Root for HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread is HERE!

Well, finally, root for HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread is here!

Step 1. Download Evo 4G Gingerbread rooting files here, this includes everything you will need on Windows-based systems including driver and recovery: (Unzip it to the root folder of your hard disk such as c:\rootevo4ggingerbread.)

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Download HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread rooting files

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Step 2. Uninstall HTC Sync if you have it installed then install the drivers in the zip file,  HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe, you must use these drivers ONLY!  You can re-install HTC Sync if you need after rooting.

Step 3. Put your Evo 4G into USB Debugging Mode by checking it on under Settings->Applications->Development and plug your phone into your computer via USB cable.

Make sure your phone is set as “Charge Only”.

Step 4. Open up a command prompt by typing “cmd” under Start->Search, then type:

cd \rootevo4ggingerbread

If you unzipped your files to your desktop, you can type this instead:

cd Desktop\rootevo4ggingerbread

Then type:

adb devices

This will give you the serial number of your Evo 4G.

Step 5. Go to the site and hit the Windows download and choose “Windows”, “HTC Evo 4G”, “2.16.0001”, and enter the serial number you got in the previous step.  You can cancel the file download as it’s already been included in the zip file you downloaded earlier.

That should give you a beta key.  Just leave this browser open as we will use it soon.

Step 6. Go back to your command prompt and type:


Running this will ask you for your beta key, copy and paste it!

Your phone will reboot twice into fastboot and you should be able to see your phone going from S-ON to S-OFF!  WHOOHOO!


Next, the program will ask you if you want to download and flash ClockworkMod Recovery, hit “y” and let it do the work.

If for some reason flashing Clockwork Recovery FAILS, type the following and install it manually:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img

Step 7. Go back to your Evo 4G phone and choose BOOTLOADER and hit the Power Button.

Step 8. Choose RECOVERY then hit the Power Button.

Step 9. Choose USB-MS Toggle and hit the Power Button.  This will enable your Evo 4G as a disk drive on your computer.

Step 10. Copy over the file in the evo4grootgingerbread folder to your SD Card of the Evo 4G.

Step 11. Hit Power Button to disable USB-MS toggle, then choose “Flash zip from sdcard” and hit the Power Button.

Step 12. Choose “Choose zip from sdcard” and hit the Power Button.

Step 13. Choose the file you copied over in Step 10, and hit the Power Button.  This will install superuser app and enable root on your Evo 4G.

Step 14. Reboot and you should have a rooted Evo 4G.  Pat yourself on the back then install cool stuff like free wifi tethering, ROMs, and more at


I don’t get the recovery screen you got, instead I get Revolutionary recovery, how do I connect my phone as USB disk drive?

You can either simply reboot your phone and copy over the files as a USB disk drive then reboot into recovery (by holding down Power button and Volume down button then selecting Recovery), OR you can go to Mounts & Storage->Mount USB in Revolutionary recovery.  Don’t worry, it’s the same thing, just different colors.

I am getting invalid errors at, how do I get a beta code?

This usually happens if your HBOOT isn’t 2.16.0001, this means you don’t need the new rooting method to root, try the older root method here.  You can check your HBOOT version by rebooting into bootloader by powering off and holding down Power button and Volume down button.

I type “adb devices” and get no serial number!

That means your drivers aren’t installed correctly or your phone isn’t in Disk Mode or USB debugging is not check on, please check those three and you should be good to go!

I get stuck on white logo screen after doing everything successfully.

Try getting back into Recovery by powering off your Evo 4G, powering it back on by holding down both Volume Down and Power Button.  Once in Bootloader, choose “Recovery”.  Once in Recovery, go to Wipe and wipe cache, and also go to Advanced and wipe Dalvik Cache and reboot.  This won’t erase anything but erase your cache, which sometimes causes trouble after rooting or installing new ROMs.  If all else fails, just install a new ROM, I recommend MikG here.

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846 Responses to Root for HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread is HERE!

  1. Biggen says:

    I’m getting the “HBOOT 2.18.0001 is not supported at this time”.

    Someone above mentioned going to and unlocking the bootloader. Will this work? I’m not going to be the 1st to try…

    • Dimas says: only make your phone unlock with s-on, but still can install all custom rom *sorry4mybadEnglish

    • Trench says:

      No the RUU unrooting method will not work on the newest v. we are stuck for those of us who chose to take the OTA update.

  2. isaias says:

    it doesnt show evo 4g on the htc website

    • Dimas says:

      scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see “All Other Supported Models”. do not select the evo 4g(korean). that is an entirely different phone.

  3. Eden says:

    After I go to Bootloader, then Recovery I do not get the USB-MS toggle option. Please help. Everything else worked like a charm.

  4. david says:

    I rooted my evo 4G running 2.3.3 hboot 1.6 using Rev for GB and had MikG rom installed. Loved it. I just had phone full flashed to metro pcs by dealer. My s-off still shows, but SU and clockwork say my phone isnt, Any idea why no root? Shows 2.3.3, but hboot shows 1.5. Also, am i able to install MikG back or will i dump Metro pcs? Has Sprints stock rom back installed…hate it! Your site is the best btw!!

  5. Keri says:

    HTC has had my phone twice for this memory leak issue. They keep throwing motherboards at it. I have tried the rooting procedure outline, but it is saying that my Hroot version 2.18 is not supported. Any way I can revert this phone back to pre gingerbread and then root it?


  6. Rcc says:

    i barely started the process to root my phone but on the command screen when i type “adb” it says: “adb is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file” PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

  7. pappajok says:

    I followed directions down to type “revolutionary.exe” results came back:
    Found your device: PC36100 (supersonic-2.18.0001, Android: 2.3.5, ROM version: 4.67.651.3)
    Your device: supersonic, with HBOOT 2.18.0001 is not supported at this time.
    guess no root possible?

  8. ronnificent says:

    Does this work for (Android: 2.3.5, ROM version: 4.67.651.3) please make one that works for this version 🙁

  9. stephen vaughan says:

    Why, when i try to type in adb devices in the cmd, does it say not recognizable as internal or external etc. ?

  10. Peter says:

    Forgive the potential noob comment that this may be.. But does this work on the EVO 3D? Or is there a working Gingerbread version for the 3D?

  11. Carlton says:

    I need help I followed everything you say and i keep getting :
    Failed to communicate with existing adb service. and this:
    Your device: shooter, with HBOOT 1.50.0000 is not supported at this time
    Can you help me

  12. Carlton says:

    I have the evo 3d

  13. Trench says:

    hboot 2.18.0001 cant be reversed at this time, waiting on devs.

    • Travell says:

      hboot 2.18.0001 can be unlocked at Once you unlock the bootloader, you can install a custom recovery. You do not need to use revolutionary any longer.

      • Ron Poulin says:

        Nope, I checked at htcdev and HTC EVO 4g is not on the list of unlocks.

        • dimas says:

          scroll all the way down to the bottom until
          you see “All Other Supported Models”. do
          not select the evo 4g(korean). that is an
          entirely different phone.

  14. RONNIFICENT says:

    when i type in revolutionary i get ( waiting for device.._rewadb_handle_mes: unknown command 69766564) then i wont be able to type or past anything in the cmb…whats wrong??

  15. RONNIFICENT says:

    when i type in revolutionary i get ( waiting for device.._rewadb_handle_mes: unknown command 69766564) then i wont be able to type or paste anything in the cmb…whats wrong??

  16. Asian says:

    i followed the steps correctly down to the command prompt after the “adb devices”, it doesnt give me a serial number. what should i do now?

  17. Kon says:

    Will this work on an HTC EVO flashed for boost mobile?


  18. Ron Poulin says:

    Started the process of rooting my 4g went well until i fired up revolutionary and got this message:
    Your device: supersonic, with HBOOT 2.18.0001 is not supported at this time.

    The revolutionary web site indicates that it only supports: 2.15.0001 and 2.16.0001 of HBOOT. Yep, I was very very sad in deed. Will your blog announce a new supported version of HBOOT if and when it comes out?

  19. juan says:

    ayuda tengo el hboot 2.18 y necesito rutiar mi evo 4g

  20. Stryker says:

    Hey there, I did every single step right and I’m sure about it… but eventually, i did not get the Superuser, it’s just not there!
    Same Evo 4G u have, with version 2.3
    Please help.

  21. Stryker says:

    Never Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind, found it, Stupid Scene issue, Thanx a million, I have Rooted My Phone… Awesome, I could Kiss you now 🙂
    Thanks again Bro.

  22. pat says:

    I have htc evo 4g and when I type “adb devices” my command screen shows “List of devices attached” but then does not show the serial number. Any ideas on the solution?

  23. ron says:

    Whe I type “cd\rootevo4ggingerbread”I get the message “The system cannot find the part specified”I did extract the file as advised.

    • gerald greenfield says:

      cmd Open up a command prompt by typing “cmd” under Start->Search, then type:cmd
      then you get the black window with white font this i considered like dos when you are inside this dos window commands like cd which means change directory but never put a slash or any other inbetween the command as u did ex;cd\rootevo4ggingerbread dolike this cd rootevo4ggingerbread leave a space between the command word ‘cd’ and directory you are changing to.the command cd by itself will bring you to the root of drive your on or a main folder if you type a command like cd? with that question mark itll bring up a help index on the syntax usage for that command.

  24. Shelly says:

    I seem to be stuck after typing in revolutionary.exe. It says Waiting for device and has been stuck there for 30 minutes. HELP!

  25. Phil says:

    I get to point where it says sucess, when I try to unzip, keep getting error Can’t Open /sdcard/ (bad) Installion aborted.
    Also Revolutionary CWM v4.0.1.4 start screen is different from what he describes in video. He say first to Hit Power Button to disable USB-MS toggle, This is not a choice on the software. The choices on first screen are REboot system, Apply Update from SD, Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partion, install zip from SD, backup and restore, mounts and storage, advanced , power off ****Go Back***. I have tried most things listed an no luck getting this to work, did I down load wrong version? any help would be greatly appreciated 10 hours on this no luck.

  26. Phil says:

    I finally got it to work had to unzip it in the android folder on the SD card not just over blank sd

  27. Phil says:

    Thank You! It is great I am Happy with my phone again

  28. Jason says:

    After entering adb devices command I get “List of devices attached” and then nothing. And yes, I am in debugging mode. What am I missing?

  29. Sammy says:

    When I try to do step 6, the command prompt says, “Your device: supersonic, with HBOOT 2.18.0001 is not supported at this time. Also on, when I go to choose the HBOOT version, the options are 2.15.0001 & 2.16.0001 …Is that why it doesn’t work? Am I doing something wrong? Any help, Please??

  30. Sammy says:

    Hi, its me again. I just checked the software information on my evo4g & I noticed that its android version 2.3.5, baseband version, kernel version, & software number 4.67.651.3 ..
    Does anyone know which rooting I’m supposed to do? I haven’t rooted it yet..failed yesterday..Thanks

  31. torcuato says:

    Im going to try this at home later today when I get home.

    my specs
    evo 4g
    2.3.5 android version baseband version.

    Do I need to do any modifications to this guide? thank you and I’m sure more people have this concern on this.

  32. Edgar says:

    I want to update my EVO 4G to 2.3.5, how I can revert this root?

  33. stanguno says:

    Hi, All
    can someone please tell me why when i put my evo 4g in charge only mode my computer doesnt
    show it as connected for viewing files.

  34. Eli says:

    You just answered your own question. It’s in charge only mode. You have to set it up as disk drive to access files

  35. Lou says:

    I have s off on evo 4g, went through revolutionary io, everything went fine at first. I have the su or something like that in recovery. But when i try to install it it comes up app, bin da da da. cant get su to go through, Help

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      That’s fine if you are successfully rooted you don’t really have to update SU, older versions are just as good.

  36. Ann says:

    After entering revolutionary.exe in the command prompt I get…
    Your device: supersonic, with HBOOT 2.18.0001 is not supported at this time. What do I do now?

  37. Deeds says:

    Help!!!!! I can’t find the zip file at all!!!!! Everything is for something else!!!!!!

  38. Eric says:

    After entering revolutionary.exe in the command prompt I get…
    Your device: kingdom with HBOOt 1.30.0000 is not supported at this time,any idea when will be supported?

  39. R Purd says:

    I just followed you instructions above labeled “Download HTC Evo 4G Gingerbread rooting files” and that link took me to I happened to click on one of the 7 zip icons and I got a warning message in my Norton antivirus that a file was suspicious and the threat was removed. It was a Trojan.ADH.2 and the file name that came across was d5w_8s99.exe.part…please be aware and fix this!

  40. gerald greenfield says:

    the process of this is flawless all it is youare looking at the menu in picture and your menu looks different it is but its not when they say Choose USB-MS Toggle and hit the Power Button. ignore it just hit the power button once this sends a signal to the pc to enable a usb drive letter so you can copy the file in the evo4grootgingerbread folderitto your SD Card which is android phone drive letter listed on your taskbar where you eject media just hover youf pointer over that lil green icon right click and itll be greyed out but will say android phone and assigned drive letter under it .copy
    to that drive android phone. hit pwr button again it will disable usb drive letter.purple menu comes back up
    use your vol buttons to move to the selection install zip on sdcard select yes hit pwr but to confirm then move it down to select the zip you copied earlier Choose the file you copied over in Step 10, and hit the Power Button. This will install superuser app and enable root on your Evo 4G.

  41. scott says:

    Any way to root android 2.3.5 withhbot 2.18.001?

  42. Needp says:

    I tried this process but it didn’t work. I still show HBoot 2.18, unlocked. When I try to flash it using the cmd prompt. I get error messages. Can someone please help me. I would be happy to allow anyone a remote access to my computer to help me.

    Thank you

  43. alejandro says: is it …following the all process.. at the first time I did not got the usb_ms toggle…..But, what i did was, I copied the first to the “E” or drive or memory card and I just forguet about the usb_ms toggle and I pressed Install zip from sd card and that set… it installed the super user… after that i installed root checker application and says congratulation your rooted….please do it.. and will work .. do not get frustraired like i was , but i took the challenge …I hope jumping the usb_ms toggle im fully rooted i dont know….thanks….you can email..

  44. Jade says:

    When I get to step 8 and select “Recovery,” All that happens is the white “HTC EVO 4G” screen. I tried powering down and going into the bootloader and choosing “Recovery,” so maybe I could clear the cache like you suggested, but that’s all it does. The phone was soft-bricked when I got it used, so I’m not expecting much out of it, but any direction from here would be RAD. jadalette @ hotmail dot com

  45. NUNU says:

    So i followed the procedure and im stuck on Zerging root.. after i put my beta key in. Android 2.3.3. Help!

  46. ProudFather says:

    When I go to the “cmd” it doesn’t recognize the rooting gingerbread file. I extracted it to my desktop exactly how you said to do it. This is the closest that I’ve gotten so I can honestly say that you are a big help for this.

    Also when I go to the revolutionary page to get the beta key it’s giving me and invalid key. Please HELP me!!!!

  47. ProudFather says:

    Ok I got it, THANKS A BUNCH!!! Now I want to flash my Evo 4G to boost mobile.
    Know how to do that anyone?

  48. How to re-install drivers

  49. Todd Polo says:

    Hey how do I root using a macbook? I always get stuck with trying to load the drivers through my command prompt. Does these instructions need windows to root?

  50. What’s up friends, good article and good urging commented here, I am genuinely enjoying by these.

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