App of the Week – Go Launcher EX!

For appoholics out there who use at least 20 apps, here’s a launcher app you absolutely must try and use, the Go Launcher EX!

That’s one of the features I like plus you can install cool custom widgets that allow you to see how much RAM your phone is using in real-time plus close apps at the touch of your fingertips.

The best part? The app is absolutely free and I love this app. For appoholics out there who need to better manage their slew of apps on their Android smartphone, this is the best launcher out there.

via highonandroid

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6 Responses to App of the Week – Go Launcher EX!

  1. JG says:

    Hey Max, ur next app of the week should be speaktoit personal assistant app.. its basically the android version of siri for the iphone 4s but i like it better.

  2. RH says:

    This is definitely a winner app.

    • RH says:

      I need to append my original comment. Again, this is a great app. The ease in creating folders is something Google should look at as a model in next generation OS. The bottom app scroll bar is another feature that should be a standard in any ROM. But I did end up having to discontinue using because I am not able to manage my GMail account. I was able to delete a new message, but it really wasn’t deleted. I still had to log into my account and delete messages in my Inbox. I also was not able to send email. If this item could be fixed, I would go back to using it exclusively.

  3. KcSween says:

    This is def a must have app. I’m loving the fact you can set the screens to 5×4 rows of icons. Niiice! The widgets are another nice feature as well with the ability to rezise the widgets. Also, how can you not like the long press and uninstall option?!? I’m on an EVO 3D and so far it’s running smooth. I’m still playing around seeing what options and settings I can toggle.

  4. John Harkins says:

    Any way to lock the home screen so that it doesn’t turn when you tilt the phone? I don’t mind certain applicatiions turning but I want the screens where my apps are located to remain stable. Can you not do this with Go Launcher or am I totally missing it??

  5. Kurt says:

    This app is by far the best launcher app for the Evo 4G. The graphics, functionality and the customization is phenominal. I say kudos to the developers. I will never go bach to HTC Sense. Keep up the great work!!! Totally awesome.

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