Evo 3D 2.08.651.2 OTA UPDATE Coming This Tomorrow!

UPDATE: No worries, you can do the OTA update now, I’ve did the OTA myself and rooted my phone again using HTC’s unlocking method, it works fine, you can read up on how to root Evo 3D using HTC method here.

HTC Evo 3D OTA update 2.08.651.2 is coming tomorrow and I just want to remind folks who have not rooted to NOT UPDATE and those who’ve rooted to NOT UPDATE.

For rooted folks, the OTA update should be available shortly after the release in a form of rooted ROM.

Again, I don’t want to see some of you 3D users with an Evo 3D that can’t be rooted for months (which happened to Evo 4G with 2.3.3) so PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU WANT ROOT.

Just be a patient for couple days and there should be a slew of ROMs you can download with the OTA update, root, and also more features than OTA update.

In the meanwhile, I have been trying out a bunch of new 3D ROMs, the reason why I am not posting new ones is because most of them are very similar.  For ROM developers, I would like to see ext2 or ext4 filesystem developed so we can get faster disk I/O speeds.  That would really make quadrant speeds jump crazy near 4000.

via androidcentral

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19 Responses to Evo 3D 2.08.651.2 OTA UPDATE Coming This Tomorrow!

  1. Bishar says:

    I already updated my Evo 3d, and I tried to root using revolutionary, but it says it doesn’t support my phone lol, the question is do I really care? I use to root all my android phones, G1, Nexus one and S, Evo 4G and now it looks like I’m gonna need the thing with my 3D

  2. isaiah says:

    Hey I have s off and root can I upgrade my EVO 3d or will it brick my device

  3. Luis says:

    I just update my EVO3d and I can root my evo when you guys think can have the new software because the revolutionary dont want to recognize my phone. Thanks guys I’ll be waiting for this

  4. aj says:

    if i did update and want to go back how can i do that? im getting my phone rooted today and didnt know the new update would work againt it?

  5. bernard says:

    where is that OTA update???

  6. mike says:

    Question: how do i set the 3D not to auto update or not show the update? I would like to make sure i or wife don’t update accidentally.

  7. isaiah says:

    Hey guys if u r rooted and u acidently update its cool don’t worry it downloads and then it ask if u want to install and u click yes it turns off it phone and then has a triangle with a ! In side so it won’t install and then just pull out the battery my mom hit install and my phone still works

    • Mike says:

      Good to know as my Wife just got the beep msg to download. And was FN with me…. Do I DL. Sooo click DL. Hahahaha.

  8. Pcar9119 says:

    Hey, just wanted to share, but I ran quadrant on my rooted Evo 3d, with silverneedle kernal and I got a 4462 on the run. This thing is blazing fast!

  9. luis mendivil says:

    Hey guys I have question about my phone I just root my EVO3d and I install the viper room in my phone but my camera is not working in 3d mode only in 2d mode how can I fix this problem on my phone

  10. luis mendivil says:

    I also have another question about my phone after I root it and install the viper room I also can’t connect VIA WiFi how can i fix this also and my
    3d camera

  11. mike says:

    do i really need to update the evo 3d? Still on stock rom with wifi tether that works and is really all i need. Want to go with the Sensless rom when i get the time. Please let me know your thoughts. Phone works great as is now.

  12. gfree says:

    I got the funny symbol when i accidentally downloaded the update, Now I keep getting an error 128 network problems??? Any ideas

  13. mikem says:

    after down loading micg rom my wifi dont work?? help

  14. ronald poulin says:

    I tried to update my rooted 3d phone but when the update restarts the phone, I get an error triangle. I see someone else saw the same problem but not much help from anyone on this subject. Has anyone seen a way around this anywhere other than “you must unroot your phone” before installling ICS?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      That might be stock Android recovery you are seeing, are you trying to update OTA?

      • ronald poulin says:

        Yes, I am trying to install the OTA update sent out by Sprint in August. When I do that, the phone reboots after the download then it halts. I see an icon of a box being opened for a split second then I see an android looking at a triangle with an exclamation point in it. To recover the phone, I have to take the battery out just like the other fellow (isaiah) saw about 6 messages or so from the top of this thread. Do I need to unroot my phone to install the OTA? Right now the boot loader says S-ON , UNLOCKED and HBOOT 1.5. Where do I take it from here?

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