MikFroyo ROM version 4.4 Review!

Remember I was using MikFroyo ROM version 3.0 couple months back? Well, after trying out various different ROMs like the Kings ROM and CM WiMax Alpha, I decided to revert back to MikFroyo ROM, except now there’s a better version.

This is probably the best HTC Evo 4G ROM as everything works out of the box, USB tethering/Wifi tethering working.  Until MikGingerbread comes out (hint,hint) , my suggestion is to use this one.



If you like this ROM, don’t forget to donate the developer at XDA Developers: (and you can check for latest version here)


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39 Responses to MikFroyo ROM version 4.4 Review!

  1. Ian Oakes says:

    I used your guide to root mine along time ago but mine has never been able to take me straight to the recovery like yours just did in this video. Can you tell me what I need to do?
    I always get the red hour glass. And then need to connect it to my computer and use the .bat file to get it to that recovery screen where you can flash zip files.

    • Orlando says:

      you can use ROM manger in the app market, its free, or you can also get fast reboot from the app market and it will take you into recovery mode, download fast boot, hold the power button like you powering down the phone, yo will see the options for normal boot, hot boot, boot into bootloader and boot into recovery. ROM manager does all this as well, also power your phone off, hold up and the pwer button at the same time to get into bootloader, let it run its ccourse, then look for fastboot then boot in recovery

  2. Orlando says:

    experiencing some weird playback through speakers when running Pandora when hooked up to my car, my lady has an unrooted evo and plugged her Pandora up to car and was fine. MikFroyo 4.4 worked wonders! just experiencing some distorting output

  3. Jake says:

    Im currently installing mikfroyo 4.4, how long does it take to boot up once installed? mine has been “booting up” for almost 20 minutes. please email me at njbloom21@gmail.com and let me know if something is wrong or what i need to do.

  4. Orestes says:

    Question gentleman: How long does the first reboot actually take?

  5. Juan says:

    Im doin everything u said man..but im still getting a triangle with an exclamation in red by the picture of a mini phone and going nowhere trying to do the recovery. what am i supposed to do? and with the fast reboot app nothing appears when i try to power off

    • Orlando says:

      are you trying to to root?

      • Juan says:

        i’ve got mine rooted this way https://htcevohacks.com/htc-evo-hacks/how-to-root-your-htc-evo-4g/
        a long time ago and im trying to upgrade to 2.2 besides i want a better wifi like mikfroyo has ..i want to be able to connect my ps3 and wii…cuz i got wireless tether app and it recognize it but dont get connected, only my mac and pc does… ///i was trying to use rom manager to switch roms but if i recall it said something about clockwork mod recovery and then it went into a black screen with the words su request on top and nothing happened….i went on the xda-developers website and i saw a bunch of different roms… i want one with htc sense cuz im already used to it,i guess…but seriously which one do you recommend? which one is the most stable? and how does the backing up the data and apps process really work?

  6. Joey says:

    Having trouble with the MikFroyo 4.4 i can’t seem to download any apps from the market. anyone else having this problem?

    • Orlando says:

      sometimes go to settings “sd and phone storage” and select unmount sd card re-download and the go back to sd and phone storage and mount card. sometimes this is necessary when downloading apps, you can also get apps to sd from the market for rooted phones, its the one that looks like a folder with an sd card on it, you then choose internal on auto and then download as well and then select external after your download from the market. good luck, any questions come back and we can help.

  7. surge says:

    the hotspot doesnt get 4g speed but wireless tether does

  8. jaeski33 says:

    I noticed that when I do a full restore on Titanium Backup in the MikFroyo Rom 4.4 I get countless force closes keeping me from using the system effectively. Is there any app in particular that will not work with this ROM? What about launchers?

  9. john says:

    Do you know if the Wii controller will work with Mikfroyo 4.4


  10. Leon says:

    im downloading the mikfroyo 4.4 for my evo, but how do you get it on the evo once its finish downloading, does it get on there once you connect the evo to the computer, or is there some way i need to put it on my sd card and if so how do i put it on there, thanks. great videos!!

  11. dunk says:

    Is there a certain wimax or radio u have to flash with the Mikfroyo Rom?

  12. Mike Evans says:

    interesting that you only got 2Mb download in San Francisco. I visited Anaheim on a business trip and was consistently getting 8-10Mbits, but like you, it would drop out (and comeback) during usage.

  13. Jake says:

    When you back-up the rom you are using at the time does it save your apps and settings?

  14. sam says:

    That’s a good Question? Does Wiimote work on Mikfroyo. Anyone got it working?

  15. T.HAWK says:

    can somebody get me a step by step pdf link for how to start rooting and all the stuff you need to do it successfully.

  16. K says:

    I am using Mikfroyo v4.4 and I’m unable to download apps from the market. HELP?!

  17. Keith says:

    OMG I just flashed it to my EVO and all went right along with the video. Absolutely great ROM! Can’t wait til the MikFroyo Gingerbread ROM

  18. Ssappey says:

    Getting really slow 3g speed after installing mikfroyo 4.4 everything else is working great, any tips?

  19. Omar says:

    Need help I followed the video to the ‘T” but when I try to install the zip I get an error saying E: Cant open /sdcard/MikFroYo-4.6-Odex-Beta-II signed.zip (bad) also i tried on my 8gig card and also the 32 gig card I bought any ideas on what Im doing wrong.

    Much appreciate

  20. rogelio says:

    i can’t seem to get the mikfroyo 4.4 on to my phone to install it,the few times i think i got it and tried to install it it would not work,saying it was bad and aborted the install during the process,can you help and your video only shows the the install after the file is on the phone,please help

  21. Danny says:

    Noob ? here….i downloaded the zip. but how do i get it onto the phone? do i go into cmd again? you dont have a step by step like the rooting process…thanks in advanced

  22. OD says:

    Hey man, I placed all the files on the SD card. Shut off the phone, when into bootloader mode. I go to recovery, But it does not go into the recovery menu. So I need help. Do you have a step by step on this. Like showing the placement of the files and everything.

  23. mike says:

    Can’t find Sprint Navigation is there a way to get it in mik froyo


  24. steve says:

    Is mikfroyo v4.5 out? If it is where can i go to download it???

  25. KIM says:

    i installed the mikfroyo 4.4 and everything is working like a charm for me.. i used unrevoke to root my phone and then install mik’s rom. everything works out of the box. the sprint hotspot working without you having to pay for it or even having to download wireless tether is the best part. just want to know if there are any other themes for it.

  26. KIM says:

    as far as the sprint navigation goes when i did a backup on my phone all of my sprint apps were saved to my sd card so i was able to install which ever sprint apps i wanted which the only one was the navigation

  27. david says:

    I rooted mine and my wifes phone using revoked.com just click on the Evo image then choose ur pc and all u need is unrevoked3 and under where it says pc it’ll say “more info?” And make sure to download the bootloader only if u are using Windows.
    After all that is done go to YouTube n search “how to root evo with unrevoked” for step by step instructions. GOOD LUCK

  28. B says:

    I am having a tethering issues with my device. The hotspot works well on 3g but once I try and engage 4g the hotspot will not work. This is also the same if I try to plug in via the usb. Any ideas?

  29. Ken says:

    damn froyo 4.4 keeps freezing up after turning off the phone and back on it says htc evo 4g
    so whats the deal?

  30. shortydoggg says:

    Could be a number of reasons.

    Try booting into your recovery.

    Wipe cache and dalvik-cache then reboot your phone.

  31. shortydoggg says:

    Yo B,

    Its a wide spread bug with the phone. If you are rooted, you should use the wifi tether app instead, when using 4g.

  32. jeremy says:

    i absolutely love thsi rom however the only thing i cannot get to work is to send and recieve picture messages(aka mms) everything else works find on my evo 4g rooted with froyo 4.4 please help if u have any suggestions

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