Best HTC Evo 4G Case Ever!

Hi y’all folks, it’s me Max at, the author of this site. Well, I know, y’all been asking me when I am going to start hacking my HTC Evo 4G again. Don’t worry, I had a lot of personal things to deal with my life and my excuse for being so lazy.

I will have some new hacks up next year in January or sooner as I’ve been getting a bit back into my Evo again. With all types of new Android phones I have been buying (the G2 Phone of course which I highly like), I am trying my best but sometimes you buy too many Android smartphones and kinda get lost.

Anyways, Chuong Pham, the “founder” of ReEarth, a Korean company that makes some really great smartphones cases in Korea, sent me their HTC Evo 4G case.

It’s better than anything I’ve tried and simply recommend it. It doesn’t make HTC Evo 4G bulky, yet keeps all the buttons functional on your Evo 4G. In fact, when you put the case on, you don’t know if there’s actually a case on there.

If you been soul-searching for a good Evo 4G case that’s not too bulky yet keeps your Evo protected from the environment, check out these ReEarth cases, they are simply the best in the world. (See ReEarth HTC Evo Case here)

Love this SH**! Thanks Chuong Pham!

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One Response to Best HTC Evo 4G Case Ever!

  1. Nnyan says:

    So what exactly makes these the best case ever? I currently have a Toughcase and it’s the best one I tried (about 5 cases). Yes it adds some bulk but it really protects the phone (my daughter dropped my phone onto a hard floor and not a single issue).

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