How to get FREE Wifi Tether Mobile Hotspot on your HTC Evo 4G!

For those of you who want to get FREE 3G/4G wifi tethering on your HTC Evo 4G, there’s an app called Android Wifi Tether you can install.

The only requirement is that you must root your HTC Evo 4G first. ย (You can read my full step-by-step instructions on how to root your HTC Evo 4G.)

Once you’ve rooted your phone, simply browse your HTC Evo 4G’s browser to Android Wifi Tether download page. ย (Or just do a search on Google for “Android Wifi Tether”)

Make sure to download the latest version wireless_tether_2_0_2-pre14.apk or better otherwise the free wifi 3G/4G tether won’t work!

Download the file like I am doing here:

Then open it with Package Installer like this:

Install the Wifi Tether app.

Open the app and start tethering for free on Sprint’s 3G or 4G network.

You can press “menu” to change your SSID, 128-bit WEP key, and also to restrict connections via MAC address.

Also, when a device connects, your HTC Evo 4G should “buzz” indicating a device connected.

I think at this point, Sprint needs to offer the HTC Evo 4G Mobile Hotspot for free instead of charging extra $30/month as users will eventually get around hacking it.

Well, this is good news anyways, enjoy now and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more cool HTC Evo 4G Hacks and tutorials! ๐Ÿ™‚

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115 Responses to How to get FREE Wifi Tether Mobile Hotspot on your HTC Evo 4G!

  1. KC says:

    Here’s a stupid question. How do I know if my HTC Evo is rooted? The reason I ask is a couple months ago, I rooted it and got the wifi tethering to work. A couple weeks ago, I was having some problems with my phone so I did a factory reset. Now I can’t get the wifi tethering to work. I also cannot do the Flash ClockworkMod Recory in Rom Manager. Thanks.

  2. Kerby says:

    I definitely like the web template that using, is it custom designed?

  3. train says:

    I tried it last night it dint seem to work (all loaded up fine )and opened up ,at the bottom of the screen it said (download 0.4kB, upload 0.1kB ) witch if that is what I think it is THAT AINT MUCH, or is it not working . I did the unrevoked 3 to root it seem to take ,I did what what your video said (pretty basic). it all so put in a new app (superuser perission) youdint say anything about so im not sure if it was supposed to do that or not . just one more thing (LOL) It was asking me if I wanted to donate or not , will it work if iI do not donate ? Any help or answers would be great

  4. RickH says:

    Same problem as train reports. I rooted using unrevoked3, followed all the instructions and installed wireless tether, latest version. It starts up, reports that tethering is on, but the computer will not connect. Im going to try an older version until i see a reply here. Thanks in advance

    • HRJ says:

      I’m having the same problem with the freeze at .4 and .1kb. Is there a solution? also used the unrevoked to root, is thatthe common probem. It worked great with 2.1 but ava froyo 2.2 is not working.

    • erinrstx1 says:

      I’m with train and Rick. Everything APPEARS to be functioning properly. Laptop finds the signal but can’t connect. PLEASE help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. aspen says:

    I have a new EVO and have been reading the many posts for rooting and tethering for hotspot use. I’m confused at which directions are best for my software. Android 2.2, baseband, kernal,
    build # 3.29.651.5cl252548, Software3.29.651.5 Browser 3.1 Pri 1.77_003.
    Can this br rooted, –>tethered?

  6. dre says:

    when doing this…will i be able to use the 4g connection on my evo..meaning search the web with the 4g connection

  7. dre says:

    will i be able to search on my evo phone with the 4g connection for free when i root my phone and download this app?

  8. Your write-up has additional fantastic value for a blog. I say this due to the fact to me personally I uncover it important. Perhaps to some 1 else itโ€™s not but to me you did excellent. With thanks for your info.

  9. Flex says:

    How do you undo the root and get phone back up to regular version 2.2?

  10. jaivs26 says:

    Hello everyone I just have a question I don’t have my phone root it and I want to do this but I don’t know if all this affect on my phone because has been flashed to metropcs….

  11. rkeinc says:

    When you figure it out let me know!

    I am frustrated; frustrated; frustrated – I have tried the approach; the UNREVOKED3 method and spent hours trying to root my week old HTC EVO 4G without success… does anyone out there have any idea why?

    Phone Specs:

    Android: 2.2
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version:
    Build Number: 3.30.651.3 CL272076 release-keys
    Software Number: 3.30.651.3
    Browser Version: WebKit 3.1
    PRI Version 1.77_003

    Rod (rkeinc);

  12. rkeinc says:

    Here is the location of the process that worked for me –

    Good luck…

  13. KisssMyAce says:

    I used UNREVOKED method to root about 6 months ago and downloaded the tether app from Android market. Worked like a charm and never had one problem. The only difference is I never updated to Froyo. I’m still on 2.1

  14. bcrescue says:

    Does it make any difference that i have satellite – i’m a little confused by this…i mean do you have to have other service canceled or just put in the wifi with existing service? i have Wild Blue (and i hate it! But i’m in the sticks and have few choices).
    Please help me with this asap – Anyone? Anyone?
    The service only gives me limited usage so right now all i have is my evo : (
    Thank you.

  15. alex says:

    Does this uses data from your plan, or does it bypass that? I think that I already know the answer, but I have to ask.

  16. Justin says:

    How can I get my evo to run off off my wifi teather its rooted and I can’t get on web and be on phone at the same time

  17. Orlando says:

    open your tether and find a wifi signal, connect to that wifi spot if not secured. you will be able to you use your phone and the web at the same time. What ROM are you running or are you just using stock rooted EVO

  18. david says:

    today i was follow the vedio you made to root my EVOand download WiFi Tether, it really work! thanks you! however, this after i try to open Wifi Tether is show this “sorry! the application WiFi Tether has stopped unexpectedly please try again” it force to close this app! how should i do please help me.

  19. Hellbeacon says:

    Will this work with the new Evo shift? I’m guessing yes but id like to know be for i upgrade

  20. Hellbeacon says:

    wow, oops meant before and i have sprints 3g/4g internet usb thing i forget what the called it but would that be the $30 a month they’d ask to pay or is it a separate cost

  21. soegar says:

    I followed the steps to root my phone but when i try to install the wireless tether_2_0_2. apk it says application is not installed. I dont know if my error was because i did not root it correctly or something else

  22. Melody says:

    no to be a goody goody. But doesn’t rooting your phone cancel your warranty?

  23. rr says:

    My Evo4G has recently been rooted perfectly by a pro. And tethering to old desktop works great. I have a question because my “pro rooter” didn’t have the answer yet. That is when, if at all can I accept/download system upgrade from the actual service provider e.g. verizon?

  24. Joel says:

    My wife just got a Sprint HTC EVO and I rooted her phone and downloaded this (as well as others) tethering programs. All went well and the Tether programs all works; however, they all crawl so so bad. I mean dial-up blows this speed away. It is showing like 2-10 kbps. The fastest I could test it using Toast it showed 195 kbps. That wasn’t so bad. But the funny thing is that I tethered my Straight Talk Nokia and I’m moving really good. Pretty much like DSL speeds…500-900 kbps. The reception for this Sprint phone is showing 1-3 bars in 3G. Could that be the problem? I’ve already tried changing channels and no difference. Any thoughts on why? If not, she will be taking this back and going to something else like MetroPCS or Straight Talk. Unfortunately those are the only other options since everyone else is capping. Thanks.

  25. Jamie says:

    is a root still available since the new update from sprint,they recognize a teather hooked up via usb

  26. Vanessaxk says:

    Hello, Im a bit confuse on how to get the free wifi/hotspot on my phone HTC EVO 4g can you please help me .. I try root my phone but once I push the up button on the (hroot/hboot) it doesn’t do anything, what will work? And what do I have to do or follow THANKS IN ADVANCE

    Phone Specs:
    Android: 2.3.3 Baseband version: Kernel version: Build Number: 4.24.651.1 CL61076 release-keys Software Number: 4.24.651.1 Browser Version: WebKit/533.1 PRI Version 2.15_003 Pv 60681

  27. PatrickF says:

    I downloaded the latest 3.1 beta version and installed on my Sprint Evo 4G with Gingerbread 2.3.3. Wifi Tether runs fine and even displays the clients connected to it. In this case, my laptop and ipad2.

    The problem is, when I browse the internet on the laptop or the ipad, i get an error message that says no Internet connection.

    Does anyone know if Gingerbread 2.3.3. can be wifi tethered on Sprint androids?

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