Evotainment System – HTC Evo and Wiimote in One!

Here’s another fun idea to turn your HTC Evo 4G into a full entertainment system, fuse a car mount, wiimote, and wii steering wheel together for a complete Evo entertainment system or Evotainment?

via engadget

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2 Responses to Evotainment System – HTC Evo and Wiimote in One!

  1. Big Willy says:

    please help with instuctions on hacking around the bluetooth on the htc sence. i rooted my phone and am running mikfroyo 4.5. and still can not get the wiimote to work. i cant find any thing on hacking the wiimote, just find people showing there gadgets and showing them using the wiimote.

  2. Mikee says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s impossible on Sense based roms for some reason. they EVOs you’re seeing being played with Wiimotes are probably loaded with roms like CM7, etc (non-Sense based).

    Sorry! I want to do it too, but I like my Sprint Lovers rom too much…

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