HTC Evo 4G Official Gingerbread Review!

So I unrooted my Evo 4G and installed the new Gingerbread update. The official Gingerbread does come with goodies like LCD brightness control “finally” working and camcorder working flawlessly.

Of course, the speed of the new Gingerbread is rather slow, I am getting about 12-13 on Linpack, whereas I was getting near 45-60 on custom ROMs.

Best route for anyone on custom ROMs?

You don’t have to unroot and install the new Gingerbread. Instead, just flash the kernel and radio (from the official Gingerbread) to your custom Evo ROM. Make sure to backup your current ROM just in case.

Files here:

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Download kernel

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Download Radio

Download these files and flash them using the recovery menu!

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14 Responses to HTC Evo 4G Official Gingerbread Review!

  1. Martin says:

    When updated, will the rooting process be the same or will there be a new way to root it in the future? Also, for users who have trouble with getting the update, turn on the wifi and see if you get it. If not turn off the wifi and turn it back on and go to the system updates page and tap HTC Software update. Had trouble with this, but it should work

  2. Carlos says:

    After updating, I tried to root my phone but it wouldn’t work. Does this mean that there has to be a new way of rooting?

  3. Jeff says:

    same thing happened to me…guess were sol for a little bit

  4. Mario says:

    Just wondering can i downgrade my rom to 2.2 using RUU. Cause i just tried running it and it looks like it would. But my concern is if it would let me download update again.

  5. Alan says:

    Same here… I unrooted it, upgraded it android to gingerbread. Now I can’t restore my back up through titanium, so I have to wait till someone found a way to root 2.3…

  6. Eric says:

    I didn’t indoor my phone I just updated the kernel and the radio and when I tried to turn on my WiFi it didn’t work and neither did my 4g so I suggest just waiting til rooted Roms have been updated. Before making any changes.

  7. Mario says:

    So I was getting the same results in linpack so what I did was a hard reset after update and now I’m getting steady 35.6 99.99% of the time . Just hard reset. Take out battery put back on and do the hold volume and power button and ill take you there

  8. JCB says:

    Hi there,

    FYI, I, like lots of some other folks are not able to unroot our HTC Evo 4G.

    When I try to unroot it, I get the following error code when I use “HTC Android Phone ROM Update Utility”

    Just to see if this helps, here is some information:

    -I have rooted it my HTC EVO 4G with UNREVOKED3.
    -Since then, I cannot get any of the FOTA upates like 3.70.651.1 (58.11MB).
    -If U try to apply the update, I just get a Triangle icon with the exclamation sign and in the bottom the little Android character.
    -I think the only option (I think) is to unroot it.

    Any help would it be much, really… much appreciated.
    Thank you

  9. shortydoggg says:

    Oh, the link is working.

  10. charlie says:

    i couldnt the update niether but when i called sprint they gave me a code to hard reset and then it updated but degraded because no root htc lied

  11. fortwynt says:

    I bought this Evo already rooted and no nothing really about the subject of rooting….that being established, last night I attempted the ota update to gingerbread…seemed to be doing its thing, put it down for a minute (I know *gasp*, right?) to eat, or wipe my *as or something…then noticed it had a triangle with exclamation point inside and the Android fellow underneath…had to pop out battery to reboot…. I.e. update failed, I’m assuming due to the thing being rooted…my question is simple…what the hell do I do to safely unroot get the update then reroot as a total noob without screwing the whole thing up?

  12. shortydoggg says:

    If you unroot, then OTA update, then you may not be able to root for a while, if ever, since know one has figured out how to root Gingerbread yet.

  13. David says:

    I cant get the update neither because my phone is rooted.. I did a factory reset but i heard that doesnt unroot it..How do i unroot my phone?

  14. Danny says:

    just wait until a rooted gingerbread 2.3 comes out…

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