How to Install Multi-Touch Droid X Keyboard on HTC Evo 4G!

I’ve been playing with my Droid X keyboard on my Droid X review unit for couple weeks now and I have to tell you it’s the best Android keyboard I have ever used.

I’ve also been able to install the keyboard by extracting it from my Droid X, and works flawlessly on my HTC Evo 4G.

For those of you who want to install multi-touch Droid X keyboard on your HTC Evo 4G, just download this droidxkeyboard.apk.

Then to install the keyboard, just open the file after you download it, then hit “install”.

After that, go to Settings->Language and Keyboard then select “Multi-touch” keyboard.

To activate the keyboard (the most important part), open up a browser or your GMail and do a “long press” on the text input. That will bring up the menu “Input method”. Select that, then choose “Multi-touch keyboard”.

You can do cool things like holding down the shift button and hitting a button to capitalize or simply, the Droid X keyboard is pretty darn faster than any other smartphone keyboard I’ve tried so far.


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24 Responses to How to Install Multi-Touch Droid X Keyboard on HTC Evo 4G!

  1. pete says:

    You should try Swype. I installed this, and it is fine. Perhaps better than the built in. But Swype is a whole different animal. Much faster. I like it quite a lot. I only wish that i could trigger the microphone for voice commands – that isn’t present on Swype.

  2. Eillo says:

    I liked this but HTC_IME_Mod is better in my opinion. I also feel that I type faster on that than I do on stock or this, but as Pete said, swype is better

  3. Ken says:

    ok, I downloaded it, how do you know when you are using it? I can’t get it to work

  4. Hollow says:

    Thanks! Works great. would love to intergrate and marrie the two phones (EVO/X). please let me know of any more such things, As im become more and more addicted to modifying my EVO

  5. Thanatos says:

    i cant seem to find how to uninstall this. i dont like it that much

  6. James says:

    Just like pete said, SWYPE has hands down the best experience i’ve had with a keyboard. It’s smart, quick, functional and just knows what I want to type.

  7. Juan Leal says:

    Swype is faster but the X is good when you want to use for certain words or if some other fool is using your phone anyway still not convinced that this is better than the stock htc sense one..

  8. rell says:

    how do you download swype


    orale is more separate letters good app tankyou i have big fingers

  10. timothy says:

    you should let it be know u have to download with evo not computer

  11. I officially cannot wait around for this phone, only 2 days remaining and I simply wish I can get my hands on one,. I have been reading a lot about the Google android two.2 update which can come in August, simply another reason to be excited about this fantastic phone. Motorola and Verizon claim they will certainly update the phone to Android 2.2 “late summer.” It will be an over-the-air update. But out-of-the box on its July 15 launch it will have Android 2.1.

  12. Billy Tolliver says:

    ok im having a tethering issue, when i open the wifi tether, superuser pops open and freezes?! help!

  13. Andre says:

    great! thanks for the hook up! i miss the minimize button though

  14. Brandon says:

    I can’t get this to work on my phone. I installed it and selected the option just like you said, but it doesn’t work. Does the phone have to be rooted first?

  15. John says:

    Be aware, you can not install the droid x keyboard once you update your Evo 4g to Android 2.2. The keyboard keeps Force Closing on my Evo when I installed it. I guess the keyboard is only compatible with Anfroid 2.1 since the droid x does not have Android 2.2 yet.

  16. Andre says:

    ARRRG i just update my EVO to the HTC update 2.2 and the keyboard keeps FC’ing nooooooo!
    i love the keyboard!

  17. michael says:

    I just found out about this site today and i already updated to froyo and another htc update im only 14 so i need a little helo with some stuff but this is pretty straight foward but everytime i try ti open it it force closes i guess it cant run on 2.2? Can u help fix this thx. And this site is awesome!

  18. michael says:

    Ok I’m wrong 2 months later and NOTHING!!!!! This site sucks end of story you haven’t updated anything!

  19. michael says:

    Hey can any one answer this plz

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