Leaked Virus ROM with Sense 3.0 UI for HTC Evo 4G!

For those of you who want to take a peak at what’s coming up soon with the HTC Evo 4G, there’s a leaked ROM out there with Sense 3.0 UI, which is dubbed “Virus ROM” (a developer made it flashable). Anyways, I tried this ROM and it’s pretty good, I like the new Sense 3.0, which has a better feel to it.

Everything is working except the camcorder and some of the icon doesn’t show up but other than that, it’s usable and you can give it a try too.
UPDATE (6/26/11): Everything is working as of version b.1.3 except HDMI mirroring, this is a complete ROM now.

Download Virus ROM below.

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Download Virus ROM zip file

This is the Virus ROM file you are downloading, everything works (3G/4G/Camera) except for HDMI mirroring.

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12 Responses to Leaked Virus ROM with Sense 3.0 UI for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Jeff Walter says:

    Ok I’m new at this loading roms but I have done it and have done it correctly this rom looks very cool and I would load it but will wait until the bugs worked out.. My question is this I have programs on my phone how do I keep them if I flash the rom?? or can I ???


  2. lino says:

    pretty awesome !!!!! will keep it for a while hopefully bugs would get fixed in a few days

  3. alvaro says:

    Hey nice video .. my question is that when i flashed the rom to my evo .. everything went fine … got the virus in the end of flashing … rebooting went fine … but when that was done it finally was in the homescreen and i couldnt move anything … it didnt let me use any of my 4 functions or up and down button … can you help me ?? Thanks

  4. rob says:

    you need to backup your phone before you flash any rom. if you back it up it will load back to that save

  5. James says:

    I would recommend doing 2 things: 1 is to use an app known as Titanium manager for rooted phones. If ur phone isn’t rooted (say u unroot it and u need to backup ur apps on an unrooted phone) then download MyBackup app. Both are good ways to back up any apps. 2: Save ur SD card contents onto any file on ur computer and if anything goes wrong, u should have your files and any apps you transferred onto your SD card if any. You should also backup ur Rom in case of any errors.

  6. Orlando says:

    Please define what programs are you speaking of

  7. Orlando says:

    @Jeff…@alvaro…..James and Rob are right, within Titanium backup, there is a choice down at bottom fofr batch, run batch, then select back up either all apps or all apps with the data that came with them.

  8. Orlando says:

    There are still alot of bugs to be worked out with this ROM of course like Max says, camera and two way video on certain things, and well as the voicemail if not reinstalled correctly using titanium backup

  9. mike says:

    any idea when the rom will be bug free… i liked it but i cant stand havin bugs

  10. JG says:

    I like it but besides the camcorder the weather widget and the widgets not working
    Pictures when u open the gallery doesn’t work either

  11. Orlando says:

    I finally got everything working stable. Just go back to another ROM or back to stock ROM and use Titanium back up, I have the pro version, click on “Back/Restore” and anything with an exclamation in a traingle are things you can back up, I didnt want certain things so i back up wanted i wanted to keep for other ROMs, but any way, click on whatever you choose, it will open up and there is a top left option to back up, then do the restore just do everything and just restore instead of backing up when you open in another ROM, but be warned if the developer didnt make it compatible, it wont work , but I have evrything working in mine.

  12. yo, its my birthday says:

    dude, why on earth do you show how to install roms on every review! thats what all the how to intall threads are for. a third of the last few reviews i watched was you installing, NOT reviewing.

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