How to Install Android 2.2 Froyo on Your HTC Evo 4G!

Before we begin, you will need root your HTC Evo 4G and also unlock the Nand protection.

Once you have those steps out of the way, let’s install Android 2.2 Froyo on our HTC Evo 4G!

This Froyo is *experimental* only, everything works except the camera.  So make sure to backup your current ROM using Nandroid!!!

How to Install Android 2.2 Froyo on Your HTC Evo 4G!

Download these two zip files and   (Check this page over at XDA Developers forum for the latest version!!!)

Unzip into eri.xml.

First, let’s connect your HTC Evo 4G to your computer as a “Disk Drive”.

Then copy over these two files eri.xml and to the root folder of your HTC Evo 4G’s SD card.

Now, put your HTC Evo 4G back into “Disk Drive”.

Open up a command prompt and go to your SDK Tools directory (such as C:\sdk\tools) and type “adb shell” to enter the shell of your Evo 4G.

Type “cp /sdcard/eri.xml /data/.

Now, let power off your Evo 4G and get into the recovery menu to flash the new Froyo ROM zip file.

After powering off, press the Power Button while holding down the Volume Down button.  (Then select “Recovery” and Power button.)

Optional Step – It is *HIGHLY* advisable to save your current ROM so you can switch back and forth between the Froyo and your current ROM.  To do this, just go to “Backup/Restore” then select “Nand Backup” to backup your current ROM!

Next, we will “wipe”, then “Wipe data/factory reset” then hit Power button twice.

Next, will will select “Wipe Dalvik-cache” then hit Power button twice.

Okay, next we can hit “Return” and Power button to go back to main menu then select “Flash zip from sdcard”.

Then select “” and Power button twice.

Your HTC Evo 4G should now be installing the new Froyo ROM, it will take about 3 minutes.

When it’s done, simply hit the Power button and reboot into Froyo!

If you see the Nexus One splash animation logo, you are booting into Froyo!

You should see a new welcome screen, congrats! You just installed Froyo ROM on your HTC Evo 4G!

And yes, huge thanks to everyone at XDA Developers who made it all happen.

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19 Responses to How to Install Android 2.2 Froyo on Your HTC Evo 4G!

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  2. eyecon82 says:

    You have a mistake

    where it says “Now, put your HTC Evo 4G back into “Disk Drive”.” it should be Charge only mode…

    You only have to put it into disk drive while you are copying over the .zip file..then put it back to charge only before you enter ADB SHELL

  3. Juan Leal says:

    The 2nd link for the doesnt work… can you email us the file or upload it else where.. Also nothing on XDA. Thanks

  4. daniel says:

    The file isn’t there is there anywhere else we can get it

    • AuthenticM says:

      The file is now included with the updated file. The updated version is You can find the ERI.xml file in the data directory of that folder. 🙂

  5. EVO n00b says:

    after copying eri.xml to root file of sdcard and trying to….

    cp/sdcard/eri.xml /data/.

    i get

    cp: cannot stat ‘/sdcard/eri.xml’ : No suck file or directory

    what am in doing wrong

  6. EvilMe says:

    Why the eff do you want to bother with this? Rooted….awesome…Phone with non functional 8 mp cam and a worthless front facing cam? Pass. plus when you pay the 30 a month for the hotspot it gives you unlimited data whereas without it you will get charged out the ass for everything over 5 gig.

  7. Juan Leal says:

    Do your research before you start talking shit, there is NO CAP and people that add this ROM is because they want to experient and try it out and cus they are not stupied and boring like you, seriously why are you even in this forum. Get out son

  8. elvin says:

    what do u mean when camera wont work if i install android 2.2

  9. Ken says:

    Hi, I JUST got my EVO today. Apparently the new software version 1.32.651.6 does not allow rooting. I am stuck on step 4, as I get NO IMAGE! WRONG IMAGE! every time. Anyone know how to get around this? This is a real bummer to get the phone and not be able to root it!

  10. ola says:

    version 9 is announced to be available tonite, or in a few days. See link to XDA developers forum above, and check out the latest post.

  11. LeoFender says:

    I’ve rooted my phone. I use the free wifi tethering which is awesome. If I move to 2.2 and get flash 10 for the android, will I be able to use Has anybody tried this?

  12. Andy says:

    ok this may seem like a dumb question but im a bit confused i pay for the everything data plan and its on top of that if i use the phones sprint hotspot blah blah… that will come with a $30 extra charge??? just wondring cause im using the wifi tether eventhough im paying for unlimited data plan

  13. dekocode says:


  14. oscar says:

    why will you want a phone whit no camera are you guys crazy?

  15. Warren says:

    i have installed Froyo 2.2 but it is not rooted. How do I root 2.2?

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