MikG ROM v.2.55 + HDMI Mirroring for HTC Evo 4G!

A lot of people have been asking me that they like MikG ROM the best on their HTC Evo 4G and would like to see HDMI mirroring working, their only complaint.

Well, I just tested MikG ROM v.2.55 with HDMI mirroring kernel from HDMwIn kernel, they work flawlessly together to bring you the best of MikG plus HDMI mirroring.

How to install this?

Same as any other ROM, flash MikG ROM first then the HDMI mirroring kernel (like flashing the ROM).

The HDMI mirroring kernel should work on any version of MikG ROM so you can just flash the kernel also.

And remember to make a backup of your current ROM just because that’s smart thing to do.

Download MikG ROM v.2.55 here:

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Download MikG ROM v.2.55

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Download HDMwIn kernel with HDMI support for Sense ROMs:
Download HDMwIn kernel

Donate to developer and full changelog at TheMikMik.com here.

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22 Responses to MikG ROM v.2.55 + HDMI Mirroring for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Dj_iET says:

    my favorite rom I have been using this rom.. plus hdmi kernel for over a month now.. love it.. most stable rom i found

  2. Miguel says:

    I have flashed this ROM to my EVO 4G and it works great, there are a few random Force Closes on the web and a few minor apps but nothing majorly wrong with this ROM. LOVE IT! I especially love all the extra camera options that come with this as well.

  3. hector cardona says:

    Thanks for your work and your time, works perfect

  4. Ray says:

    I have been using MikG 2.4 and the battery life has been outstanding, I think in part because of the kernel used in that ROM. Is the kernel for HDMI mirroring worse for battery life? Does anyone know?

  5. Dingotron says:

    Ever since I have it installed the new rom apparently the signal my 4 g signal isn’t working right . my 3g signal works better than my 4 g signal. some web pages don’t even load when I’m on 4 g speed even though I have a full bar signal. is anyone else having the same issue as I am?

  6. Dingotron says:

    I read on XDA Developers that their is a 2.56 update available to fix some of the bugs on the ROM. will you be able to post this on your site?

  7. Dave Jackson says:

    My battery life with this Rom and the HDMI kernel has diminished significantly , granted this is the first time I have rooted a phone before and flashed the rom. I have the Seido extended 3500 battery. Overall other than the battery life I am very happy with it

  8. Dingotron says:

    Their is an update for this ROM a 2.56. I alredy flashed the ROM and I see a significan improvement on this. Besides the battery life is not too good but overall Its been working flawlessly

  9. Guardian says:

    Noticed the 2.56 update. I just installed 2.55. Thank you by the way, for htcevohacks.com. The video and info have found here, is great.

    As for a patch, how does that work? Do you just run the patch, without wiping everything clean? Which would be nice. I had some issues with the apps transferring over from my stock OS to 2.55. I used mybackup pro, which did a good job, everything came over, however, none of the apps where installed to my SD. So, when I tried moving them to SD, about half of them said, insufficent space, and I had 22 plus GB left on the SD. Found, that for the ones that would not move to SD, I had to delete, re-download from the market, let them install, then they would move to the SD. Very time consuming of coarse, especially for someone that has had the EVO 4G since launch, yeap, I have a lot of apps. All the other data came over good though. The Mikrom runs way fast than the stock one did, and even after installing everything back, I came up with around 50meg of extra internal space πŸ˜€ awesome πŸ˜€ Only problem I have found so far, is my bluetooth headset will not pair πŸ™ not good πŸ™ Hoping maybe this patch will fix it.

    So again, where do we get this patch? I went to mikmik forums, and I don’t see any links to the file? Is it better to do a full wipe again? just hope this time around the backup and moving the apps back is smoother, since it will be on the same OS. Or, would patching be good enough? And again, how do you patch? Just run the zip without wiping? I’m waiting for the email from mikmik forums, so I can be activated, so I can just pretty much, copy and past most of what I typed here, there, so they will know about the bluetooth headset not pairing issue. I have a Blueant that runs 2.0 bluetooth by the way. Worked fine with the stock OS.

    • Guardian says:

      I would like to make a quick update. I saved about 130meg of internal memory. Just went and looked, forgot that, 50meg was before I moved everything to the SD… πŸ˜› Awesome πŸ˜€

  10. Guardian says:

    Quick update, the patch went along smooth. All I did was download the patch file, and run the zip in the boot area(not for certain the real tech term people use). But, the patch went smooth, and everything seems to run just as great as 2.55. I haven’t really tested it out, to see how much faster 2.56 is. Still though, my bluetooth headset is still not connecting πŸ™ only thing I have against this ROM right now. πŸ™ Everything else seems to run great, and it’s like night and day difference from the old stock OS.

  11. Carlito says:

    I downloaded the 2.56 updated version of this and once it boots I get many force closes. Any help please.
    PS I fixed permissions on ROM Manager which usually stop those force closes but I’m still getting force closes…

    • Guardian says:

      Wish I could help, but, I just started using ROM’s the other day. Did you download the patch, or the full version? If you did the patch, you need to clear the cache areas as you would if you was going to do a full flash, just don’t clear the main area(like installing a new ROM). Also, I do not use ROM managers, haven’t really looked into how those work. I’m guessing people use ROM managers if they switch to a lot of different ROM’s frequently? I just was wanting something that was better than stock, and this one is exactly what I was looking for so far, other than the bluetooth issue πŸ™

      If you did use the patch from 2.55 to 2.56, go back, and clear the two cache locations, then run the patch .zip file again. Mine is running smooth with no force closes.

      Wish I could be more help, but, just now learning this myself. I’m not for certain if your way of flashing and updating is different, since your using a ROM manager? Again, I haven’t looked into what those are used for or how they work.

  12. Dingotron says:

    I would not intall the patch update instead flash the new ROM. I cleared all the chaches and wiped all data on recovery and this has fixed all my issues with the new version of the ROM. And I have tried to connect my bluetooth and its working perfectly. So far this ROM is the best one I’ve encountered.

  13. Paul says:

    I really like this ROM, however I noticed it doesn’t include the FM radio app. I tried to restore my backup from the stock rom and it wouldn’t work. I tried installing the apk and it said it wasn’t installed. I tried copying the apk to system/app and though it copied successfully it didn’t put the app in the apps drawer. Then I tried the same two methods with an apk that was included in a selection of apps removed from the Fresh ROM, and they resulted in a successful installation, but the app would force close every time I tried to use it. Does anyone know how to get the FM radio app working with this ROM?

  14. Jared says:

    Little help please. So I rooted my sprint HTC EVO 4G a few months ago and just flashed the MikG v.2.55 ROM – all good. However, my voice signal reception went from 2-3 bars down to no service at all and my 3G connection is only 1X. I tried updating my “profile” and PRL, no help. Any suggestions on how to increase my signal strength? Do I need to update my “radios” – no idea what those are but I have read a few articles that indicate this might be the problem.

    Hardware Version: 004
    Android Version: 2.3.3
    HTC Sense: 2.1
    Software: 2.55
    Agrabren@Poonsense PoonSense
    Build: MikG – Sense 2.1 + 3.0
    PRI: 2.15_003

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Ozcorps says:

    Well just FYI seeming this is all new to me and well this seems like the HTC EVO only website so i may as well start adding to this, and hopefully it can be my help when i fall into something unknown or what not

    MIKG is currently 2.59
    testing it now..
    Binary – 2.3.2-efgh
    titanium –

    My system as follows
    android – 2.3.3
    Baseband version
    kernal version – htc-kernal@18-2 #1 07/20/2011
    Build – 4.54.651.1 CL134969 relase-keys
    Software – 4.54.651.1
    Browser – Webkit/533.1
    PRI – 2.15_003
    PRL – 60681

    Anything there needs to be updated please feel free to inform me

  16. ozcorps says:

    Only issue I have, if anyone knows why, is all incoming calls goto voicemail first bit sure if this is because its on lock ie sleep mode.. please help

  17. ozcorps says:

    Other minor issue is under notification bar random advertisements appear all in a Japanese origin.. more to come with functions.. working or not..

  18. Saeed says:

    Hello there, i have flashed the Rom but i was getting a lot of force close and unexpected closed. I have than wiped of data from the phone. Now nothing is working. How should i install the cm_supersonic back on it.

    Thank you

  19. LX says:

    I’m on the MikG 2.55(i think) anyways when I plug in my hdmi cable everything works fine. But when I unplug it the icon stays on the status bar and makes my phone very slow. I stop the mirroring but it continues to make my phone lag. Any ideas??

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