Hacked Wiimote HTC Evo 4G Game Controller!

For those of you who have grown fond of playing emulators and other cool games on the HTC Evo 4G, you might be happy to learn that you can easily hack a Wiimote and a Wii Wheel to fit your HTC Evo 4G.

Short List of what my procedure was:
1. unscrew top screws
2. cut to fit Evo landscape
3. put plastic on for fitment before glue.
4. applied glue to plastic, then glued to the wheel.
Waited to dry.

So I am always looking for ways to be crafty, and after CM6 was released, I needed a way to play my NBA Jam, NBA Hangtime, Megaman, etc. with a wiimote.

I was at the dollar store with my gf (Dollar Tree), and saw this Wii Steering wheel for a buck. I said what the heck, i’ll buy it and make a project out of it.

via hackaday, Project Page

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10 Responses to Hacked Wiimote HTC Evo 4G Game Controller!

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  2. lars says:

    omg this is so sweet 😀

  3. joe says:

    can u make a video for this

  4. Twitsl says:

    How did you connect wii remote to evo whenever i find an app to connect a wii remote to evo it doesn’t work.

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  7. Samson G says:

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  8. Big Willy says:

    The steering wheel is nice, but i would not call it a hack. its more of a gamer gadget. what most of us need to know is how do you HACK the evo bluetooth so we can use the wiimote. after downloading the wiimote app from the store the bluetooth says it can not connect. my phone is rooted and is running mikfroyo 4.5 please help. this is why i rooted my phone. thanks for the rooting instuctions by the way.

  9. jobasjr says:

    How did you get the Wii mote to work with the evo?

    I am currently running the following ROM: http://forum.sdx-developers.com/development-84/ti-x-evolution-gingerbread-3-7-11/

    I also ran the MikFroyo 4.5 and it did not work as well.

    Any tips would be helpful / exact APP you are using.

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