App of the Week – Customize Your Evo Lockscreen with WidgetLocker Lockscreen App!

Still using a lockscreen that doesn’t let you quickly get into apps with one swipe?  Well, I know most Sense 3.0+ ROMs can do some of it but I find with the WidgetLocker Lockscreen app, you can make your Evo much more efficient (and your life too).

Perhaps you are using this app already (if so, great) but if you are not, you are missing out on additional 3 seconds you can save everytime you use your phone.

Here’s a video walk-through on how to customize your Evo lockscreen to make your life better:

via androiddummies

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4 Responses to App of the Week – Customize Your Evo Lockscreen with WidgetLocker Lockscreen App!

  1. Ichisan says:

    I just spent a week on this Rom and could not get decent battery life I’m curious how it goes for you all. Cell standby would drain my phone even though I was using tiamat and the latest radios.

  2. dygituljunky says:

    I saw WidgetLocker in action in one of your later entries and searched back until I found this entry. Awesome app. Well worth the price. My phone is already much more functional for me and I haven’t even totally fine-tuned what I want to use on all of the sliders.

    Thanks for the good info!

  3. Timothy Nix says:

    I need your help bad. I had an Evo 4g and I rooted it and ran several
    roms on it and a month ago I upgraded to an Evo 3d. I ran the Viper rom on it after I watched your review and I was really happy with the overclocking, the battery life and performance. But I flashed the cm9 mod and was having trouble with gapps so I went back into recovery and flashed gapps. my Evo went into a boot loop and now it wont do anything but reboot into tne Htc logo screen. I can start up into the bootloader screen but it wont go into recovery. I have tried to load recovery into the SD card with a card reader and then place it back in the phone but it doesn’t see the image. Can you please write me some instructions on how to get out of this boot loop. I need my hone back.

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