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HTC Evo 4G Official Gingerbread Review!

So I unrooted my Evo 4G and installed the new Gingerbread update. The official Gingerbread does come with goodies like LCD brightness control “finally” working and camcorder working flawlessly.

Of course, the speed of the new Gingerbread is rather slow, I am getting about 12-13 on Linpack, whereas I was getting near 45-60 on custom ROMs.

Best route for anyone on custom ROMs?

You don’t have to unroot and install the new Gingerbread. Instead, just flash the kernel and radio (from the official Gingerbread) to your custom Evo ROM. Make sure to

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Fresh Evo ROM Review for HTC Evo 4G!

Fresh Evo ROM is another ROM (sorta like Evo Zone) based off the leaked Gingerbread HTC Evo 4G ROM. It’s really plain stock ROM but unlike Evo Zone, doesn’t come with Sprint apps (bloatware). If you don’t need all the Sprint apps but you like Evo Zone, I would probably get this Fresh Evo ROM.

The Fresh Evo ROM also lets you check for latest ROM updates, which is a small feature but neat for upgrading your ROM on the go later. I might stick with this ROM for a day or two since it comes with everything I need, 4G and camera working, plus no Sprint apps.

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MIUI ROM for HTC Evo 4G Review!

MIUI ROM is one of the other big ROMs out there like CyanogenMod 7, they’ve got a whole bunch of ROMs for different Android smartphone including the HTC Evo 4G.

Anyways, one of our readers asked to review it so I did install it today.

First, MIUI ROM doesn’t support 4G (yet) but it does come with latest Android 2.3.4, supports Netflix, and MIUI has a whole lot of themes. If you don’t need 4G or don’t live in a 4G area and you don’t need Sprint apps, MIUI ROM seems like a great ROM to go with.

The MIUI ROM’s menus are compl

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MikFroyo ROM version 4.4 Review!

Remember I was using MikFroyo ROM version 3.0 couple months back? Well, after trying out various different ROMs like the Kings ROM and CM WiMax Alpha, I decided to revert back to MikFroyo ROM, except now there’s a better version.

This is probably the best HTC Evo 4G ROM as everything works out of the box, USB tethering/Wifi tethering working.  Until MikGingerbread comes out (hint,hin

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