How to Stream HULU on your HTC Evo 4G!

About 9 months back, you were able to stream HULU on your HTC Evo 4G simply by changing your browser’s UA String to “Desktop”. Well, that hack has been blocked off by Adobe Flash Player but guess what, we now have a hacked Flash Player that can let you stream HULU again on your HTC Evo 4G!

To do this, you need to have Flash Player 10.3 installed on your HTC Evo 4G, un-install it, then install the modified Flash Player 10.3.

And when you reboot, you will lose the ability to play on HULU so you simply need to un-install and install the modified Flash Player 10.3 again.

Here’s a video I took while doing my HULU thang:

With HDMI Mirroring, the playback is pretty good on 4G or WiFi.
Download modified Flash Player 10.3 here:

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Download Modified Flash Player 10.3 here

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or here

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9 Responses to How to Stream HULU on your HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Tom Beckner says:

    I tried this and there is not an uninstall option for flash.

  2. frank says:

    I tried this on my EVO. Uninstalled flash 10.3. Version 10.1 remains on the phone and can’t be uninstalled. The modified 10.3 fails the installation.

  3. Grant says:

    I have the exact same problem as Frank. Uninstall only lets me downgrade Flash from 10.3 to 10.1 (which I assume is factory pre-installed). The modified version will *NOT* install. This is frustrating! Any ideas out there? I even went so far as to move the apk file to my Exuninstall backed up app folder to try to “trick” it into thinking it was a backed up app and install from there, but no luck. HEEEELLLLLPPPP! I want hulu!

  4. Brenda says:

    Same here… there is no “uninstall” option for Flash. Any other ideas?

  5. john says:

    i have same problems . removes 10.3 then uses 10.1 and modifed flash wont install on my evo . any ideas

  6. Donell says:

    this does NOT work for a non-rooted HTC Evo, I tried it a few times, but no joy. I even downloaded a “app uninstaller” to uninstall flash player 10.1 as the market ONLY allows you to uninstall the 10.3 updates ONLY and NOT THE ACTUAL FLASH PLAYER 10.3 OR 10.1

  7. Rich says:

    about:debug then settings. in that menu I do not have a UAString

  8. Devlin says:

    I uninstalled original and installed Mod 10.3 and hulu still errors out saying my phone is an Android device. All settings have been changed. Just an FYI

  9. FRENCHE says:

    I keep getting an error when I try in download the file is there another link I can go to

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