROM for HTC Evo 4G! [2500+ Quadrant]

If you are looking for the fastest Gingerbread ROM on Android 2.3.5, not the best but fastest in terms of speed, you might want to give this combo a try, CyanogenMod 7 (Nightlies or Experimental) with Snap Turbo kernel.

Over the weekend, I’ve probably bricked my phone 10 times and tried about 10 different combinations of ROMs and kernels.  It was indeed frustrating because my goal was to find the fastest Gingerbread ROM but couldn’t really find it.

In the end, I looked back at Froyo ROMs and found that Snap Turbo kernel had one of the fastest quadrant times.  Well, after a bunch of more tries, I finally got a working CM7 + Snap Turbo kernel and the result is very fast with quadrant benchmark nearing 2600.

Of course, there are some downside to this combo, 4G, HDMI mirroring, and USB disk drive functionality doesn’t work.

This combination is for the brave souls out there who must have the fastest ROM on the bleeding edge and not for everyone, especially for those of you who still need 4G.

Other than that, I believe this is the fastest Gingerbread ROM you can run on your Evo 4G.  At speeds near 2600 on quadrant, your Evo 4G is literally faster than a stock Evo 3D.

I also found that you need to install this ROM and kernel in a certain order otherwise you will end up in a boot loop, which I did about a thousand times so you don’t have to.

First, wipe.

Second, install the CM7 ROM.

Download CM7 nightlies here:

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Download CM7 nightly

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Third, install the Google Apps.

Download GoogleApps here
Fourth, install Snap Turbo kernel.

Download Snap Turbo kernel here.

Fifth, reboot your phone and sign in to Google GMail or Market.  (If you don’t do this, you might not be able to get into GMail or Market later I found out.)

Sixth, run the Snap Turbo app and enable Turbo mode.  This will take about 10 minutes and you will get a bunch of Force Closes, just close the FCs if they pop up.

Seventh, when your Snap Turbo finishes enabling Turbo mode, it will reboot your Evo 4G.

If at this point you get stuck on the logo splash (which happened to me while I was taping the video), go back into ClockworkMod Recovery and wipe Dalvik Cache and Cache partition and reboot.

When your phone finally reboots, go into CyanogenMod settings and set your CPU to 1.19Ghz.

If anyone has seen a better score on Quadrant for a Gingerbread ROM on the Evo 4G, don’t forget to leave in the comments box below.


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39 Responses to CM7 + Snap Turbo Kernel = Fastest Gingerbread ROM for HTC Evo 4G! [2500+ Quadrant]

  1. mike says:


    I keep getting force closes on a lot of apps after I installed. I followed your Video EXACTLY. Any suggestions?

  2. Miguel says:

    hey dude i cant recive picture messages is there any way i could fix this please help

  3. al usher says:

    I got 2654 quadrant score I have evo deck 1.3b and have not had many problems at all thanks for the tip

    • Laserking7 says:

      That’s awesome that it works with Deck 1.3b! Can it be used with Deck 2.1.1 stably without loss of any Deck features?

  4. Dave says:

    Ok,been running cm7,and the new stable release…been about one year and half since root on evo 4g,currently I’m on the 2.3.4 still…I downloaded bunch of zips. and can’t get it to the 2.3.5 ….I don’t acept ota updates anymore,It screwed my phone up…Well right now,im on cm7 RC1,and going to nightly now…any help…thanks…..

  5. Vinnie says:


    The link you have for GAPPS is the one from March. Will the ROM installation still work with the GAPPS from June?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Yes, will work with the one from June or March, they get auto-upgraded after booting your phone so it doesn’t matter.

  6. al usher says:

    I got close to 2700 I was having problems with my phone staying on 1x and missing phone calls so I just got rid of snap kernel and phone is great again

  7. jovon says:

    destroyer rom try

  8. Eli B. says:

    Why doesnt 4G work on this ROM? Is there a way to to get it to work? If not what other ROM’s will 4G work on?

  9. Laserking7 says:

    Have you tried the Snap Turbo kernel on Deck 2.1.1? I am curious to see if the results are stable without loss of any Deck features…

  10. mike says:

    I cannot get the Bluetooth to stay on and my camera is force closing. In addition, the phone crashes when trying to set to 1.19GHZ.

    Any ideas?

  11. stephen depoo says:

    great work just as u say. had to clear cashe and wor great,,,,,,,,,

  12. Andrew says:

    I used to use the Snap Kernel with CM6, and I finally decided to root my EVO again. So, here is the way that worked for me.

    1. Wipe: CACHE, DALVIK-CACHE, AND FACTORY WIPE. In my experience, if you don’t wipe all of those you will experience boot loops and crashes.
    2. Flash CM7.
    3. Flash Snap Kernel.
    4. Reboot.
    5. DO NOT LOG INTO YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT. SKIP EVERYTHING AND GET TO THE HOME SCREEN (This is done so that you don’t have all your backups running in the background and helps the next steps run smooth).
    6. Put your phone into Airplane Mode.
    7. Open up Snap Turbo and Enable the kernel (This process can take several minutes, so be patient. Also, you may get some force closes, but do not worry. Your phone should reboot on its own).
    8. Let the phone reboot.
    9. If there are no boot loops or multiple force closes, you have successfully activated your Snap Turbo on CM7.
    10. Reboot into Recovery.
    11. Flash Google Apps.
    12. Reboot.
    13. Log into your Google Account.
    14. You’re all done! Quadrant away!

    In my experience, setting your CPU to 1.19 causes the phone to go on a fritz. Your best bet is to set your MIN and MAX to 1.15. This makes your CPU run at a constant 1.15 and your board can handle the speed.
    If you experience problems, make sure you wipe cache, dalvik cache, and factory reset everytime before attempting to use the Snap kernel. For some reason, those need to be wiped in order for you to avoid problems. Hope this helped!

  13. Ya that is good but I’ve hit 2800 on synergy nightly and hit 2800 on a poison Rom but had a few bugs so back to synergy

  14. Orlando says:

    so after reading all this, tell me the bottom line, is this a Good ROM or not, before flashing to my fiance’s evo since i have the 3d running synergy

  15. Robert says:

    How come im only clocking 2000?

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  17. Orlando says:

    any good news on the rooting before I use this one? Anyone find the downsides and fixes yet?

  18. Dominick says:

    Since installing this ROM I get the 2 voicemail message notification when I have no voicemails. I remember having this a few months ago but an updated root stock ROM had fixed this. Is there any other way of fixing this issue.

  19. Ben says:

    hey, I followed everything according to the video and the ROM and snap kernal work perfectly. the only downside is when I receive incoming calls I unlock my phone and I have to use the dial pad to accept the call. does anyone know how to fix this so that I can just answer my phone. other than that great ROM.

  20. Salvador says:

    hey guys im running CM7 but the usb mounting is not working any ideas why?

    • Eric says:

      Read the description, it says the “USB Disk Drive” doesn’t work. Should of read the description before flashing the ROM.

      To get around it, whenever you need to put anything on your MicroSD card, just take the card out of your phone, put it into a MicroSD card adapter, put it into your laptop/computer, then install whatever filed you need onto the card. Then re-install the MicroSD into your phone.

  21. xXeOnArDoLzXx says:

    I’m on HTC EVO 4g 2.3.3. And I saw that to install this Rom I would need Gingerbread 2.3.5. How would I get 2.3.5 onto my evo? I got all the files needed to perform this install of this Fast room. Msg me back with helpful information.

  22. patrick says:

    So I am pushing 2,750 on nightly 207 with the snap turbo

  23. Andrew says:

    OMG!!!! I almost just messed up my phone!!! Thank God for the abiliity to back up your system!

  24. shift says:

    This is not supported by the SNAP team, and the kernel is not compatible with GB roms or higher. I would highly recommend against doing this since it is not at all stable, as the kernel doesn’t support everything that the stock CM kernel does.


    shift from the SNAP team.

  25. Eric says:

    What governor were you using when you got that almost 2600 score? Highest I’ve gotten so far is 2523 on Performance. I’ve ran Quadrant about 10 times so far, trying to see what’s the highest I can get.

    Btw, thanks for this. I previously had CM7 with Tiamat for my kernel and the highest I was getting with that was only 1300+.

  26. Robert says:

    Hey Im running cm7 rom without the snap turbo kernel and ever since I installed cm7 my GPS no longer works and cannot determine my location. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks for any help

  27. Ruston Scott says:

    On the cyanogen and the rainy day rom, the market is non existant. How do I make them appear

  28. Jonnathon says:

    On any ASOP rom…CM or DECK… I score over 1500… with just a few tweeks on the cm kernal and everything works, heres how i do it, install rom toolbox, oc to 1113MHz, set auto memory mannager to the mild preset, and set SD boost to 3072kb… and wala scores avarging arround 1520 and everything works

  29. Kyle says:

    Skype doesnt work with this rom????
    i cant get it 2 work help plz?

  30. NEWLONATOR says:

    Could I install snap turbo while running my ICS ROM (its AKOP)?

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  32. Rowena says:

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