How to Make 3G/4G Internet 20-30% Faster on HTC Evo 4G/3D!

For those of you who want to go a bit faster, download/upload stuff 20-30% faster, you can easily do it by messing with the proxy settings on your HTC Evo 4G or 3D.

To do this, you will need a rooted Evo 4G or perma-temp rooted 3D.

First, install MSL Reader app from the Market (yes, it’s free) and find the MSL of your HTC Evo 4G or 3D.

Then call ##3282#.

Choose “Edit Mode”.

Enter the MSL code you got earlier for password.

Then goto Advanced->RTSP/HTTP Setting.

Then set RTSP proxy IP to

and set RTSP proxy port to 0.

and set HTTP proxy IP to

and set HTTP proxy IP to

Choose back button, menu button, and hit “Commit Modifications”.

This should get your Evo 4G or 3D rebooted.

Now compare the speeds before and after, your 3G and 4G download/upload speeds should be much higher due to the fact that we bypassed Sprint proxy, which just slows things down.

For me, I went from 500kbps download/480kbps upload to near 800kbps download/800kbps upload for 3G.

On 4G, I went from 5Mbps download/850kbps upload to near 8Mbps download/1.2Mbps upload.

Try it and let me know what improvements you get, might want to test on good signal so you can tell if its from this or from bad signal.

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94 Responses to How to Make 3G/4G Internet 20-30% Faster on HTC Evo 4G/3D!

  1. robbie vargas says:

    I did all this and it is a bit faster but now my YouTube won’t work.. wtf?

  2. Eric Chester says:

    ##3283# isn’t working. It actually dials and says the number or code isn’t correct.?.?

  3. T.Hearn says:

    Works like a charm on evo 4g … Thanks

  4. Daniel says:

    I followed all the steps above. When I tried to edit the HTTP port I couldn’t type the “.” In between the zeros. Assuming there was a typo in the guide I entered just 0, same as the RTSP proxy port. When I hit Commit Modifications screen prompt “No Item Change” and no reboot. Now my internet connection is slower than before. Is there a way to restore default settings.

    -Daniel (Evo3D rooted/HTC unlock method)

  5. Rene says:

    would work on my Evo 4G that is on boost mobile ?

  6. LuckyV says:

    My settings alrdy set to 0 n when I hit menu to commit it says nothing change…..

  7. Carlito says:

    RTSP/HTTP Setting is either blocked or disabled. When I press that option, nothing happens.

  8. Sho Nuff says:


    If it’s not working for you, you don’t have a sense based rom.
    -Also as stated above, some sense based roms have already been modified to save you the trouble!

    Hope this info helps anyone with issues!

  9. connor says:

    If i have a senseless rom is the sprint proxy already diabled

  10. Eddie Rain says:

    Ok only ROMS with with a sense UI will allow you to access the DATA menu. so if I flash a sense ROM, make the changes and flash back to my CM7 ROM will the changes stick? I want to assume yes, because it seems we are making changes to the radio Baseband…correct or incorrect?

  11. Jay says:

    I hit commit modifications, but it came back saying that nothing was changed…..???

  12. Buhlay says:

    Thanks for the awesome tip evohacks! Went from 16mbps to as high as 65mbps!! Everyone please follow directions and remember the difference between “aosp” Roms and “stock sense” ones. Developers know what their doing and the ones reading are the ones learning so don’t be so quick to blame others before you can do it to yourself when your not following directions and arent even sure what your doing and flash safe after you backup 🙂

  13. boss says:

    got slower speeds

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