How to Install Gingerbread Evo Deck ROM! [Android 2.3.4]

UPDATE: See my updated review of the latest Evo Deck ROM!
It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my ROM on my HTC Evo 4G, mostly because I let my friend borrow it but I finally got it back plus there are many great Gingerbread ROMs for Evo now.

For one, the CyanogenMod 7 ROM is highly recommended except it doesn’t support 4G.

BUT, there’s a Gingerbread Evo Deck ROM which is based on CyanogenMod 7 with 4G enabled plus HDMI mirroring.

I just installed this ROM and it is pretty amazing, my 4G works and also I can use the Google Talk Video. (The ROM is based on Android 2.3.4 latest Gingerbread.)

How to Install Gingerbread Evo Deck ROM!

First, download the ROM file here:

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Evo Deck ROM Download

(Or you can also check here for the latest version at XDA Developers.)

Second, download Google Apps here:

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Download Google Apps

Third, copy over the two files to your Evo’s SD Card.

Fourth, reboot into Bootloader by hitting the Power Button while holding down the Volume Down button.

Go into Recovery, backup your current ROM (optional), then wipe data/reset to factory.

And flash zip from sd card and zip both and

One more note, the gapps file might not install, if that happens, just “Toggle signature verification” and try again.


Reboot and rejoice, you finally have Gingerbread Evo, rooted!

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Your 4G should work out of the box but in case it doesn’t, you can check out this post on XDA to update your 4G radio to the latest.  (I didn’t btw, my 4G works fine.  Getting 6.4Mbps down/941Kbps upload here in San Francisco!!!!)

Here’s Google Talk Video working now on my phone:

Here’s a video I took while installing the ROM on my HTC Evo 4G:

Huge thanks to XDA member KushDeck! – See the original ROM Page here.

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45 Responses to How to Install Gingerbread Evo Deck ROM! [Android 2.3.4]

  1. dkdude36 says:

    hey man. just letting you know, cm7 supports 4g, hdmi, and is android 2.3.4. deck’s is just built off cm7. so yeah, cm7 is still recommended. lol i’m wondering how long you’ve been without ur evo if u haven’t even been on cm7 rls2.

  2. Ted Curran says:

    DUDE!! Thanks for this update! It installed perfectly and now I’m LOVING the snappy and clean Gingerbread goodness.
    Keep up the great work-

  3. Ellyn Gray says:

    It’s not working. I rebooted only to get a screen with an evo and a triangle with an exclamation point in it.

  4. davidewart says:

    looking forward to having an installation for the htc incredible s. how long do you think we have to wait

  5. Andrew says:

    I tried to do the upgrade and it didn’t work I got a screen with an evo and a triangle with an exclamation point in it like
    Ellyn… Please help! I am dying for the upgrade!

  6. Dennis C. says:

    Am I able to install this rom from my Mac or do I need a PC?

  7. orlando says:

    Oh best believe I’m already on it. Good looking out on the ROM. Any thing you found that you especially like on this one??

  8. John says:

    Thanks for instructions.

    I was able to install and all features seem to be working, except for one. My voicemail app is gone and I’m not sure where to obtain. Any help is appreciated!


  9. Kris says:

    its missing camera app and calendar app any ideas ?

  10. lino says:

    i just installed it but 4g doesnt work on mine so i need help to fix that let me know thanks

  11. Sir Leonard says:

    I’ve got the same problem as a few others. Theres a picture of the phone,and a red triangle,with an exclamation point. Now what? Help!

  12. Dan says:

    VOICE MAIL DOESN:T WORK>> please help us with a solution.. everything else is really cool.. is there a place also where you can find htc widgets that were on the phone aswell as some of the other things that were on the phone before..

  13. Orlando says:

    Yes google voicemail apk and download it and install the apk on system/app using root manager or super task manger, etc and then click on the apk and install

  14. Orlando says:

    well let me know where to download it if its recommended

  15. Joe says:

    I just installed Gingerbread Evo Deck ROM and I can not get my visual voicemail. Can anyone help or knows how to get it back?/

  16. Al says:


    Your rom is clean and effective which is what i was going for. Two issues. After installing the referenced gapps, I dont have VVM nor any GPS of any kind. Yours is the first root ive attemptede after having my phone since last august. Can anyone help me out with suggestions/solutions?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. bill says:

    if you made a backup of your original rom then u can go back to it and use titanium backup to backup the visual voicemail and any other sprint apps you may like. Download titanium backup to the new rom and install the backups of the apps you wish to have on the new rom.

  18. Ivore Hayz says:

    help i cant get the gApps to flash over and in my recovery screen there is not an option to toggle.

    E: Verification failed

  19. BJ says:

    I just followed your instructions and it says the (Installation aborted) gingerbread file is bad. I then tried to toggle the security and it says the same thing. I havent tried to download the gapps zip first because your video doesnt mention that. Please help!

  20. Kevin says:

    Just got Evo Deck Rom installed successfully. Very responsive and a lot of neat tricks in the bag. 4G is working flawlessly. 2 things did not work.
    1. Wireless Tethering ( Tried so many Wifi Tether version apk 10, 12, 13, 14. Was able to see the SSID but, not giving out IP address from DHCP)
    2. NO GPS signal ( Took forever to find the location)

    Other than that, it’s a beautiful ROM with tons of features in it. Hate to go back to Sprint Lover ROM but, so far it’s the only ROM that everything works really well for me.

    Thanks for the instructions and uploads. Greatly appreciated.

  21. luv2catchfish says:

    Well I downloaded with firefox then put on desktop tried to unzip wouldnt work then figured out ,that you have to put your phone in drive mode then click and drag to phone then it worked but got a android screen ohoh,wouldn’t go away so reset phone again and wiped the cache again then reboored then walah it workedwhat a rom very happy can tweak phone and many many other things tested with another phone the same and this is faster its like having a better new phone

  22. Benny says:

    I love Gingerbread Rom. My GPS does not work. I tried to backup GPS and Visual VM to my Titanium on old Rom but I dont have Pro so it only lets me backup one App. 4G works fine. In regards to the VM I just hold 1 down on phone pad to connect me to VM then put in my password. Main thing I need help with is GPS and BAD! Helpppp! Sprint Evo!

  23. Maxx says:

    Does this have Android Open Accessory support for connecting USB devices?

  24. bill says:

    if you flash your stock rom back, go to the market and there is a msl finder app. Use the app to get your msl code. dial ##GPSCLRX# on your phone dialer and enter the msl code when prompted. it should reboot and fix the gps issue. go back to the gingerbread rom and try gps. you should be fixed. takes a minute but fixes the problem. also i used titanium free and i could back up more than one app, i did about 4 without a problem. Try again.

  25. Benny says:

    Thanks for the info Bill. Will try.

  26. Angela says:

    Kevin did u try the unlocked hotspot download hotspot widgit click it and boom your on tether. Also do a gpsclrx then reflash rom problem solved

  27. siege 44 says:

    It downloaded fine, but I get android market?

  28. siege 44 says:

    i mean how do i get android market?

  29. allexx00 says:

    there is a google add on depending on your mod. downloaded to sd. bootup screen loaded and reboot works. android market was in there. mine for evo was a ad version of market. ( i hope I can find one without later) Im trying to do gps fix next.

  30. Big Willy says:

    There seems to be to many bugs for this Rom. If this is your first custom Rom, delete it and go get the mikfroyo 4.5. Everything works out of the box. Why bother with a red triangle or no 4g.

  31. themoviejoc says:

    I love the ROM it runs clean and smooth,. Its GREAT! i flashed the ROM and the Gapps at the same time first and my Phone app was disabled. Did it again (one at a time) and everything was in order. I have only one problem (hope someone will address it) my WiFi Tether app will not work. I even tried re-downloading it from the market a few times and it tells me its ‘tethering with errors’. Can I get some suggestions on how to fix the problem. Thanks.

  32. themoviejoc says:

    Found Kevin’s Post and Angela’s Reply. I could do better with more specifics….I’m a noob.
    What it “gpsclrx”

  33. Maurice says:

    How do I download new themes?

  34. John says:

    The Themes don’t seem to be working on my EVO with the new Gingerbread Deck. I don’t see the wall papers when i apply using the theme chooser

  35. kevin says:

    Here is a good news for everyone….

    2 issues(Wi Fi Tether and GPS) that I had before with EVO Deck ROM have been resolved today. Very big thanks for uploading EVO Zone ROM from Max(htcevohacks). It worked like a charm from the moment I flushed my old ROM (Sprint Lover ROM). The interface looks pretty much the same as my old ROM with a lot more tweaking feature on it. After all it’s Gingerbread right???

    I just installed WiFi Tether Version 2.0.7 and IT’S TETHERING WIRELESSLY NOW!!!!!

    GPS signal capture is way faster than my old ROM. Loving it. Thanks again for the wonderful upload Max as always. Greatly appreciated!

  36. Ben says:

    Thanks for the tutorial and review. I absolutely love the look and feel of the rom! However I’ve run into some bugs so I might switch to the Fresh rom. Sometimes if I’m on the phone and I need to push end call or push a number on the dial pad the screen won’t turn on. I have to push the power button to turn on the screen. And sometimes that doesn’t even work. Also one time I turned off my phone and when I turned it back on my contacts were gone. Good thing I backed it up. So the rom needs work but thanks for the demo.

  37. Jeff Walter says:

    I installed this watching your video and everything worked perfect..with the exception of one application that won’t run correctly, Netflix won’t play a movie it just goes back to the menu.. any ideas? Also do you have the commands to get into the data settings? ##3282# doesn’t work… Thanks

  38. Doug says:

    Having Problems with gingerbread Zone sync to computer need to know how to fix it said time out when syncing to desktop

  39. Travis says:

    This ROM has to be one of the most intriguing ones out there,been running it for 4 weeks now without any major issues. Only thing(s) i have to complain about is even since I got this ROM,i’ve noticed a very weak WiFi signal my phone picks up from every wifi hotspot i tend to pick up (3g & 4g is perfect). Also,somehow I can’t link/add phone #’s to my facebook contacts,so I have to add a second contact into my list just for one person lol. but other than that,its awesome 🙂

  40. USVI says:

    The HDMI is not working on this rom…. any ideas on what I can do to get that going?

  41. Chilli Can says:

    THANK YOU! Another problem, many mms messages will not download & all vm comes to me in a text & I dont get an option to delete vm when calling the vm number. I have not signed up for the VM-text-I hate it. Also I dl the vm version of the rom. Thanks for your help

  42. Broxton says:

    I did it ! Thank you Max, you have a wonderful way to explaining step by step……If I could do it anyone can.

  43. Jeff says:

    This is a smooth running ROM. Nice work. I like how fast and smooth the load screens are. Thank you.

  44. Steven says:

    I did everything listed. I want to know how long I have to sit at the cool shimmering android screen. It has been moving for around 9 minutes. Should I remove the battery or just keep waiting.

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