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MikG ROM v.2.59 for HTC Evo 4G!

So, I was running CM7.1 + Trinity kernel but since MikG ROM was updated to v.2.59, I switched back to MikG ROM.  This one has always been one of my favorite Sense ROMs, it’s now even better with more goodies.

The only thing still missing is overclocking, I couldn’t really get any Sense kernels working on it yet but if anyone has been successful running an OC kernel, please don’t forget to leave in the comments box so I can try it out.

Download ROM here:

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MikG ROM v.2.55 + HDMI Mirroring for HTC Evo 4G!

A lot of people have been asking me that they like MikG ROM the best on their HTC Evo 4G and would like to see HDMI mirroring working, their only complaint.

Well, I just tested MikG ROM v.2.55 with HDMI mirroring kernel from HDMwIn kernel, they work flawlessly together to bring you the best of MikG plus HDMI mirroring.

How to install this?

Same as any other ROM, flash MikG ROM first then the HDMI mirroring kernel (like flashing the ROM).

The HDMI mirroring kernel should work on any version of MikG ROM so you can just flash the kernel also.

And rem

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Best HTC Evo 4G ROM for Starters – MikG ROM!

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from people who were finally able to root their HTC Evo 4G phone after months of not being able to do so. Well, the number one question I got last week was, “what is the best ROM for HTC Evo 4G”?

There’s actually a TON of great ROMs for you to try out but if you just need a stable and good ROM just to start out, I highly suggest you to try MikG ROM and I’ve included instruction video on how to install it so you can eas

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MikG ROM v.2.41 with USB Tethering for HTC Evo 4G!

I know a lot of you do love MikG ROM and every ROM update, it gets better and better. The newest MikG ROM comes with USB tethering on top of hacked Sprint Hotspot.

The only downside is probably that HDMI mirroring and overclocking is missing, not only MikG but all Sense-based ROMs. This should get solved fairly soon and also root method should be on its way for those with S-ON stock Gingerbread.

In the meanwhile, those who do have root you can download the latest MikG ROM v.2.41 below:

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MikG ROM v.1.4 for HTC Evo 4G!

MikG ROM was just updated to v.1.4, it’s slightly faster than v.1.3, for those of you early adapters who want the best of the latest, you can download the ROM below and see quick video review I made.

Linpack: 36-37MFLOPS Quadrant: 998

For those of you who want overclocking, you will definitely have to wait until HTC releases the Gingerbread kernel, which shouldn’t be too far away. If overclocking is a must, just stay on Froyo ROM until overclocking becomes available for Gingerbread ROMs.

Download MikG Gingerbread ROM here:


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MikG Gingerbread ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

MikFroyo ROM has always been one of my favorites of all time, now they’ve released MikG Gingerbread with the latest kernel from the OTA update.

This is what I am using right now, I really love it and might keep using it. Hopefully, I’ve found my Gingerbread ROM.

Download MikG Gingerbread ROM here:

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