How to Install Cyanogen ROM on HTC Evo 4G!

Cyanogen WiMax Alpha ROM Android 2.2 is here, I highly recommend it for those of you who are on older ROMs because this one is super quick and has a lot of customization options.

Here’s a quick video tutorial of how to install the Cyanogen ROM on your rooted HTC Evo 4G:
(You can also use ROM Manager I believe, it might be easier!)

To install, you will need a rooted HTC Evo 4G and download these files here:

Cyanogen Wimax Alpha ROM:

WiMax Kernel:

Google Apps:

via xda-developers

Also overview of this Cyanogen ROM:

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18 Responses to How to Install Cyanogen ROM on HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Tevone says:

    Hi I Wanted To Know If I Will Lose ANYTHING If I root My Phone. I Just Got It Like In Dec. Of Last Year. But I Don’t Wanna Lose My Camera Or My 4G Or Even Brick My Phone But These New Roms look So Much Cool.. What Should I Do
    If I Root It Will My Battery Be Better Or Worse

  2. John Richard says:

    i think my 4g is working it says connected but in the settings it has no info mabey this is a bug i have no clue where to report it but tethered to my pc via wirless tether i am getting 6 megs down and nearly 1 meg up

  3. Orlando says:

    Which of the two Rome is better. I have avi-froyo z1 and when I installed it my phone stop reading my SD card. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      I tried Avi ROM but didnt like it, sorta buggy, try mikfroyo.

      • Orlando says:

        Ok trying the mikfroyo this weekend… what do you recommend the best ROM to have on the evo? I’m sorta still new in trying all the ROMs. I’m a dude that like gadgets as well as speed. The one thing I cant stand is lagging apps and lagging op systems. I guess I’m looking for the best. But I have been following Max for sometime now and trying to keep in touch. By the way Max Thanks for the email. Will Keep up with you as much as possible on twitter (MwaV300). Thanks

      • Orlando says:

        where do I goto download mikfroyo

  4. kahuwong808 says:

    Got 4g up and running by turnoing on nation wide data roaming with other providers. Sprint owns Clearwire and the wimax probably needed the ok to go looking for other networks than sprint. Check your wimax settings.

  5. Duncan says:

    Hi, just rooted and installed cyanogen about two days ago and noticed that my battery life is draining super fast. been trying to find is there is an app that is draining it but all looks well on the “cell usage” part on setting also tried killing running processes but i have hardly any apps installed to kill.
    Anyone with any ideas

    • Derrick says:

      Try using JuiceDefender. So far it’s working wonders with my EVO. Within 5 hours, battery has been improved almost 2x.

  6. Richard says:

    How do i copy those 3 files in to the memory card? Do i need to copy em to a particular folder? Please advise.

  7. Eliodoro says:

    hey I really messed up on my phone…i need help!! well i installed cyanogen rom and the wimax perfectly without any mistakes, but i couldnt download the google apps because it wouldnt let me on the website….I found the app in another website and I installed the file through recovery like I was supposed to and when i rebooted. the phone just keep rebooting over and over again! it shows the homescreen a little and then goes back to the blue android image and does that repeatedly. i dont know what to do? please help and if there is no hope for my phone then I guess im going to have to buy a new one

  8. Eliodoro says:

    oh and to follow up on what I just said. I was dumb and didnt back up my phone…fml

  9. Ebony says:

    I jus tried to install the Cynogen rom wimax…and its not getting past the htc EVO 4G screen, did I do something wrong? I installed the gingerbread EVO KIngs about 2weeks ago and took it off, even took it of my sd card. do u think that may have something to do with it? Please help!!!!

  10. Emilio says:

    where do u save the files to on the sdcard or do u make a new folder

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