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How to Change CID on Rooted HTC Evo 3D GSM!

For those of you who want to unroot your HTC Evo 3D GSM back to complete factory OR you want to downgrade your HBOOT to 1.49.0007 so you can get S-OFF, you will definitely want to change your CID to HTC__001 or VODAP001 (For Vodafone Evo 3D).

What is CID and why change it?

You see, CID is a number designated to the specific version of Evo 3D GSM you have. For example, there’s a different CID for Asia, Europe, etc…etc…

By changing your CID to HTC__001 or VODAP001, you will be able to easily run “any” RUU to perform unrooting. Si

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Tired of Sense? Maybe you just want a full “Google ICS” experience?

If so, give the AOKP ICS ROM a try for your HTC Evo 3D GSM, which comes with a ton of options like UI customizations, themes, and a whole lot more.

This ROM is still “beta” in my opinion as some things are broken such as Netflix so make sure to make a backup of your current ROM just in case you want to go back.

And let me know what you think of this ROM!


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KingCobra 3D ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D GSM! [Best ICS ROM]

Well, I’ve finally decided to get an HTC Evo 3D GSM version since it seems like many of you do have that phone. Here’s the first ROM for GSM HTC Evo 3D I’ve tried and recommend, the KingCobra 3D ICS ROM, which gives you a full ICS experience with everything working including your 3D camera/camcorder.

It doesn’t stop there though, the KingCobra 3D ICS ROM comes with V6 SuperCharger, battery calibration script, Galaxy Nexus/Beats boot animation, aGPS Update, dim capacitive buttons script, Full Beats Support, and Ability to remove HTC Sense for A

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