HTC Evo Extended Battery 3500mAh!

For those of you looking for ways to improve your battery life on the Evo 4G, you have several choice.

1) Keep using your Evo 4G and turn off everything unless you need to.  This is what I do, I usually turn off my GPS and data sync whenever I absolutely don’t need it.  For GMail, I can “manually” refresh it when I need to check it unless it’s a hectic week that I need to receive important e-mails.

What drains your battery most is when you leave on GPS, data sync, WiFi, 4G, and even data itself when you go to sleep.  You should really have a charger with you when you go to sleep by your bedside but if you don’t (such as you are at your cousin’s house), you can save a LOT of battery by turning off everything except voice.  And turn it right back on when you get up the day after.

Make sure you install a Power widget on your Evo 4G so you can do this easily.  (Long press on home screen->Android widgets->Power Control)

2) You can get a cheap 3500mAh extended battery for Evo 4G.  I personally haven’t used it but by seeing some positive reviews, this will surely double/triple your battery’s life. – See here on Amazon.

3) You can get a solar charger/battery pack, these are great for acting as a USB battery pack plus charging in the sun.  You can check out this one.

And did you know HTC Evo 3D is coming soon?  It’s going to be awesome, packed with a dual-core 1.2Ghz processor, that’s better than Atrix 4G or Optimus 2X, I am so excited…

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2 Responses to HTC Evo Extended Battery 3500mAh!

  1. peter says:

    Tried rooting my phone. Got error message that the pc386img is older than what is installed. Any suggestions?

  2. Anon says:

    Did you use Unrevoked? That pretty much does everything for you and gave me no errors.

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