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How to Downgrade to HBOOT 1.49.0007 on HTC Evo 3D GSM!

For those of you who want to get S-OFF using Revolutionary method, you can easily downgrade your HBOOT to 1.49.0007 on the HTC Evo 3D GSM.  By downgrading your HBOOT, you will be able to get S-OFF and free your phone.

S-OFF will allow you to flash ROMs without being tethered to a computer.

Before you do this, please change your CID first.


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How to Downgrade HBOOT 1.50 to 1.40 on HTC Evo 3D! [NEW]

Here’s an updated method for downgrading your HBOOT 1.50 to 1.40 on your HTC Evo 3D. (older method here)

Step 1. Make sure you are on Software number 2.17.XXX.X.

Step 2. Take the battery out and in, then hold down Volume Down and Power button together for 5 seconds to get into bootloader.

Make sure your phone either says “LOCKED”, “RELOCKED” with “S-ON” and HBOOT 1.50.  If not, follow

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