How to Unroot your HTC Evo 4G Back to Stock ROM! [Restore]

UPDATE: If you need to unroot your Evo 4G completely back to stock, see Unroot Evo 4G Here!!!

Nandroid is a fantastic tool for your HTC Evo 4G to backup/restore the complete system state including apps, contacts, and the rest.

For those of you who have used Nandroid (if you’ve followed all the steps in the root HTC Evo 4G guide) to backup your stock ROM, yes you can easily restore back to it.

This won’t really “unroot” your HTC Evo 4G because there’s actually no way to “unroot” your phone after rooting it BUT it will get it back to the exact same factory state.  No, I don’t think Sprint can tell if you’ve rooted your phone if you somehow return it.  I believe it doesn’t void the warranty when you root it and there’s no way Sprint will be able to tell unless they’ve got Android experts working for them, I highly doubt that.

So, first you will want to shut your Evo 4G down.

Then start your phone into Hboot (bootloader) mode by pressing power button WHILE holding down your volume down button.

Once in bootloader, wait until your SD card is cycled then hit the volume button down to choose “recovery” then hit the power button to enter recovery menu.

If you see above screen, you are in recovery.  Connect your HTC Evo 4G via USB cable to your computer.

Run the recovery-windows.bat (for Windows systems).

Your phone should now be in the above screen.

Choose “backup/restore” then “Nand restore”.  Then find the backup file you made.

Hit power and start restoring.

When it’s done, hit the power button to reset your HTC Evo 4G.

Now, you’ve unrooted your HTC Evo 4G. (sorta.)

You can use the same method to also restore any ROMs you’ve saved using Nandroid.

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31 Responses to How to Unroot your HTC Evo 4G Back to Stock ROM! [Restore]

  1. Dylan says:

    How do I get back to the android system recovery screen with the green text? Ive gone into cmd and typed cd \sdk\tools\recovery\evo-recovery\recovery-windows.bat and it dosent do anything to my phone in recovery mode.

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  3. moy says:

    When i rooted the phone i didn’t get to make a recovery mode. and now my su isn’t working right since i downloaded the update.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      It’s okay, u will just have to get the Nand unlocked and then next time that happens, you can always revert back to your hacked ROM in 3 minutes.

      • Dave says:

        Max I rooted my wife’s EVO 4g I didn’t install a custom Rom I just did it for the wifi tethering. She just updated her software and now her WiFi won’t work any ideas on that ?

  4. SanityKills says:

    I’d like to know if there is a way to bypass the USB connection and run the script locally from the phone so backup/restore can be done on the fly without connecting up to a PC.

    • Jroccnhot says:

      Yes,to your question sir,I’ve flashed rom after rom completely from me evo 4g without
      Using a PC. needed apps marked,androzip file manger,stock download manager,hulufided flashplayer 10.3 from xda developers.

      Youtube video coming soon!!!!
      Subscribe to Jroccnhot.

  5. tylive says:

    When I did the root, and ran the sdk for the drivers. I went to device manager Adb devices didnt populate in there. Now I do have HTCsync loaded on my laptop so i dont if that interfered with it. I couldnt perform the back nand as instructed. Error: Run ‘ ‘via adb.
    Can you please tell what i can do to resolve this.Thanks

  6. joe says:

    Hi there, I used the website root(or not root) I say not root because on some sites I see it says that it is not really a root. Well whatever the case I am alot better at jailbreaking my ipod then I am at rooting my android. This is all like learning a new language to me. So I have not done anyhing else but use the unrevoked website tool to root my evo and download a few apps. I have not done anything with nandroid or the roms. Just when I had some time to sit down and try to learn a little bit about Androids OS I dropped it. Just one time and the cheap a** screen broke. I do have insurance but I haven’t put the claim in just yet. I still have full use of my screen but the shards of glass are coming out quick and Id like to restore as quick as possible before the screen dies completely. So i was wondering if someone could help me figure out what the best step to take next was. I have not downloaded any paid apps and I do not care about keeping any of my settings,contacts or calender events because they are all synced with google. So my main concern is just restoring my evo back to the factory settings with as little evidence of a prior root as possible. I know that there are tutorials up above but with my situation of not needing to save the current rom onto his device I was hopeing that someone could explain to me, in newb language, of what steps are best for me. Thank you in advance for any help.

  7. Eddie says:

    I never backed up my stock rom, how do I get it back to stock with out the back up?

  8. Mohsen says:

    How can I know which file was the one I used for backup? What is it called? Where is it stored?
    I used your instruction for rooting my phone.

  9. Tylive says:

    Do you know where I can download the backup rom file for the Htc evo. For some reason my phone didnt backup correctly and I want to restore it back to the factory setting. Thanks for you help.

  10. EDGARDO says:


  11. edgardo says:

    im unroot my htc evo but i cant update 1.32.651.1 to 1.32.651.6, please watch my video of my problem ….i need u help..

  12. JOe says:

    I restored my phone but it doesnt update from sprint. Any Ideas?

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  14. Chris says:

    Please help im stuck cuz I cant do this Part on A Mac. Is there another way!!!!!!!!!

  15. I have been following your website for several days. really enjoy your posts. anyway i’m doing a study concerning this topic. do you happen to know any good blogs or maybe forums in which I can get more information? thank you ahead of time

  16. rkeinc says:


    You and me both! I just purchased a new HTC EVO 4G and am not able to “root” it. How about you?
    Have you been able to “root” your EVO

  17. Blake Carley says:

    You made some clear points there. I looked on the internet for the subject and found most persons will agree with your site.

  18. Kallie Klohs says:

    There is clearly a bunch to realize about this. I feel you made some good points in features also.

  19. Lucas says:

    Could this file please be re-uploaded?

  20. Emmanuel says:

    can Iunrooted my phone without usb connection, my evo usb connection does not work, thanks !

  21. Opera says:

    Crows do not pick crow’s eyes

  22. Dion says:

    I have been rooting phones since I recieved the HTC Hero. Just a few days ago I unrooted my Evo 4g so I could take it to the store for repairs, it had a dead spot in the screen. I have tried for the last few hours to get it rooted again and nothing seems to work. I have tried downgraded it to to Froyo but it won’t do. In bootloader it says no image for the PC36IMG thing. The Rom utility says error 140. Please find the proper rom utility. I have rooted serval of my phones. I know this might sound girly of me but I am about to cry bcuz once u go rom/rooted u can’t go ack. I had the Sprint stock. I personally thing the guy at the local repair store did something to my phone because I turned him down. lol Idk I jus wanna root my evo. It is currently running android. 2.3.3 band version kernel version ktc-kernal@and18-2 #1 Tues June 14 23:58:32 CST 2011 Build number 4.24.651.1 CL61076 realease-keys
    Software number 4.24.651.1

    Please help

  23. jim says:

    how does one complete the steps without the recovery-windows.bat? am I missing something here or did you forget to provide that .bat file?

  24. jose lebron says:

    hola tengo un htc evo 4g que compre me puse a bregar y no se que paso que no puedo ponerlo de fabrica estaba buscando como flashearlo para activarlo con boost mobile si alguien sabe hacer ese trabajo cuanto cuesta para enviarle el telefono algun experto gracias jose puerto rico.

  25. Jacob says:

    Hey! So I have a very interesting situation. Through a series of unfortunate events, I have no working installed ROM or Recovery on my phone. I re-locked the bootloader for a previous attempt at something…and I cant get it re-unlocked. Any suggestions?

  26. jenhk says:

    im about to get a new phone so I decided to give the whole rooting thing a try. I followed the how to root evo 4g with hboot 2.18 with s-off… I got to the middle they said I could stop so I did.. I just wanted to b able to wifi tether. All attempts at tethering failed so I decided I had gone this far y not finish the rooting thing and put a new rom on the phone just to b different. I ran rootchecker it said phone was rooted… I started following the instructions again… in the video..the guy had issues getting update to start in rebooting the bootloader..not me.. my phone was doing everything it was supposed to… until in cmd prompt it said exit.. I went to type it in and the screen was already back to the rootevo4gnew I continued on .. it said zerging root.. then it started with ” _rawadb_handle_msg: unknown command 69766564″
    can anyone tell me with a post for dummies how to get something positive out of my experience, please…I actually started unrooting it tonight but thought that maybe some help would b the better route..
    appreciate any help thanks

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