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How to Install TWRP Recovery on Rooted HTC EVO 4G!

Want a better recovery for flashing new ROMs and more?  Check out the TWRP Recovery, which allows you to use your multi-touch touchscreen while installing, backing/restoring ROMs.

Installation is easy, just flash the TWRP recovery zip file using your existing recovery.

Download TWRP Recovery for Evo 4G here:

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Download TWRP Recovery

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Here’s a video tutorial:


How to Install Android SDK and ADB Drivers for HTC Evo 4G!

Before you can begin hacking your HTC Evo 4G, you will first want to install the Android SDK and ADB drivers for HTC Evo 4G, so you have all the tools needed for hacking and also your computer recognizes your HTC Evo 4G correctly.

So, let’s get started, it’s not that hard.

First, download the appropriate Android SDK for your platform. (Windows, Mac, or Linux)

Also, you will need Java running on your computer.  If you don’t have Java installed, go to Java.com and install the app

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