HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread OTA Update!

For those of you with stock HTC Evo 4G, you should be getting a Gingerbread OTA Update like as we speak. For those of you on custom ROMs, you can unroot your Evo 4G (takes 5 minutes), then do a software update. Of course, there should be a bunch of ROMs updated with the Gingerbread OTA update in the next couple days so you can wait to get those updates.

I am in the process of unrooting my phone as we speak and installing the new update so will have a video review of the new stock Gingerbread Evo ROM later today, check back!

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2 Responses to HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread OTA Update!

  1. Julian says:

    Any luck on rooting the new OTA you’ve installed?? It seems to lock recovery mode within the bootloader, and prevents any other ROM installs.

  2. Denis says:

    can I root my evo after installing the new 3.2 rom? My s is on Thanks

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