Root for HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread is HERE!

Well, finally, root for HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread is here!

Step 1. Download Evo 4G Gingerbread rooting files here, this includes everything you will need on Windows-based systems including driver and recovery: (Unzip it to the root folder of your hard disk such as c:\rootevo4ggingerbread.)

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Download HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread rooting files

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Step 2. Uninstall HTC Sync if you have it installed then install the drivers in the zip file,  HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe, you must use these drivers ONLY!  You can re-install HTC Sync if you need after rooting.

Step 3. Put your Evo 4G into USB Debugging Mode by checking it on under Settings->Applications->Development and plug your phone into your computer via USB cable.

Make sure your phone is set as “Charge Only”.

Step 4. Open up a command prompt by typing “cmd” under Start->Search, then type:

cd \rootevo4ggingerbread

If you unzipped your files to your desktop, you can type this instead:

cd Desktop\rootevo4ggingerbread

Then type:

adb devices

This will give you the serial number of your Evo 4G.

Step 5. Go to the site and hit the Windows download and choose “Windows”, “HTC Evo 4G”, “2.16.0001”, and enter the serial number you got in the previous step.  You can cancel the file download as it’s already been included in the zip file you downloaded earlier.

That should give you a beta key.  Just leave this browser open as we will use it soon.

Step 6. Go back to your command prompt and type:


Running this will ask you for your beta key, copy and paste it!

Your phone will reboot twice into fastboot and you should be able to see your phone going from S-ON to S-OFF!  WHOOHOO!


Next, the program will ask you if you want to download and flash ClockworkMod Recovery, hit “y” and let it do the work.

If for some reason flashing Clockwork Recovery FAILS, type the following and install it manually:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img

Step 7. Go back to your Evo 4G phone and choose BOOTLOADER and hit the Power Button.

Step 8. Choose RECOVERY then hit the Power Button.

Step 9. Choose USB-MS Toggle and hit the Power Button.  This will enable your Evo 4G as a disk drive on your computer.

Step 10. Copy over the file in the evo4grootgingerbread folder to your SD Card of the Evo 4G.

Step 11. Hit Power Button to disable USB-MS toggle, then choose “Flash zip from sdcard” and hit the Power Button.

Step 12. Choose “Choose zip from sdcard” and hit the Power Button.

Step 13. Choose the file you copied over in Step 10, and hit the Power Button.  This will install superuser app and enable root on your Evo 4G.

Step 14. Reboot and you should have a rooted Evo 4G.  Pat yourself on the back then install cool stuff like free wifi tethering, ROMs, and more at


I don’t get the recovery screen you got, instead I get Revolutionary recovery, how do I connect my phone as USB disk drive?

You can either simply reboot your phone and copy over the files as a USB disk drive then reboot into recovery (by holding down Power button and Volume down button then selecting Recovery), OR you can go to Mounts & Storage->Mount USB in Revolutionary recovery.  Don’t worry, it’s the same thing, just different colors.

I am getting invalid errors at, how do I get a beta code?

This usually happens if your HBOOT isn’t 2.16.0001, this means you don’t need the new rooting method to root, try the older root method here.  You can check your HBOOT version by rebooting into bootloader by powering off and holding down Power button and Volume down button.

I type “adb devices” and get no serial number!

That means your drivers aren’t installed correctly or your phone isn’t in Disk Mode or USB debugging is not check on, please check those three and you should be good to go!

I get stuck on white logo screen after doing everything successfully.

Try getting back into Recovery by powering off your Evo 4G, powering it back on by holding down both Volume Down and Power Button.  Once in Bootloader, choose “Recovery”.  Once in Recovery, go to Wipe and wipe cache, and also go to Advanced and wipe Dalvik Cache and reboot.  This won’t erase anything but erase your cache, which sometimes causes trouble after rooting or installing new ROMs.  If all else fails, just install a new ROM, I recommend MikG here.

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846 Responses to Root for HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread is HERE!

  1. Jamie says:

    I have unlocked my bootloader on my Sprint HTC EVO Design 4G with version 4.0.3. I can’t find the files to root it. All the links that I have found on discussion boards are dead. My goal is to remove all limitations placed by sprint so I can switch it to another carrier. It is dual mode gsm and cdma ( not sure if that is the correct way to write them)Please help.

  2. Sierra says:

    I’m still confused on how to unzip or zip the file, mine shows up as 7-zip file manager. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. John says:

    Ok seriously? I know that decoding which “download’ link/button to use is the first test to see if we’ve got the smarts to actually do something more complex, but this is ridiculous.

    I’m spending more time trying to find out which is real download link and what’s going to install spam crap all over my machine than I am actually working on my phone root process.

    Understood you would like to generate some revenue off this but asking the viewers to click on multiple spam/spyware sites to get to the actual data file is silly.

    • turd maker says:

      which download button is it, because they’re all ad related…I can’t get one of these download buttons to actually give me any “folders” or “data” other than bs. Hey dude I love the vids and I would love to get to play with this phone but it seems like an unnecessary hoop to have to jump through just to find the damn download folder. Really?

  4. Jones says:

    it says i need supersonic with hboot 2.18 what do i do

  5. Isaac says:

    How do you root the phone on ubuntu?

  6. Sean says:

    Does not work with Windows 8.1. HTC Driver is not compatible and will not install. Don’t waste your time.

    • Anthony says:

      If you’re on windows8 or 8.1 you’ll need to download the samsung drivers and make sure that driver is chosen for every mode the phone needs to be in…

  7. Wolobah says:

    i did all but it seems my hboot is 1.3 and not compatible with this version

  8. Jim (iicfiiab) Holden says:

    | Revolutionary S-OFF & Recovery Tool 0.4pre4 |
    Brought to you by AlphaRev & unrEVOked.
    Here’s the output *I* got…
    Waiting for device…
    Found your device: PC36100 (supersonic-2.18.0001, Android: 2.3.5, ROM version: 5

    Your device: supersonic, with HBOOT 2.18.0001 is not supported at this time.
    Press (almost) any key to exit.

    As you can see…. It didn’t work… WTF? Ya got a fix? Please……

    • Rick says:

      I got the same result, here it is;

      | Revolutionary S-OFF & Recovery Tool 0.4pre4 |
      Brought to you by AlphaRev & unrEVOked.

      Waiting for device…
      Found your device: PC36100 (supersonic-2.18.0001, Android: 2.3.5, ROM version: 5

      Your device: supersonic, with HBOOT 2.18.0001 is not supported at this time.
      Press (almost) any key to exit.

  9. Luigin Mijares says:

    it says failed to get root? what should i do? i followed carefully the instruction and still cant root? please someone help me

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