How to Use Rom Manager after You Root to Manage HTC Evo ROMs!

For those of you who want to try new ROMs, you don’t have to go back to the command line restore menu (like when you first rooted your phone).

Once you have rooted your HTC Evo 4G, you can use Rom Manager app to flash new ROMs, backup/restore ROMs.

To install, simply do a search for “rom manager” on Android Market, then install it.

Run the ROM Manager then select “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”.

After it’s been flashed, you can use ROM Manager to flash new ROMs, backup/restore other ROMs.

Note: ROM Manager won’t work with Nandroid so if you want to restore your Nandroid backups, just use Nandroid. (by running the restore menu via command line)

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18 Responses to How to Use Rom Manager after You Root to Manage HTC Evo ROMs!

  1. Glenn says:

    quick question…do i need to keep the zip files on my sd after flash or can I move them to a sd not in my phone?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      You can erase them if you want or move them to ur computer for storage. You just need the zip files only for flashing! 🙂

  2. Glenn says:

    Cool, thanks.

  3. Ky1e.YC says:

    Thanks, man, really really vivid instruction for some rookie like me. got one question here about rom manager here, hope you can help it a little. I was just wondering if i understand correctly about adb “” and rom manager.

    for adb “”, after i root’d evo and renamed that, i have to install android sdk and ADB drivers on my pc, and have to run “recovery-windows.bat” everytime i enter RECOVERY MODE from HBoot. is that right?

    As to ROM Manager, after i root’d, I just need download Flash Clockwork Recovery and Reboot into Recovery, then i can do NAND backup/restore and flash customized roms. so no pc sdk and driver and command window anymore. Right? if so, do you have some video already to show those operation details?

    again, really appreciate your patience and time there, i know how much effort you put into there. Thank you so much for that.

  4. Phill says:

    when i click on the flash clockwork mod recovery it doesnt do anything, it’ll go to a black screen

  5. Ky1e.YC says:

    @Phill, according to what i heard, you might fail flash clockwork cuz the server might be slow sometimes, you should try a few more time after 1st or 2nd attempt

  6. ismael says:

    Question when adding roms to my phone do I have to wipe the cache like what we did when I rooted the phone or do I just have to load the zip file.

  7. damien says:

    cant do anything when im roaming i rooted my evo cant make call or use wifi i got the wifi tether app installed please help

  8. TonyT says:

    Went through all procedures and installed Rom Manager. It comes up with everything greyed out, so I selected “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery” and it sits at a black SU Request screen. I eventually got “Activity SU Request(in application SuperUser Permissions) is not responding” Force Close or Wait….

    Did the root not take?

  9. Nowie says:

    quick question sir,what is a Nandroid?

  10. Juan says:

    i rooted my phone already, when i tried use rom manager and press reboot into recovery my cell send me to the recovery screen via command, also i run omj and all the time that i try use wifi theter forced me to close it somebody got same issue

  11. jvyoon says:

    I am currently running OMJ’s 1.4 Eclair rom and I also have the EVOlutionV8 rom on my sd card. I have flashed clockworkmod, downloaded lower versions of it, then redownloaded the latest one. However, whenever I try to go into recovery or install a custom rom or reboot into recovery, it just turns off, goes to the regular recivery screen (phone with a triangle with an exclamation mark) and just stays there. It does not go into the custom recovery screen and does not show the menu. What am I doing wrong?

  12. ismael says:

    I having the same problem, I download the eclair 1.4 but I can’t install it bc I can’t go to recovery mode.

  13. stacy says:

    I am getting the same error as ismael and jvyoon. i have done a full root (according to instructions given on ppcgeeks)…i have gone back to rooted stock rom… i have flashed omj’s and calkulins… rom manager will flash clockworks and everything correctly, but as soon as i try to reboot into recovery or any other action it gives me the custom recovery screen w/the red triangle/exclamation mark.

  14. rich says:

    im rooted, followed all the steps that are in the video but when it comes time to reboot my evo shut off & acts likes its going to boot up as normal but stays stuck on the white screen that says htc evo!!
    what is going wrong??
    also when i click on flask clockwork recovery i see in your video that it says htc evo, on my screen its the same except after the evo right next to it, it has this.. (cdma).
    can you help and explain why??

  15. kyle waters says:

    i have rooted phone from your site .now i was trying to install rom manager .did that and tried to flash clockworkmod recovery and i keep getting error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands ??? whats that mean

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