How to Get 4G WiMax to Reconnect Quicker on HTC Evo 3D/4G!

You know when you are driving, the 4G connections can get a bit iffy on the HTC Evo 3D or 4G. Well, this is because Sprint sets default reconnect time for 4G WiMax at 5 minutes, meaning it won’t even “try” to connect to 4G again until 5 minutes is up.

But we can hack the phone’s WiMax settings to get it re-connected to 4G as soon as it can. This will however drain the battery more but if you absolutely want the fastest 4G (and you can always simply turn off 4G when not needed), you can do this hack.

First, you will need a rooted 4G or rooted 3D.

Like we did for the faster 3G/4G hack, you need to get the MSL code of your phone by installing the MSL Reader app off market.

Second, get into the phone’s settings by dialing ##3282#.

Choose “Edit Mode”.

Enter the MSL code you got earlier for password.

Choose “WiMax”.

Change “WiMax Entry Delay” from default 300 seconds (5 minutes) to 0.

Change “WiMax Scan Retries” to 15.

Credits to user swatspyder at XDA for the hack!

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27 Responses to How to Get 4G WiMax to Reconnect Quicker on HTC Evo 3D/4G!

  1. rick says:

    i did update to 2.3.4 on now wont allow me go to the setting when i enter data in the key pad

  2. Aj says:

    when i dial ##3282# it doesnt do anything on my evo 4G im running cyanogenmod 7 help please!!!!

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      sorry, doesn’t work on all ROMs, ROM must support Sprint settings, some do some don’t I will have an update tomorrow on which one works, just don’t panic if you can’t do it yet. 🙂

    • alex33 says:

      Perhaps you have to use stock dialer, not any other one to get ##3282# key to work as it meant to.

  3. Ron says:

    I have the same problem. Is there a new code for 2.3?

  4. Brandon510 says:

    Hi Max. I used ##3282# but it didn’t work. You know what’s the problem.

    • wcn says:

      Thanks for your reviews of Roms. I used ##3282# but it didn’t work. You know what’s the problem?
      I have MikG2.2.

  5. John says:

    it doesn’t look like it works on the work on the synergy rom either very unstable.

  6. Ron says:

    I have the Sprint Stock 2.33 rooted rom, which is supposed to be the recent Sprint upgrade only rooted and it still does not work., so it may be related to 2.3 itself.

  7. Andrew says:

    Do the settings revert back to the original state after reboot? Just curious because you loose root access after reboot

    • Ron says:

      If you are asking about my Rom its not the official update from Sprint. If you apply that you WILL lose root. This is a modified Rom built on that update. Once you apply the Sprint update there is no root available yet as far as I know.

  8. Aj says:

    thank you max for answering my question!(:

  9. 2highi95 says:

    Same with me won’t go into settings when i dial. (MikG 2.2)

  10. Ron says:

    Its not the 2.3 Gingerbread in my Evo Shift. I just bought a new Shift for my daughter and it has the same build as mine, and hers DOES go into the ##3282# menu. The only difference is mine is rooted and hers is not. So All I can figure is it has to do something to the modification of the rooted ROM.

  11. Ron says:

    There WAS another difference between the two phones, the radio version. I updated mine to Radio: and WIMAX 27240 which is what the new phone had,and now the ##3282# menu comes up.

  12. Epi says:

    I did everything as shown in the video, but don’t the settings revert back to the original state after reboot? Because my wifi tethering don’t work anymore. Please help.

  13. Marcus says:

    For those that can’t get it to work, it might be because you’re not using a Sense Rom. I’m not 100% positive on this but I’m pretty sure of it.

  14. Peter says:

    Work with SteelRom

  15. Russ says:

    Ok so I have tried to figure this out for allmost 2 weeks now. I rooted my 3D with HTC (1.5) installed NOsense rom and then Virals rom. Shortly after that my usb port stoped working. It will still charge but no connect to pc. I don’t know if I. Am doing somthing wrong or not. But is there a way to flash an other ROM on to my 3D? I can’t seam to do it with out my PC.

  16. oscar says:

    thanks a lot

    its very usefull expecially where 3g is very slow (everywhere)

  17. benedict says:

    force closes on infected eternity rom … please help …

  18. mike2874 says:

    followed every step just say commiting change for 10 min is this normal…

  19. Brian says:

    Any work arounds for CM7.2 ever found?

    If I flash to a Sense ROM, do the hack, then flash back to a nandroid of CM7, will the hack stay in effect?

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