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Viper ROM eLite for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Best Battery Life ROM]

For those of you who want to near stock but you want to get better performance and really good battery life, you might want to try the Viper ROM eLite by XDA user ViperBoy. I’ve used this ROM on my Evo 3D (as many of you have) and is probably the best stock-like ROM yet offering you the best battery life with OC Daemon feature only available with this ROM.

The OC Daemon on this ROM automatically underclocks/undervolts your rooted Evo 4G LTE when in sleep mode for extending your batter life. There’s also many other features this ROM includes so give this

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Viper Redline ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D! [Best Battery Life]

Want a really fast ROM for your Evo 3D with the best battery life? We did review Viper ROM months back but here’s an updated review of the Viper Redline ROM, which comes with everything like before but better and faster.

This is probably one of the best ROMs for the Evo 3D and for those of you who haven’t tried it, give it a go as I think you will like it a lot.

Download ROM:

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